Chicken Bombs, Courtesy of Marla's Lemonade Stand

Marla's Chicken Bomb (source)
Chicken Bombs, Courtesy of Marla's Lemonade Stand borrowed this recipe from a friend at church.  This recipe is very easy and simple.  We've outlined the basics, but visit Marla'a Lemonade Stand for prep time, cooking time, and more pictures. 

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
    • I use Tyson Chicken (3-6 come in package)
      • Estimated Cost: $7.00
  • Uncooked Bacon
    • I use Hormel or Oscar Meyer ( remember you need 2 slices of bacon per chicken breast)
      • Estimated Cost: $5.00
  • Jalapeno
    • 7-8 from fresh vegetables section of store
      • Estimated Cost: $1.50
  • Cream Cheese of your choice
      • Estimated Cost: $2.00 
  • Brown Sugar
    • I use the store brand.
      • Estimated Cost: $2.00
  • BBQ Sauce
    • I use Sweet Baby Ray's or Masterpiece
      • Estimated Cost: $3.50
Estimated Total Cost: $20.00
Rachael Ray's Strawberry Recipe (source)
Looking for dessert?  Try Rachael Ray's Small Strawberries with Lemon Recipe.  All you need is:
  1. Strawberries
  2. A Lemon
  3. Sugar
  4. Fresh Mint........See the recipe @ gotboc magazine under recipes!

Mommy Kara Working As A Party Designer

(source) LHD: Kara
Kara says, I Had a Leap of Faith
Wouldn't we all love to be like Mommy Kara Working As A Party Designer.  Kara Abrahamsen is the owner of the website called Lillian Hope Designs.  Basically, she loves to design parties of all types. 

read more on women entrepreneur: Sayeh, The Office Stylist

Kara says "she has always had a passion for the creative things in life."  In October 2011 Lillian Hope Designs started with a leap of faith.  Her daughter describes most of us all to well, when she says she was motivated by her daughter, who has also been her driving force to start her small business. 

Sayeh, The Office Stylist and Not the Hair Stylist

Sayeh from The Office Stylist website
Sayeh, The Office Stylist and Not the Hair Stylist.  I had to clarify that, because when you thing about a "Stylist" you think of them as having creative minds. The term "Hair Stylist" is very common.  We typically see these type of people having a creative mind for hair.  In Sayeh's case we have Sayeh, The Office Stylist.

She is describe as one who has a creative mind for office space.  Reading about Sayeh, really had me in the mind frame that "Dreams Do Come True."  It looks like she has taken her hobby of designing and made it her job.  Sayeh specializes in:
  1. Designer
  2. Blogger
  3. Lifestyle Expert
 Tips for YOU, if you are looking to become the Designer, Blogger, and/or Lifestyle Expert:

Women Entrepreneur: Sporty Afros

Story Credit: Sporty

(source) Alexandria Williams and Whitney Patterson are the
Women Entrepreneurs of Sporty
Sporty is operated by two women who are entrepreneurs in the field of hair and sports.  Many black women use their hair sometimes as an excuse to not workout, play sports, or do activities that require for our hair to shrink up and sweat.  This has been happening for years. 

At Sporty Afros,
"they want to help black women achieve optimal health by being the first site to connect the dots between hair care, exercise, and nutrition." 
So to sum it up, these ladies are saying we can still have good looking hair and take care of our temples all at the same time.

The ladies behind the company are best friends, Alexandria Williams and Whitney Patterson.  They were featured on Essence Magazine's website May 2013 where they shared with us on the "Beauty of Friendship, by running a business with my BFF." 

I know many people are searching for ways to work at home and I believe Alexandria and Whitney have just the motivation to get you in the next phase of starting your own business.  Here is a question pulled from their Essence Interview, I thought may help you on your journey:

What is the best part on running a blog with your best friend?
"Running a business is tough sometimes, but at the end of the day it's always great to have a business partner who genuinely cares about your well being. "

Read the remaining of the interview @
You can visit Alexandria and Whitney @ Twitter Instagram

Jekalyn Carr Proves God Can Use Anyone

I just love Jekalyn Carr. 
For God to use this little person in age, tells me He can use anyone.  The songs Jeklayn sings about, especially "Greater Is Coming," makes you wonder at the age of 16, how can she know anything about trials and tests.  However, I believe it's the spirit of Jesus that gives revelation to her about the things we as God's people need to hear or it could be the things, that she has saw her family go through.

