This was Shocking!! 10 things I learned from Meagan Thee Stallion

Meagan is at the beginning of her career. She’s been doing this music thing for a while, but most of us have only heard about her within the last year.  I know I have.  I am a big Nickii Minaj fan, so I really didn’t start paying attention until they put that Hot Girl Summer song out.  

Today I want to share with you 10 things we can learn from Meagan Thee Stallion.  I’m going to try to start with her early life and work my way up to her present. 

Music is art and the lyrics are life! Music is an escape for some people, and an expression.  I love to hear the struggle in the music.  Like when Biggie starts off, that it was all a dream.  Like I can feel.  That’s part of my story, and it’s so relatable. 

I can appreciate Meagan Thee Stallion’s music, because of the message behind the lyrics and I know her lyrics are telling a story and some of the stuff that my nine is talking about is not what this woman is all about. 

Meagan is 24 and from Houston Texas.  She has blown up this summer from the meme of Hot Girl Summer.  It’s more of a call to action and is unique to anyone who adopts it.  So in essence we all can be part of it. 

Meagan Thee Stallion is in school.  I’m sure most of you know that.  She is currently taking online courses for Health Administration at Texas Southern University. 

Now let’s talk about her life on campus. 

She is in school, because she wanted to get her degree.  Her mom and grandmother was always on her butt about getting her degree.  And being that Meagan is the only child I can see why. 

While going to college at Texas Southern University in Houston she started pursuing music.  She mentions that she has always wanted to be an artist, but because of her Grandmother’s and mom persuasion she went to school, but her passion for being an artist never left. 

While at school back in 2013 she began taking her music serious.  At first she was nervous about it, because of how people would treat her at the university, but she soon realized that when she got to college nobody knew her anyway.  And with that mindset she said I could be whoever I want to be. 

While in school she went to this thing called a kick back.  There were mostly if not all men there.  She jumps into the kick back with some of her material and it was sooo good that a friend of hers told her she needs to put this on YouTube.  From then on out she became known as Meagan Thee Stallion. 

Speaking of Meagan Thee Stallion’s name..Let’s talk about it.

Meagan says she always gets those silly comments from fans about why does she called herself Thee Stallion.  But Meagan has been called The Stallion since she was 9 years old, because of her height and beauty.

Okay so, going back to her life on campus, she says It didn’t take long for her name to get out there, as a matter of fact it was the next day after that kick back. 

But it wasn’t until 2016 that she became internet famous…And y’all there’s a different between internet famous and on campus famous…so for those of you who think success comes over night or there’s a way to quick success, the devil is lie and the truth ain’t in that.

She said it took time for her own city Houston to recognize her, but she was receiving love from everybody else first.  And to me that’s usually how it works right.  You receive love from everybody else first. 

Meagan said if you knew somebody who could get your music put out there, then you could definitely rise up faster, but any other way it takes some time to get your name out there.  However, Meagan said she didn’t want the help, she wanted to get it on her own.  If that  person wasn’t rocking with her, than they just wasn’t rocking with her. 

During this time her first real show was in Austin Texas at a bar and she wore skirt.  Her mom attended. And she said It was a learning experience, because she doesn’t ever wear a skirt when she performs.  So the skirt held her back, but her lesson learned in all of that was she knows what to wear from now on when she is on stage, lol( insert her pictures).

So as many of you know Meagan’s mom is not with us anymore.  She died from a brain tumor that had been cancerous for a while  and she passed away earlier this year back in march of 2019.   Meagan wrote this on Instagram and shared this picture.  The best mom in the whole world.  The strongest woman on the planet.  I can’t even put complete sentences together.  Meagan’s mom was also a rapper in their hometown Houston and she went by the stage name Hollywood. 

Meagan says her early passion for music developed at the age of five and continued while sitting in on many of her mother’s studio sessions.  She said by going to the studio it showed me I could do this.  I wanna do this.  She told Essence Magazine I remember my first time ever listening to rappers like Pimp C and Biggie and being like all this would sound super cool if a girl was saying it, so I gotta do this. 

Meagan says all the things she talks about on her albums is facts y’all.  All the lyrics are facts.  She enjoys the things she actually raps about.

Like in her Big Ole Freak song some of the lyrics are pop it pop it

Daydreaming bout how I rock it

He hit my phone with a horse

So I know that mean come over and ride it

Okay, so let stop, because I am not a rapper, but y’all get the point right.  And I’m sure it’s a great feeling to be able to transfer your thoughts on to paper and for everybody to understand you at least some of the time.

