Will You Support Erica Campbell's solo career?

Erica Campbell
Everyone seems to be on the supporting end of Erica's solo career.  If you follow Mary Mary, then you know Erica has been wanting to go solo for awhile now.  In the beginning the other Mary Mary sister Tina did not agree with Erica's decision.  She was afraid her sister was wanting to break things off in the group and she would lose their friendship.  However, this is not the case. 

Erica says:
We've been joined at the hips for the last twelve years and so now we're taking chances and doing different stuff.  You gotta flip it up every now and again.  It's been twelve years, so it's time to flip it around.

Her newest single "A Little More Jesus," was available on iTunes June 25th.  The biggest question I have for Mary Mary fans are you willing to support her.  I will be the first to admit that I love Mary Mary, but Erica's music is a lot different than what I am use to hearing from the Mary Mary group.  When June 25th came around I was expecting more for the twitter, facebook world, and blog sites to blow up about the release of her new single, but it didn't happen.  I'm not sure if this was due to the passing of her dad a day after the release of the single or if Erica felt she had already done enough to promote the single.  Who knows!!!  One thing I am concerned about is how the rest of her CD is going to sound. 

The good news is, Erica's husband Warren
Erica Campbell and husband Warren
source: gossipbliss
Campbell has her back.  She will be working with him on the project.  Erica will also continue to tour with Mary Mary and is in her production on the third season of her and Tina's WeTv series Mary Mary.  They just completed the second season which garnered 5.5 million total viewers.  Mary Mary the series was ranked by Neilson Media as the #1 TV show for African Americans women on their time slot for cable. 

Article courtesy of Elev8
LISTEN NOW to Erica's single A Little More Jesus

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Tamela Mann confirmed for 2013 BET Awards Show along with Kirk Franklin Among Scarce Gospel Lineup

It's been confirmed Tamela Mann fans!  Mrs. Mann will be performing on the 2013 BET Awards Show airing this Sunday June 30, 2013. 

Many of her fans are hoping she will bring the church to the stage with her amazing hit Take Me To The King single from her CD, Best Days. 

BET had not announced any gospel performers before Thursday June 27. 

On David and Tamela Mann's facebook page it stated:

"THE NEWS IS OUT!  Guess who's performing on the BET Awards this Sunday night?  Her initials are TM.  Rumor has it she'll be performing with none other than Mr. KF.  Yessssir!  Wonder what song they'll be doing together?  Could it be TMTTK?  Tune in and find out!  It's going to be a big night facebook fam!  -Team Mann"
Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin rehearsing before BET AWARD SHOW
A few concerns about Sunday's performance from Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin is, will it be enough to draw in Christian audiences.  Performers like Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and R. Kelly I'm sure are not well perceived by church folks. 
CLICK HERE to read full story
article courtesy of Empowering Everyday Women

Never Knew Tasha Cobbs Until she released Break Every Chain

If you haven't heard Tasha Cobbs single "Break Every Chain," then exactly where have your antenna's been?  I first heard this single in church and the words just spoke to my heart.  They are so powerful and those words are something we are all trying to do in our life on a daily basis.  The song simply says...


For more lyrics click here

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to break some strongholds, uplift some people, and serve God to the fullest in my life.  So, I want every chain to be broken that is stopping me from moving forward in that direction.  Have you every felt you just wanted that one thing in your life to no longer have a hold on you? 

Beauty is deep through spirit, mind, and truth!

I think the biggest question is how did Tasha Cobb lose weight.  You know when I saw her for the first time it was on her new album entitled "GRACE." 

I was doing a search on her one day and I ran across something that said TASHA COBBS WEIGHT LOSS.  I look through a couple of pictures and I really couldn't believe this was the same person.  So, after digging a  little bit more I found an interview that she did with "DA GOSPEL TRUTH," where she opens up about her weight, her purpose, and her dating life.