Whatever the situation may be, one thing I can say is I love this child of God and I am inspired. 

R&B Diva Syleena Johnson says, "I forgive my parents...they did their best with what they had"

Okay Mrs Syleena Johnson, you better work it out!
(source) singers room
I was reading an interview done with  R&B Diva's Syleena Johnson. 

Saturday July 27, 2013 we will see her on Iyanla Fix My Life and she will open up about the hurt she has been dealing with concerning her mother Brenda. 

If you watched Syleena on the R&B Diva's then you know recently she allowed her mother to move into her house to help her with some of the demons she's been facing. 

Before allowing her mother Brenda to come in and live with her family, Syleena knew her mother was still struggling with drugs, self esteem, and most important issues that have not been resolved from her childhood.

Who is Queen Latifah: People Say I'm going to be the next Oprah

Who Is Queen Latifah
"People say I'm going to be the next Oprah.  But I say no, because Oprah is still Oprah.  I'll be the next me.  I feel like there's always a lane for me as long as I'm true to myself."
Queen Latifah the producer of VH-1 Single Ladies
(source) addiction magazine
Vinnie Brown who is a lifelong friend of Latifah says,
"When he met her when they were kids, Latifah was a tomboy who always had a basketball with her, and she was no joke.  You just knew she was not to be messed with.  She had this majestic aura, even then."
Fans know Queen Latifah as an award-winning actress, rapper, singer, producer, fashion designer, perfumer, and spokes model and producer for Covergirl.  Queen Latifah embodies true beauty, but I'm sure the road getting here wasn't easy.
Clothing & Perfume Line
Celebrity Perfumes
(source) rolling stones/timothy while
Queen Latifah says,
 "A lot of manufactures don't respect the curvaceous woman.  They don't respect our dollar or our shape."

Queen Latifah launch Fashion Line on HSN

Working with the Home Shopping Network with my brand called Queen Collection by Queen Latifah, has been such a great partnership.  I'm happy to be able to make women's clothing I really like.  We've made sure the shape is right, the length is right, and the colors are right.  Everything in the line is something I would wear myself.  It's the same way I developed the fragrance.  It had to be something I would wear. 
Party & Events
Queen Latifah Launches

Fragrance @ Macy's
The line includes clothing and accessories for women of all sizes, from size 2 to 24.  The line ranges in prices from $29.90 to $300.00 and will be sold exclusively through the Home Shopping Network.  She stated
"She has been offered a lot of deals for clothing lines and actually started one that didn't quite get off the ground, but this is like a full circle moment for me." 
Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Owens explained that The Queen Collection actually fulfills her teenage dream. 
(source) Do Not Color Me
"This is a young 14 year old, 17 year old, and 22 year old Dana trying to go shopping and actually finding the things she wants to wear.  Now there's a way for other women just like myself to go on HSN and order the clothes she likes, because they're there and are in her size.  This has been a bit of a journey and a really exciting venture." 
Out of her whole collection, Queen Latifah says she is most excited about the bag collection.  She says,
"I think the bag is going to be really good.  It's versatile, so it's not going to look like the same bag from one collection to the next.  There's something for everyone.  I definitely want to be able to rock my bag.  I figure if I can rock it, why shouldn't other people be able to?"

  CoverGirl Queen Collection
Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Spellbound
starting @ $5.50
 COVERGIRL Vivid Impact Eyeliner, Midnight
starting @ $6.00
She was announced as the new face of Covergirl February 2006.  At the time of the announcement Latifah said:
I stand behind companies I believe in, and I get involved in projects, where I know I can make a positive impact. I had the privilege of working directly with Covergirl Cosmetics to offer women of color a fresh, natural, and confident look with minimal effort. Those are desires I relate to.

 COVERGIRL Lash Fanatic Regular Mascara, Black
starting @ $7.00
The new Queen Collection was inspired by me to celebrate the beauty of women of color, and gives women the confidence they are looking for by accenting and highlighting our natural features, stated Latifah.  Read more on: Queen Latifah turns Covergirl

She is one of entertainment's top renaissance women and Covergirl says she is the real meaning behind their brand.  