Meagan says she should be able to talk and say what she wants to say, because it’s real life.  It’s her real life.  She says she doesn’t just talk about sex, she talks about all parts of her life. 

And people on social media give her the blues because she is always rapping about sex and they feel instead she needs to rap or twerk…not both…just one or the other….so people on social media make those harsh comments about her and feels she shouldn’t be so vocal in her lyrics, because she is an educated college student.   

As for as dating Meagan says she is not dating anyone.  She says men are intimidated to approach her and they have been like that all her life.  For one she is 5’10 and that’s tall yall, but she has always been very comfortable in her own skin and acted sassy. 

She was surprise to see so many women in the industry showing her love and following her Instagram page like Trina, Missy Elliot, Nicki Minja, Cardi, and Lil Kim. 

But even though this is great, Meagan wants to make her own path.  She says, I look up to Biggie and Pimp C, because a lot of the things they did and how they spit rhymes and acted I put that toward how I wanted to rap.

My personality is not the same as anybody else.  So, you can’t put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.  Your success, how you get to the top will be different from all those other women like Trina, missy Elliot, Nicki minaj, and lil Kim.  I don’t tell myself that I am going to be like this particular guy or girl, because everybody moves different and I don’t think it will happen for me if I tried to be like somebody else.

I do watch DVDs to study rap and free styles.  In Houston, they had Sisser house DVD’s where they freestyled and I was like this is what I have to do.

So, I thinks Meagan is basically saying that we have to study the music or whatever you are into and find your own lane. A lane that works for you.

Also, there seems to be speculation about whether Meagan’s body is real or fake and the verdict is her body is real. She is natural.   A lot of people have asked her has she had surgery.

And the issue comes up why she is asked this a lot, because she says we have where people are trying to keep up with what is popping on the internet.  So they are investing in their bodies and not on the inside…..yes that’s a good one Meagan. She says that it comes naturally for people to be attracted to the outside first and not the inside.  And says I don’t smashed on the first night.  I try to give it a couple of months.  I use this time to get to the know the person.  Like right now there are a lot of people in my life and they just want to go to the club every day and every day can be a bit much for me. 

I am confident in being natural and not having surgery, because I grew up with my mom my dad and my grandmother telling me Meagan you’re so beautiful.  It’s instilled in me and it taught me how to be confident.  So I never wanted to change anything about myself.  Because I grew up in an environment getting praises about my looks from my mom and grandmother. 

Okay, so let’s switch gears and talk about the future of Meagan Thee Stallion

When she first started getting money from her career, and because she was in school she was putting money to the side to pay for school and also saving.  She bought her somewhere to stay, she takes care of her grandmother, but she hasn’t bought anything crazy but plans to open some home assisting living buildings in her city. 

Some fun stuff about Meagan other than her lyrics is that...

She is a nerd at heart.  She watches anime.  She is either turning up drinking out the bottle or watching anime.  The first time she watch it was at the age of 10.  So after that she says she got into it. 

She also shares this funny story about how one of her professors treated her after finding out she was Meagan the Stallion. So check this out y’all.

Thanks you guys for watching and listening to me today I really appreciate it.  I love to see people like Meagan thee Stallion who has so many intricate parts about her and where we have to peel back the layers to see where she came from.

Trials, Hard Times, Tribulations in Your Life

Trials will come your way.
It hard to understand and grasp sometimes.
When you're been in a situation so long.

A lot of the times God connect me with people that are going through the same thing I have been through.  So in that moment I am able to encourage them and sometimes it's not even about talking, but simply giving that person a listening ear so they can hear themselves out loud.  Maybe a friendly smile is needed for the trials they are going through right now.

Do you ever wonder why we go through the same thing all the time?
I believe that is God's way of education us in this area of our life, because our future depends on the tests, the lessons, the growth.  It's like the trials, the tests, the stuff, the ups and downs is preparing us for the future that is to come.

And if we're not careful when we go through stuff, we'll have an attitude that will hindrance us from moving forward to the next stage in our life.  It won't necessarily stop us, but having a bad attitude will definitely be a stumbling block.

So, when you pray and ask God to remove the stumbling blocks in your life, He may have to deal with you about your attitude first.

That's tough right?
I know!!

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