The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery, Should a Christian have it?

The effects of weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery can help someone who is obese.  The surgery may also help with people who have diabetes, causing them to lose weight, so they may be taken off of medication.  But are these okay reason for a Christian to have weight loss surgery? 
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit is inside of you), you body is a gift from God.  You don't belong to your own-self, because you were brought with a price (you were brought with the blood of Jesus).  So Glorify God in your body. 
Personally for me if I was so overweight to where I felt shackled and chained, because of my obesity, I would consider the surgery.  But if I also knew that I could make a change without the surgery, then I prefer to lose weight the old fashion way, by dieting and exercising. 
Meet Alicia! 
It took her over a year to lose 78 pounds.  I think that is awesome!  I'm sure it didn't take her over a year to gain 78 pounds and for her to lose that much weight in a short amount of time is a blessing.  Read more of Alicia's story.  The difference between losing weight the natural way and having weight loss surgery is the way how your body has to adjust to these changes. 

Dieting & Exercising VS.
Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery takes some time getting use to.  The most commonly used surgery today is gastric banding.  Read more on this procedure.  The weight you loose from surgery will be rapid, which is contributed from you eating less, because of the band placed around your stomach. 

Being that your weight will declines fast, this will or can have some major effects on your body.  However, if you were to diet and exercise the effects on your body from losing weight would be minor (or you may not have any side effects at all) rather than major. 

Kimberly Ford from Take Back Your Temple  Answers A Forum Question: Should A Christian Have Weight Loss Surgery
Hello...I was wondering if I could have your opinion.  Do you think surgery as a weight loss option is "against God"?  I have struggled a long time...and I am beginning to consider this option.  Can it not be a blessing from God, having this technology and knowledge to even be able to have this done?  I know God can move mountains...including my weight.  Does my interest in this mean a lack of faith?  
I know it is a gray area since the Bible doesn't specifically discuss this topic...but I'd love to hear feedback from another Christian woman about this.  I appreciate your wisdom and please pray for me that I feel God's guidance.  Also please pray for Him to free me from my obesity, and to know His will.  Thank you...I've found your site recently and look forward at it much more.  Blessings, Christine 
Hi Christine,
Thank you for writing me!  I saw your message just now and want to respond.  You asked if I thought if weight loss surgery is "against God."  As you said, the bible doesn't specifically say anything about that so each believer needs to seek the Lord for themselves.  But I can tell you the evaluation I've personally made. 

Surgeries are generally used as a tool to fix something that is broken.  Do you believe that something is wrong with the way your stomach or digestive system functions?  Or is the problem with your heart and mind and the obesity merely a side effect of your health habits?  You see, I once counseled a woman years ago who had weight loss surgery, but had gained all the weight she lost back.  She told me, "The surgery fixed my stomach, but it didn't fix my head."  Read more at Take Back Your Temple.

Are You Having Second Thoughts, Yet?
 It's normal to have questions that will effect your Christian life.  I personally feel we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength to do anything we put our minds to.  And when we totally begin to commit to losing weight, you should expect some failures, but you should also expect to win.  I always say the enemy doesn't like it when you succeed in an area of your life, that was always a constant struggle.  But remember Christ is our strengthen

Below are a couple of things  to help you on journey, that I have personally battled with that you may have also.  


The Potluck Club Publisher: Revell; Reprinted edition
At work it may seem like you are always surrounded by your company hosting potlucks.  
Let's just keep it real potlucks mean free food.  It means saving your dime and spending it on something else you would much rather have. 

I believe it's okay to participate in a potluck, but potion size your food. Rather than grabbing everything off the table, grab the healthy stuff first and if you want to treat yourself, I suggest you make it a small treat.

If there is no healthy food presented, then limit what you put on your plate.  For example, if there is fried chicken, then eat the chicken and not the skin. 

Bringing Lunch From Home
It may seem like you never have time to fix lunch.  Or when you do, it seems to be a sandwich.  And who wants to each a sandwich everyday for lunch.  I have learned to cook a healthy dinner and cook a little extra to stretch over for lunch the next day.  If I just so happen to have leftovers for the next night, then I probably would change the side dish up. 

It's Hard To Make Time, When You Don't Have A Lot Of It
You are preaching to the heavenly choirs and me if this is the main reason you feel like you are struggling with you weight. 

My kids, husband, Tuesday night dance practice, Wednesday night bible study, and working late hours the other days of the week is what takes up all my additional time.  But I say we make time for what we want. 

If our favorite celebrity wanted us to have dinner at their house every Tuesday and Thursday nights, we would make sure we would be there.  So, you need to do the same and make time to take care of your temple.  And I hear the doctors when they say you need to work out 45 minutes or more a day, but if you can give 30 minutes or more, than you are on your way and I always say, you got to start someone. 

I believe the more you start reaping the benefits from diet and exercise, the more you will want to engage in it.

I Eat Out When Food Is Mark Down
The enemy really knows how to use this one on me.  So, not only is fast food more accessible now, but they have the $1 menus everywhere you go.  Like what kind of mess is that.

I am the one who shops on a budget.  I normally have a price in mind to spend on food, before I actually go and buy it.  But when I can get more for my money than what I actually calculated, I'm going to go this route, rather than sticking with my originally plan.  When in all essence I should be trying to stick to my plan and whatever money I save, I should put it back in my pocketbook.  But no, that is never the case with me. 
I went to Walmart one day, and I said I was going to spend $12.00 on some raw chicken.  The plan was to boil the chicken and as a side dish, fix it with some rice.  However, when I got to Walmart, they had all of their Tyson chicken marked down to $2.00 for a nice jumbo family pack of legs and thighs. 
In my mind I'm like I can boil chicken, I can fry chicken, I bake chicken, I can BBQ chicken, I can make a chicken pasta, I can make a chicken salad, I can put some chicken in the crock pot to make cranberry chicken, or whatever kind of chicken I want, being that it was on sale and I was about to get more chicken for my money, than I anticipated. 
The adversary knew if I saw that chicken on sale I was going to lose my mind and probably want to buy more than $12.00 worth.  Thankfully, The Lord whisper a sweet thing in my ear and told me to do something else with the money I saved by only buying what I intended from the beginning.
Food Coupons
This is another hard one for me.  I will tell myself I am not going to eat out this month, when all of a sudden every fast food chain in my neighborhood sends me a coupon.  The best way to solve this problem is to throw them away as soon as you get them. 

Holidays and Gym Membership
Many people have a New Year's Resoltion to lose weight.  And around that time of the year the gym's know you want their services, so of course they may hike up their prices.  Many gyms will tell you around that time is the best time to get a membership, but what I would do is get a membership before the holidays.  September or October would be great months to start. 

In Conclusion
Whatever it might be, just remember all things are possible through Christ who is our strength and our way maker.  Weight loss surgery has many effects on the body, including some very beneficial health benefits and some unpleasant side effects.  It's not for everyone, but can be very beneficial for obese patients.  Read more on The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery By: Sherry Gray.

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