Award Winning Actor & Producer
With an estimate worth of $50 million Latifah has taken over the film industry in movies such as:
Queen Latifah in her Set It Off Movie and as a Covergirl
Just Right (2010)
Stranger Than Fiction (2006)
Bringing Down The House (2003)
Chicago (2002)
The Bone Collector (1999)
Starting with her outbreak album "All Hail The Queen" in 1989, Queen Latifah has gone on to star in many movies including Beauty Shop,  Hairspray, and Chicago.

In the movie "Set It Off"  Queen Latifah didn't win any mainstream awards, but the film set the precedent for many roles to come.  If you are curious to know how Latifah became famous and rich, it is, because she has starred in more than 41 films in her lifetime career.
She Raps & Sings
Queen Latifah @ The Kennedy Honors
At around the age of 18, Latifah joined forces with her partner Shakim Compere to form one of the first hip hop management companies, Flavor Unit.  This company has been in the life of Naughty by Nature, Terrence Howard, the hip hop duo Outkast, and others.  Of the company many successes, one in particular is the 11 gold and platinum awards.

Queen Latifah took over the music scene in 1988 with her first single, "Wrath of My Madness."  Two years after the release of her first LP, the Queen dropped her sophomore album, "Nature of a Sister" in 1991, but it was her third studio album "Black Reign" in 1993 that truly put Latifah on the map. 

While the breakthrough female MC produced seven albums over 20 years it was her, "U.N.I.T.Y" single that kept her in the hearts of million.  That track received a 1994 Grammy Award for "Best Rap Solo Performance," and is still featured on countless hip-hop collective albums. 
Television Roles & What's Next

The Queen Latifah Show is set to air on CBS September 16, 2013
(source) D. Martez
She made her television debut in 1991 on the Will Smith's show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."  In 1993 she got her own show called, "Living Single," where she played Khadijah James.  The show followed the lives of six friends living in Brooklyn, New York.  The show aired for five seasons on Fox.  After her sitcom, she begin voice over work on shows such as the "The Fairy Odd Parents" and "The Muppets.  She is now working on her talk show that will air September 16, 2013, called "The Queen Latifah Show."  She has teamed up with actor Will Smith's company Overbrook and the television network CBS says D. Martez

She says,
Queen Latifah
White House Look
"When Oprah Winfrey ended her show, people were coming out of the woodwork, offering 20 million, 30 million dollars for me to do a talk show.  It was ridiculous money, but I turned it down.  To me it's not about the money.  It's about the partnership.  Between my company and Will and Jada's company I know we can do something really great."

Queen Latifah's Family
Queen Latifah with her dad Lance and mom Rita
Latifah grew up with her big brother Lance. They are about 2 years apart. Around their apartment in Newark, New Jersey she says,

We had a record player that was always going with soul and rock. There were all kinds of instruments, bongos, shakers, tambourines, and guitars. My parents divorced when I was eight, but before that they would invite people over and they'd be drumming. I didn't know at the time some of them were the Black Panthers. I just thought it was a good vibe."
My mother was so creative and she was really fascinated by her children. It's like she studied us and watched how we did things and really tried to expose us to different experiences to spark our creativity."
(source) essence January 2013
Long before P. Diddy, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent became known as rapper-entrepreneurs, Queen Latifah created the mold.  "My favorite thing about Latifah is her ability to always transform and soar," says Alicia Keys, a longtime friend. 

Queen Latifah says,
"I remember the critics smashed my TV series Living Single.  But we stuck with it and years later everybody loved the show."
 It was just one more lesson in trusting her visions and pushing for the win. 
From the time I decided to become a rapper and get a record deal and have a management company, there have been doubters, people who never would've tried half the things we did.  But we didn't listen, so here we are 20 years later.  You believe in yourself and put your mind and your soul into it.  I've been around that kind of fearlessness all my life.
Story Credit: Blackenterprise, Celebrity Clothing Line (Ashlee Vensel), Essence (Jeannine Amber)

The Queen Latifah originally air 1999-2001, but this time it looks to be different with her all-star line up
Visit Queen Latifah's website for your local channel information


Tamela Mann Describes herself in 3 Words: Loving, Hardworker, Dedicated

Interviewed By: The Gospel Guru

Tamela Mann is Interviewed By: The Gospel Guru himself
The inspiration for my album "Best Days" was the lyrics of the song.  My worst days are behind me and my best days are in front and to me it's so encouraging.  Even going through different circumstances, I just have faith and hope that things are going to work out for me and be better. 