Interview with DA GOSPEL TRUTH
Let's talk about a somewhat sensitive subject...weight!  Between your first project and your new one
Visit Gerald Jones online for more celebrity interviews now
you have slimmed down tremendously.  How did you lose all the weight and what exactly did you do?  And did you decide to drop the pounds, because of your record deal?
Tasha: I was thinking about my career, my life, and how my body is a ministry.  We always think about the worship leader and the pastor living holy, but what is my health saying to people? 
Me being overweight and not taking care of my body, is that leading them into worship?  It wasn't.  I was being a hypocrite.  So, I got a trainer, talked to my parents, and a few friends and I made the decision to do a procedure that wasn't very non-intrusive.  I know this subject is taboo in the church community, because we don't want to talk about it and everybody looks down on it, but I have suffered with weight all my life.  And if you have never had a weight issue, people can't understand it.  But this is how I explain it. 
I know the procedure I had done is TABOO in the church community

God has given us the Holy Spirit as an aid to help you live holy.  The Holy Spirit is not a crutch; he's there to help you.  God spoke to me and said, "If you need an aid to help you do this, then get an aid!"  After that I was freed.  And I don't care who knows!  The Holy Spirit doesn't stop you from sinning.  He just helps to convict you and you can choose to ignore the conviction or listen. 
I still have to eat right and go to my trainer consistently.  It's easy to gain the weight back, so I have to stay on top of this.  The surgery was not some quick fix, as many people call it! 

DA GOSPEL TRUTH: What is your opinion...do you think it's better to go independent or sign with a major label?
Tasha: It really depends on what you desire to do as an artist. 

I'm happy I went the indie route on my first album.  It allowed me the time I needed to create my brand and the sound that I wanted.  I didn't have a lot of people giving their opinion.  It was just me and God then.  It gave God time to speak to me and really craft and create what he had called me to do. 

So, when EMI came, I already had the Tasha Cobbs brands.  And that's one thing they complimented me on.  Independently, I think I had maximized my reach.  I needed a vehicle that could push me all across the country to do what God had already called me to.  God knew I wasn't going to be easily swayed and so he opened the door for me to sign with a label where both of our vision were clear for me.  The respect that I knew who I was and what I was called to do. 

DA GOSPEL TRUTH: Tell me a little about your personal life.  Are you single?  Dating?

Tasha: I am single and I have no boyfriend.  But if you see him, call him out! (lol)
DA GOSPEL TRUTH: So what are you looking for in your future husband?

Tasha: Well of course, he has to love God.  He needs to be creative, focused, and business minded and settled.  Also I prefer that he be taller than me.

DA GOSPEL TRUTH: What about kids?  Do you want them and do you care if he has any coming into the relationship?

Tasha: I love kids.  I don't care if he has one.  But, when I get married, I'll probably have just one.  I used to be one of those women to say if I have them cool.  If I don't, I don't.  I realize now, that way of thinking was a little selfish.  One thing I remember my pastor used to say to me is that when God has gifted you with so much, why would you die and not leave that to someone else."  So to think of it that way, I want to leave what God gave me and impart that to someone else. 

You can read more of Tasha Cobbs interview as she answers the questions below!
1. Who are some of your musical influences?
2. What do you do to unwind?
3. What are your 10 random truths?

Tasha Cobbs Album Grace (Deluxe Edition, Live) is available on Itunes. Click below to listen to her singles off her new album.  Her album is listed # 3 on the Billboard Gospel Charts.  With Tamela Mann (Best Days) being at #1 and trailing her is Alexis Spight (L.O.L)

Her single Break Every Chain is #3 on the Billboard Gospel Chart. 
1. Get Up
2. Love you Forever
3. Happy
4. For Your Glory
5. Grace
6. Smile
7. Break Every Chain
8. Confidence
9. Greater
10. Ahh

Looking for Tasha Cobbs Tour Dates?

Praise Dancers ministering to some of Tasha Cobbs singles off her album "Grace."










How to Have Faith

How to Have Faith seems like a hard question to answer...
But God says in his word all you have to do is have  FAITH as small as a mustard seed.

Have you researched FAITH or are you leaning on what you already know.

FAITH to me covers so much of my  life.  From my children to my day to day activities, and all the way to a headache that has been there for three days. 

We are taught FAITH are those things not seen.  Things we hope to pass or things we hope to come through.  Why is it, that we can place our FAITH in our jobs, our bank accounts, our friends, our spouses, but we can't place our FAITH in our God. 

Karen Salmansohn "Self Help for People who wouldn't be c
caught dead doing Self Help
One of the reason I believe our FAITH seems FAITHLESS sometimes or it doesn't reach as high as
the ceiling is TIME.  We place God on our time instead of asking him to do things on his time.  I try to always tell myself if God gives me this blessing right now, how will it help me?  Sometimes, I get a little desperate and I'm like Lord I really need you to fall through, but what about all the other times when it's just my wants I want to satisfy? 

