How to Have Faith

How to Have Faith seems like a hard question to answer...
But God says in his word all you have to do is have  FAITH as small as a mustard seed.

Have you researched FAITH or are you leaning on what you already know.

FAITH to me covers so much of my  life.  From my children to my day to day activities, and all the way to a headache that has been there for three days. 

We are taught FAITH are those things not seen.  Things we hope to pass or things we hope to come through.  Why is it, that we can place our FAITH in our jobs, our bank accounts, our friends, our spouses, but we can't place our FAITH in our God. 

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One of the reason I believe our FAITH seems FAITHLESS sometimes or it doesn't reach as high as
the ceiling is TIME.  We place God on our time instead of asking him to do things on his time.  I try to always tell myself if God gives me this blessing right now, how will it help me?  Sometimes, I get a little desperate and I'm like Lord I really need you to fall through, but what about all the other times when it's just my wants I want to satisfy? 

Is it really in God's time or is my time?  Am I really praying for the right thing right now?  One thing I do know is God is going to give you what you ask for, if you ask for it in FAITH.  But how does that scripture go "FAITH without works is DEAD {James 2:14}." 

That's another touchy subject.  I remember when I finally grasp the concept of that scripture...I was like I have to work for what I'm asking God to do?  Yes!  You have to realize God is going to shake some people up, move some things out of the way, and open up some doors for you to get what you need.  In the process however he needs you to be doing your part.  Exactly, what is that you say?

Well, it's simply, because of the God we serve.  You see we serve a God who is the same now, yesterday, tomorrow, and forever more.  So, what he is asking of you is not hard.  I believe he wants us to talk to Him to ask for guidance, remain faithful even when it seems like things are getting worse before they get better, help someone else along the way, and have a good attitude. 

Why is it, that we can place our FAITH in our jobs, our
spouses, but we can't place our FAITH in our God
When we begin to see our prayers being answer, some of us get excited and some of us are, this is really happening and we get a little afraid.  We may ask ourselves well now that this is falling through how am I going to keep it.  My answer to that is God will never bless you with anything he hasn't already equipped you for.  He doesn't give us a spirit of fear, but a sound mind.  Meaning God has it all taken care of.  You just need to have that FAITH as small as mustard seed to get you through whatever challenges you think you may face.

Below are a collection of FAITH believers.  These people have a mighty word that has touched my heart and for me to learn more about my FAITH.  I hope they help you in some type of way. 

Feeding Your FAITH & Starving Your Fear

Have you ever doubted in your heart?

What makes you doubt? 


When time goes by…it will beat at your heart and tell you “when is it going to happen?” Sometimes time has a way of making us feel impatient.  We’ll wonder, why hasn’t it happened sooner?  In those moments, what do you tend to say to your mountain? 

Do you speak faith or fear?

If you are in the habit of speaking fear…let me give you some quick advice: God responds to Faith, not Fear [which in most cases is our emotions].  Why is saying/speaking your faith so important?  Because it’s easy to pray quietly or in your mind. But if you’re mountain doesn’t move…no one will ever know.   it’s safe.  But if you speak it out…now that’s a test of faith!  Today I want to encourage you to speak out in faith…don’t get tired of waiting on God.  It’s just a matter of time before that mountain is moved in your life.  God doesn’t want you to struggle.  Choose to do things different today.  God is always trying to teach us faith.  He did the same thing with his disciples even after he died.  Remember what he said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe!”

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FAITH Prayer

Heavenly Father,

My Faith and trust is in you. Lord each day I put my Faith to work, as I trust you to keep my family and I safe, to provide food on the table and to meet every need in my life. Lord you allow me to wait on some answers to prayers to strengthen my Faith in you ;And to be able to walk without a doubt knowing that your word is true and goes forth and completes all that you have sent it to do.

Through those tests and trials , I have came out of the fire refined, stronger than every in you, because I have called on you and you have answered! Jesus You never let me down, but you have taught me how to put my Faith in you, to work! In Jesus name Amen.

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Living Word of the Living God
Bible Tour with Joline

Matthew 6 is God's provision for a worry-free life. In that chapter, what our loving Father is really
saying is, don't worry, I got your back. I got you covered. It is a summary of all that He is as told in various verses in the Bible.

He is saying:

I am Jehovah Shalom, The Lord your peace (Judges6: 21)
I am Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who heals you (Exodus 15:26)
I am Jehovah Jireh, The Lord who provides for you (Genesis 22:14)
I am Jehovah Rohi, The Lord your Shepherd who takes great care of you (Psalms 23)
I am Jehovah-Elyon; The Most High Lord, who sees all and can do all (Psalms 7)
I am Jehovah Sabaoth, The Lord of Armies who fights your battles (Isaiah 44:6, Malachi 3:7, and Psalms 46:7)
I am Jehovah-Nissi, The Lord Your Banner (Exodus 17:15).
Obviously when you have Jehovah on your side, there isn't a need to worry.
Besides, the word of God says "which of you can add a single hour to span of life by worrying? (Matthew 6:27).

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