Watch Tamela Mann at the 2013 BET Awards (source) The Gospel Guru
A standout song for me on the album is called "All to Thee."  It says "Take all the glory, all the praise, and all the honor it belongs to thee.  Take none to me, but all to Thee."   I have a couple though!  Another one that is my favorites is "Lord We Are Waiting."  It says "Lord we are waiting, we're anticipating, we're waiting on your glory, on your presence."  This song is kind of where I feel God has me at right now. 

"Lord We Are Waiting" is another one of my favorite songs from my CD.  It's kind of where I feel God has me at right now.
"Take Me To The King" is of course another one of my favorites.  I didn't know it was going to do so well.  At all times I try to do my best and I am grateful.  Some guest appearances on my new album is Kirk Franklin and my first lady at my church name Latonya Blair (Duet - Lord We Are Waiting).

Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann @ the 43th annual GMA Dove Awards
When I got my start with Kirk Franklin, those days spent with him, help prepare me for my solo career.  It's easier when you are in the background.  You don't feel the weight of being out front.  It's different than being out front, than being in the back, because in the front you have to work a lot harder.  Now I see how Kirk felt doing the promotions and radio stuff.  I got to see both worlds. 

David and Tamela Mann with Tyler Perry premier's Big Happy Family
Working with Tyler Perry I learned how to be timely.  When he comes in he likes for people to do their job and that's what I really learned from him.  So when I schedule rehearsals I try to be very timely and think of other people's time and not come in late and have them sitting around waiting an hour and stuff like that. 

It's a Mann World.  Tamela Mann tells her first love is singing, even though she has acted
Even though I have acted, singing is my first love!  You know that one thing you are comfortable at, I feel like singing is my thing.   I thank God, He stirred up the gifts in me, and I kind of turned and went into the acting portion of it, but I don't think I'm too bad.  But I think in anything you can always work on improvement.  But I prefer singing over acting. 

Tamela Mann Expressing Her LOVE for her Husband David Mann
Right now Me and David Mann (my husband) are doing a cooking show called, "Hanging With The Mann's."  So, we're shopping it right now and got some nice offers and we're just kind of asking the Lord on what to do, but you get to see a different side of us.  You get to see the real us.  It's a cooking adventure show, where we do adventures and whatever the adventure is we come back home and base the food off the adventure.  We want to encourage families to get back in the kitchen and do things together in the kitchen.  When you eat and dine together you really learn about each other. 

Romantic Bliss:  Tamela and David Mann renew their vows
The Gospel Guru: With you being the powerhouse vocalist that you are.  Who are some of Tamela Mann's vocal influences? 
Tamela Mann and her husband David Mann have been married for 25 years.  They didn't have a wedding when first wed, but that has all changed.
Well, I started with The Clark Sisters and then Vanessa Bell became one of my greatest inspirations and I love James Moore.  I still listen to a lot of his stuff today.   I want to do a song with Celine Dion.  I know that's kind of stretched and kind far there, but I can see us and hear us doing something together. 
April 20, 2013 was their first wedding after 25 years of being together
I'm in awe when it come to describing the success.  I don't know how to sum it up.  I'm just grateful and I'm really excited to be in this place.  I never would have imagine being in this place.  I never dreamed that I would have met the people I've met and worked with the people I've worked with.  When I drive up to my house it's like "wow" I'm just so grateful for God trusting me with this gift.  When I do sing, I sing as if it's my last time.  I hope I didn't go to far off answering the question, my eyes are actually tearing up, because I'm really grateful and thankful to God for the opportunity.  And I don't take that for granted, because when you think it's so many other people He could have used.  But it's like God you chose me for this hour, such a time as this to bless His people.   I don't ever want to get caught up into it's about me.  It's hard for me to watch myself on TV and listen to myself.  I want to stay humble, because if I do He said He'll exalt me. 
Tamela Mann Celebrating her Career success at the Dove Awards