Is it really in God's time or is my time?  Am I really praying for the right thing right now?  One thing I do know is God is going to give you what you ask for, if you ask for it in FAITH.  But how does that scripture go "FAITH without works is DEAD {James 2:14}." 

That's another touchy subject.  I remember when I finally grasp the concept of that scripture...I was like I have to work for what I'm asking God to do?  Yes!  You have to realize God is going to shake some people up, move some things out of the way, and open up some doors for you to get what you need.  In the process however he needs you to be doing your part.  Exactly, what is that you say?

Well, it's simply, because of the God we serve.  You see we serve a God who is the same now, yesterday, tomorrow, and forever more.  So, what he is asking of you is not hard.  I believe he wants us to talk to Him to ask for guidance, remain faithful even when it seems like things are getting worse before they get better, help someone else along the way, and have a good attitude. 

Why is it, that we can place our FAITH in our jobs, our
spouses, but we can't place our FAITH in our God
When we begin to see our prayers being answer, some of us get excited and some of us are like...wow, this is really happening and we get a little afraid.  We may ask ourselves well now that this is falling through how am I going to keep it.  My answer to that is God will never bless you with anything he hasn't already equipped you for.  He doesn't give us a spirit of fear, but a sound mind.  Meaning God has it all taken care of.  You just need to have that FAITH as small as mustard seed to get you through whatever challenges you think you may face.

Below are a collection of FAITH believers.  These people have a mighty word that has touched my heart and for me to learn more about my FAITH.  I hope they help you in some type of way. 

Feeding Your FAITH & Starving Your Fear

Have you ever doubted in your heart?

What makes you doubt? 


When time goes by…it will beat at your heart and tell you “when is it going to happen?” Sometimes time has a way of making us feel impatient.  We’ll wonder, why hasn’t it happened sooner?  In those moments, what do you tend to say to your mountain? 

Do you speak faith or fear?

If you are in the habit of speaking fear…let me give you some quick advice: God responds to Faith, not Fear [which in most cases is our emotions].  Why is saying/speaking your faith so important?  Because it’s easy to pray quietly or in your mind. But if you’re mountain doesn’t move…no one will ever know.   it’s safe.  But if you speak it out…now that’s a test of faith!  Today I want to encourage you to speak out in faith…don’t get tired of waiting on God.  It’s just a matter of time before that mountain is moved in your life.  God doesn’t want you to struggle.  Choose to do things different today.  God is always trying to teach us faith.  He did the same thing with his disciples even after he died.  Remember what he said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe!”

To read more click here

FAITH Prayer

Heavenly Father,

My Faith and trust is in you. Lord each day I put my Faith to work, as I trust you to keep my family and I safe, to provide food on the table and to meet every need in my life. Lord you allow me to wait on some answers to prayers to strengthen my Faith in you ;And to be able to walk without a doubt knowing that your word is true and goes forth and completes all that you have sent it to do.

Through those tests and trials , I have came out of the fire refined, stronger than every in you, because I have called on you and you have answered! Jesus You never let me down, but you have taught me how to put my Faith in you, to work! In Jesus name Amen.

To read more click here

Living Word of the Living God
Bible Tour with Joline

Matthew 6 is God's provision for a worry-free life. In that chapter, what our loving Father is really
saying is, don't worry, I got your back. I got you covered. It is a summary of all that He is as told in various verses in the Bible.

He is saying:

I am Jehovah Shalom, The Lord your peace (Judges6: 21)
I am Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who heals you (Exodus 15:26)
I am Jehovah Jireh, The Lord who provides for you (Genesis 22:14)
I am Jehovah Rohi, The Lord your Shepherd who takes great care of you (Psalms 23)
I am Jehovah-Elyon; The Most High Lord, who sees all and can do all (Psalms 7)
I am Jehovah Sabaoth, The Lord of Armies who fights your battles (Isaiah 44:6, Malachi 3:7, and Psalms 46:7)
I am Jehovah-Nissi, The Lord Your Banner (Exodus 17:15).
Obviously when you have Jehovah on your side, there isn't a need to worry.
Besides, the word of God says "which of you can add a single hour to span of life by worrying? (Matthew 6:27).

