Biblical Themed Game Show

There is a bible application for the smart devices, over a 100 bible translations, and now there is a bible theme game show.  It seems like over the last few years, the Bible's popularity has been increasing.  Making it harder and impossible to avoid the "word of God." Most of us really don't avoid the bible, but we make excuses when it comes to reading it.  One of the biggest excuses is "I don't understand the terminology."  That's actually not the whole truth. I believe we form those theories in our brain and we believe what we think.  Furthermore, with media stepping their game up and welcoming the bible into society more, there should be no more excuses.
Kirk Franklin, will be Jeff Foxworthy's co-host for the new season of "Biblical Themed Game Show" on March 31, 2013.  It will premier on the GSN television station.  The game show is aimed at raising
money for different charities.  The show will ask contestants not only Bible-based trivia type questions, but will also challenge them with questions that relate the Bible to modern issues and themes.  

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