For more of this Interview, visit The Gospel Guru

Motivation to: Work at Home As An Event Planner

I am here to motivate you today to work at home as an Event Planner. 
(source) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Million Dollar Wedding.
This particular article is strictly for encouragement and to show you how others have succeeded at what you are trying to become.  However, I will still provide a few ways you can get started as an event planner, but it will be solely based on someone else's experience. 
Arthur -Unknown
Before I go into details of why I feel an event planner is a promising career in today's economy (and yes I said a career, not a J.O.B.), I want to introduce you to one of my closest sister's in Christ's and her Event Planning business called "A Fare To Remember."

Your personal story of why and how you became an Event Planner is probably very similar to hers.  If you are just getting started and need a little push in the right direction, then please continue on to read her story.  

In the beginning my sister was only decorating small events for family members, friends, and our church before we even knew she had an interest as an Event Planner.  I remember a couple of days before Christmas of 2011, she showed me a few pictures she had in her phone of her homemade wreath she created from scratch and some other decorative pictures of her mom's dinner table she designed for the Fall Season of that year too.  Around that same time, she shared with me and some other people about how she was serious of turning her hobby into a career as an Event Planning Décor.  She said, it was something she was very passionate about and it came as second nature to her.  I was so proud of her, because I knew she had a gift for decorating, but I would have never imagine she wanted to take this adventure to the next level and start a business.    
(source) Small Entrepreneur: Porshia La'Shae, Butter Bee's

Some of her first "Events" included:
I can honestly say, she got a lot of practice from church.  At the church where we both attend, we have a lot of different things we celebrate throughout the year (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Mardi Gras, Easter, Vacation Bible School, Church Anniversary, Church Musical, Church Dance Conference, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas)  and every time the church needed something to be decorated my sister was always there. 
If I'm not mistaken it was only in 3 to 4 months, after she became serious about Event Planning Décor, that she started having real PAYING clients.  I'm happy to say I was one of those first clients, but not one of her paying clients ( lol, I believe I have paid her back in other ways, to where she can say we are even).  
Bridal Shower created by "A Fare to Remember"
I became married in April of 2012 and I wanted my sister in Christ to actually do all of the wedding, including the reception, but because she was not licensed, the venue would not allow her to do anything.  However, she was able to do my bridal shower, which was at a different venue and  let me just say "oh my goodness," it was way more than what I could have envision. 

From there, my sister has done about ten weddings and this has all been within a year's time.  I'm so proud of her and just like she made her mark, so can you.  So, let's look into a few details of being an Event Planner...

(source) MOD WEDDING

Career, Job, Hobby...YOU decide
I know for a fact we all want a career, rather than just another 8-5 job that pays you $8-$10 an hour.  In the beginning of this text, I stated to you that having a job as an Event Planner "is starting to look promising in today's economy."   I say that, because way more people are getting married these days, the labor unit is filled of baby deliveries ( I can say that, because I use to work as an audiologist on the labor and deliver unit of several hospitals), and people are cheap, but they will pay for what they want if the price is right.  
Advertising-The ONE thing I hate about any profession:
Hate is such a strong word, but I feel so strongly about what I am going to say to you... 
"I absolutely hate when any business advertises their company in a low income neighborhood.  I don't have anything against the neighborhood, but you should plant your seeds where you intend for them to grow.  In other words if you have a professional Event Décor Planning business and you know people in that area will not be able to afford your prices, then why even waste the advertisement."
 It's okay to browse any neighborhood to see what other companies are advertising about and to also get to know your competition, but that should be it.  The only reason you should even think about advertising in any area that can't afford you, is if you can offer affordable prices.  I always say it's okay to have an economy friendly price plan for the right people.  Understand when I tell you, this is only for the right people and not free hand outs.  As your own business person, you are here to make money and not give it away.  Let me give you an example.
Say I own an Event Planner Décor Company and my prices are as follow:
1. Wedding Only $500
2. Reception Only $1000
3. Wedding and Reception $2000
As you can see this is my price list.  This price list includes charges that will cover a wedding, reception, or both.  Let's say
"A couple calls me up and tells me I am a bit pricey for what they are looking for.  They further go on to tell me they are not looking for anything fancy or big and they are looking to pay between $150-$300...At this particular moment I can work out an agreement with them or I can turn their business away.  However, because I am in the field to make money, I tell the couple I will do a small wedding arrangement setup for $200.  I rather meet them in the middle, than fully turn away a potential customer.   
And I know what you must be thinking....what can you do for $200?  I admit, that is on the cheap end, but if you are good at what you do, then you know how to make things work with what you are given. 
The best part of that whole ordeal is, I have a potential NEW customer who WILL use me again, they WILL tell all their friends/family, and the people they invite WILL be very impress with my work.  Which this WILL all lead to more potential clients, and allowing me to step in a new territory without even wasting time placing that advertisement sign in that low income neighborhood. 
I Love what I do and you should too
The ease of information for planning for an event these days is not hard to find.  There are several how to YouTube Videos, there are step by step instructions on-line, and you can easily buy a book or magazine off the shelf to find pictures or ideas to create what your creative visions are. 