To read more click here

Did Mary Mary's Tina Campbell's Husband Really Cheat on Her


Mary Mary on the cover of the June Issue
of Ebony Magazine.  Have you picked up
your copy today?
This news has spread like a wildfire and everybody has something to say.  I can thank God for allowing Tina to share this with us. 

As a matter of fact I'm sure you have read the same story over and over about Tina's husband Teddy infidelities from other blogs and all I want to do is to continue to give you updated information about what's going on between the married couple.

In the 3rd season of Mary Mary's reality television show we learn that the sister's do not have it altogether.  And I think Tina Campbell can agree with me on that, because she mention how she was showing people from the show how perfect her marriage was before she found out about the cheating.  I guess in a sense she felt she was lying to us, but how could she have known she was lying, because her truth was what she knew at the time. 

I personally don't know what would have caused Teddy to want to cheat on his wife.  She is beautiful, successful, and faithful.  As she told us on the show, she has never even looked at another man.  Teddy did mention he slept around with a lot of women before Tina and after he married Tina the first five years of their  marriage was good.  But, then she started traveling and I assume he was not apart of her Mary Mary career like he was in the beginning and as he stated he started an old habit again. 

Truth be told Tina and Teddy have four children together and Teddy has an older daughter outside of their marriage.  That situation there can make it impossible for anyone to travel, especially if this is your job and for Mary Mary it is. 

Tina Campbell tells Madame Noire she decided to forgive her husband and fight through the marriage, but she really had no ideal what that fight would be like.  If she knew, she would not have done it on the television show.  But she states it may be healing for someone else and she didn't know she was going to be breaking down losing her mind. 

Read More on GOTBOC Magazine: Learn about Mary Mary's history from beginning to present

 I do believe Tina and Teddy Campbell when they say they were being attacked by the enemy. 

"Faith is not the belief that
God will do what you want
It is the belief that God will
do what is right"
Max Lucado He still
moves stones.
I have read several times in Joyce Meyers books and in her sermons that the enemy hates us and he can't stand any happiness that appears to make other people happy in their lives.  And the Mary's definitely bring us joy, peace, and love. 

It is such a shame for believers to accuse Teddy of so many faults when he is only a man.  Don't get me wrong I had my thoughts swirling around in my head too, but I thought about myself in his shoes.  It's easy to want to point the finger at him and say he did all the wrong, but it's even easier to not take any responsibility for his actions. 

He certainly took the blame for what happened and I'm just proud of the fact that they are trying to move ahead in this situation and not hide it from us.  A lot of us have been hurt so bad and as a result we run from the problem instead of facing it head on. 

Tina Campbell opens us about her husband
cheating in June's Issue of Ebony Magazine
Read more on what Tina and Teddy Campbell wrote to their fans...

Hi Friends and Fans.  It's Tina.  I hope all of you are well and I thank you for all the love and support you've shown my sister and I over the years.

Well, I'm actually writing you on behalf of my husband Teddy and I.  I'm assuming that many of you have seen or heard  about the article in Ebony that discussed the challenges of overcoming infidelity in our marriage.  Well since the article, the challenges have worsen.  My hope turned into hopelessness and despair and I became unwilling to forgive and fight, until God showed me myself. 

My husband's struggle, was with sexual immortality BUT I have struggled with anger, rage, unforgiveness, pride, just to name a few, for over two decade.  The devil wanted to use strongholds that took hold of our lives in our childhood, to remain and destroy us as adults.  So now instead of being mad at each other, we're mad at the devil and we're ready to fight.    Read more on Tina and Teddy's fast to help with healing. 
Tina and Teddy Campbell

Ebony's sneak peak into the interview with Tina and her sister Erica:
Once I became aware of the affair, I initially wanted to kill my husband, she admitted.  I was considering adjusting the will the living trust, and all that kind of stuff.  I did physically try to stab him.  Several times...I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words...my words hurt.

Tamela Mann and David Mann Celebrate their 25th year Anniversary

Tamela Mann married David again
We GOT Married AGAIN, is what Tamela Mann posted to their website.  She gave us every detail and thanked the fans for the continuous support.  It's such a blessing for them to share this joyous occasion with us.  Here's a snippet of what she wrote...

