Rev. Marvin Sapp's take on the reality show "The Sisterhood" &
The reality show "The Sisterhood" premiered on January 1, 2013 on the TLC network.  Of course like most reality shows on television today, it full of a lot of drama.  The show features five women who are the wives of preachers.  Preachers on a reality show has not only caught the attention of viewers like myself, but also big name gospel artists like Marvin Sapp.  On January 2, 2013 Rev. Marvin Sapp released a video about his own personal opinion on the show.  I say opinion, because that is exactly what I think it is.  I agree with most things that were said in the video about the reality show, but I have my own reviews too.  First, this is a new generation and most pastor's wife I know, are not optical figures I grew up in the church with.  However, I do feel the show will have a negative impression for those who are babe's in Christ.
Martial problems, financial struggle, and the point of trying to fit in with everyone are just a few of the problems encountered on the show.  But we all deal with those things on a daily basis.  When we start to see it unravel on television especially from people of the church, I believe we start to pass judgment.  You and I know for our-self some of the things the wives do on the show are not tolerated in the church.  On that note, you be the judge for you-self on the message being delivered on each show that airs. 
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