Family-WE DID IT-AGAIN!  We renewed our vows on April 20!  Here's a little inside scoop of the day and...night!

First you know we celebrated our 25th anniversary by renewing our vows at a wedding ceremony, because when we got married 25 years ago, we didn't have enough money for a wedding.  We wanted a "fairytale wedding," so we picked an "enchanted forest" theme from the invitation which has David and me acting crazy in the middle of a forest in 3D!  To read full story click here

Tamela and David reaffirmed their vows in front of loved US WEEKLY can exclusively confirm.  The gospel singer and the actor/comedian, both 46 were legally wed in 1988, but never had a proper ceremony. 
Black Bride.com
ones in Dallas, TX April 20,

When we got married 25 years ago, we didn't even have enough money for a "wedding,"  explains Tamela whose Pastor married the couple in his study.  At the time the "Take Me to the King!"  singer even had to borrow a ring. 

This year however, Tamela finally got her dreamed wedding.  The bride "spent months" working with Binzario Couture to design the perfect gown.  "I knew every intimate detail of it,  but when I saw it at my final  fitting last week I lost it," she recalls.  "It was everything I could have every imagine in a bridal gown."  Read more of Us Weekly's exclusive story with Tamela Mann.

Read More on Tamela Mann Married David Mann again
  • Black Bride says although it took 3 months to design her couture gown she looks lovely and we love David's silver sneakers.
  • Black and Married with Kids say that's wonderful!  I wish them about another plus 50 years

The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery, Should a Christian have it?

The effects of weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery can help someone who is obese.  The surgery may also help with people who have diabetes, causing them to lose weight, so they may be taken off of medication.  But are these okay reason for a Christian to have weight loss surgery? 
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit is inside of you), you body is a gift from God.  You don't belong to your own-self, because you were brought with a price (you were brought with the blood of Jesus).  So Glorify God in your body. 
Personally for me if I was so overweight to where I felt shackled and chained, because of my obesity, I would consider the surgery.  But if I also knew that I could make a change without the surgery, then I prefer to lose weight the old fashion way, by dieting and exercising. 
Meet Alicia! 
It took her over a year to lose 78 pounds.  I think that is awesome!  I'm sure it didn't take her over a year to gain 78 pounds and for her to lose that much weight in a short amount of time is a blessing.  Read more of Alicia's story.  The difference between losing weight the natural way and having weight loss surgery is the way how your body has to adjust to these changes. 

Dieting & Exercising VS.
Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery takes some time getting use to.  The most commonly used surgery today is gastric banding.  Read more on this procedure.  The weight you loose from surgery will be rapid, which is contributed from you eating less, because of the band placed around your stomach. 

Being that your weight will declines fast, this will or can have some major effects on your body.  However, if you were to diet and exercise the effects on your body from losing weight would be minor (or you may not have any side effects at all) rather than major. 

Kimberly Ford from Take Back Your Temple  Answers A Forum Question: Should A Christian Have Weight Loss Surgery
Hello...I was wondering if I could have your opinion.  Do you think surgery as a weight loss option is "against God"?  I have struggled a long time...and I am beginning to consider this option.  Can it not be a blessing from God, having this technology and knowledge to even be able to have this done?  I know God can move mountains...including my weight.  Does my interest in this mean a lack of faith?  
I know it is a gray area since the Bible doesn't specifically discuss this topic...but I'd love to hear feedback from another Christian woman about this.  I appreciate your wisdom and please pray for me that I feel God's guidance.  Also please pray for Him to free me from my obesity, and to know His will.  Thank you...I've found your site recently and look forward at it much more.  Blessings, Christine 
Hi Christine,
Thank you for writing me!  I saw your message just now and want to respond.  You asked if I thought if weight loss surgery is "against God."  As you said, the bible doesn't specifically say anything about that so each believer needs to seek the Lord for themselves.  But I can tell you the evaluation I've personally made. 

Surgeries are generally used as a tool to fix something that is broken.  Do you believe that something is wrong with the way your stomach or digestive system functions?  Or is the problem with your heart and mind and the obesity merely a side effect of your health habits?  You see, I once counseled a woman years ago who had weight loss surgery, but had gained all the weight she lost back.  She told me, "The surgery fixed my stomach, but it didn't fix my head."  Read more at Take Back Your Temple.

Are You Having Second Thoughts, Yet?
 It's normal to have questions that will effect your Christian life.  I personally feel we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength to do anything we put our minds to.  And when we totally begin to commit to losing weight, you should expect some failures, but you should also expect to win.  I always say the enemy doesn't like it when you succeed in an area of your life, that was always a constant struggle.  But remember Christ is our strengthen

Below are a couple of things  to help you on journey, that I have personally battled with that you may have also.  


The Potluck Club Publisher: Revell; Reprinted edition
At work it may seem like you are always surrounded by your company hosting potlucks.  
Let's just keep it real potlucks mean free food.  It means saving your dime and spending it on something else you would much rather have. 

I believe it's okay to participate in a potluck, but potion size your food. Rather than grabbing everything off the table, grab the healthy stuff first and if you want to treat yourself, I suggest you make it a small treat.

If there is no healthy food presented, then limit what you put on your plate.  For example, if there is fried chicken, then eat the chicken and not the skin. 

Bringing Lunch From Home
It may seem like you never have time to fix lunch.  Or when you do, it seems to be a sandwich.  And who wants to each a sandwich everyday for lunch.  I have learned to cook a healthy dinner and cook a little extra to stretch over for lunch the next day.  If I just so happen to have leftovers for the next night, then I probably would change the side dish up. 

It's Hard To Make Time, When You Don't Have A Lot Of It
You are preaching to the heavenly choirs and me if this is the main reason you feel like you are struggling with you weight. 

My kids, husband, Tuesday night dance practice, Wednesday night bible study, and working late hours the other days of the week is what takes up all my additional time.  But I say we make time for what we want. 

If our favorite celebrity wanted us to have dinner at their house every Tuesday and Thursday nights, we would make sure we would be there.  So, you need to do the same and make time to take care of your temple.  And I hear the doctors when they say you need to work out 45 minutes or more a day, but if you can give 30 minutes or more, than you are on your way and I always say, you got to start someone. 

I believe the more you start reaping the benefits from diet and exercise, the more you will want to engage in it.

I Eat Out When Food Is Mark Down
The enemy really knows how to use this one on me.  So, not only is fast food more accessible now, but they have the $1 menus everywhere you go.  Like what kind of mess is that.

I am the one who shops on a budget.  I normally have a price in mind to spend on food, before I actually go and buy it.  But when I can get more for my money than what I actually calculated, I'm going to go this route, rather than sticking with my originally plan.  When in all essence I should be trying to stick to my plan and whatever money I save, I should put it back in my pocketbook.  But no, that is never the case with me. 
I went to Walmart one day, and I said I was going to spend $12.00 on some raw chicken.  The plan was to boil the chicken and as a side dish, fix it with some rice.  However, when I got to Walmart, they had all of their Tyson chicken marked down to $2.00 for a nice jumbo family pack of legs and thighs. 
In my mind I'm like I can boil chicken, I can fry chicken, I bake chicken, I can BBQ chicken, I can make a chicken pasta, I can make a chicken salad, I can put some chicken in the crock pot to make cranberry chicken, or whatever kind of chicken I want, being that it was on sale and I was about to get more chicken for my money, than I anticipated. 
The adversary knew if I saw that chicken on sale I was going to lose my mind and probably want to buy more than $12.00 worth.  Thankfully, The Lord whisper a sweet thing in my ear and told me to do something else with the money I saved by only buying what I intended from the beginning.
Food Coupons
This is another hard one for me.  I will tell myself I am not going to eat out this month, when all of a sudden every fast food chain in my neighborhood sends me a coupon.  The best way to solve this problem is to throw them away as soon as you get them. 

Holidays and Gym Membership
Many people have a New Year's Resoltion to lose weight.  And around that time of the year the gym's know you want their services, so of course they may hike up their prices.  Many gyms will tell you around that time is the best time to get a membership, but what I would do is get a membership before the holidays.  September or October would be great months to start. 

In Conclusion
Whatever it might be, just remember all things are possible through Christ who is our strength and our way maker.  Weight loss surgery has many effects on the body, including some very beneficial health benefits and some unpleasant side effects.  It's not for everyone, but can be very beneficial for obese patients.  Read more on The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery By: Sherry Gray.

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