Make a Decision today
Most people  choose  the option to make money as an Event Planner, instead of doing this type of work as a charitable event or as a favor for a friend or family member.  Remember, I said this is your own business and you are not giving out hand outs.  This has become your livelihood instead of a hobby, this has  become your passion, instead of something to do on the side, and this has become a source of income, instead of just a dream. 

Ways to GET Experience, you'll need it

Your Vision creates
things like this! 
Do you have
what it takes
 to put the colors,
designs, and
When you start making negotiations with people, sometimes they can be very tough to sell to.  It's hard for people to trust your company when it seems like you have no ideal of what you are talking about or maybe you are just all over the place.  One thing I can promise you is, if you don't know what you are talking about, people will pick up on that. 

That's why it is always good to meet clients with a game plan and show off your resume.  Even though you are working for yourself, you still need proof to show customers you are serious about your company and you want them to have enough confidence in you that you are not going to steer them wrong.  Remember they are paying you for your expertise...

So when we talk about gaining experience, I want you to know that sometimes you have to start small.  Now, this may not be the case for everyone, but we all have to start somewhere.  Some people are just good at everything, but for those of you who are not, I would suggest practicing until you are perfect.  Working for free is not the option I want you to take, but I do believe you should work your way up.  For example...

Where I live there are a lot of technical colleges.  They enroll students 4 times a year, which is two more times than the standard college.  Once the students are enrolled, they have an open house for the students to come out to meet their instructors, pick up their school schedules, tour the campus, and meet their fellow classmates.  Usually at the enrollment, refreshments are served and they have balloon arrangements.  If I was in your shoes, trying to get my name out there I would probably donate a flower arrangement hand crafted by my company, and offer to sponsor the event for a small competitive price.  Meaning, I still want to make a profit, but since I am trying to get experience and add to my resume, I wouldn't try to charge them full price, but maybe half.  Refer to the chart below...

1. Full Price Rate $100 - this will cover 25 - 40 people.  I will supply 5 refreshments.  This includes cheese/meat/crackers, cookies, small fruit, small finger sandwiches, and juice.  If I was working with the technical college as a client, I would offer them a rate of $50 to sponsor the event that will only cover 20 people.  But I would only offer the $50 rate if they are hesitate about booking me. 

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but Event Planners bid on functions sometimes. So in the case of the college being hesitate, because they receive a better offer is when I would offer the lower price to them. 

Don't ever think to yourself, you are over priced.  You know your goals, your visions, and the standards you have for your company.  You are going to come into contact with many people who say you are too expensive, but you are also going to come into contact with the right people who says money is not a issue, they just want everything to be right.

There's a host of events you can do to help you get your foot in the door.  You just have to be willing to make the first move.  If you are serious about being an "Event Planner" then participating in small events will really help you before you go out there and do the major things.  And even though you may not charge everyone for your services at first, just keep in mind you are gaining experience that money can't buy. 
If you are creative, have good verbal/written communication skills, excellent organization/time management skills, and you like to budget, plan, and negotiate, then a home base business in event planning may be your calling. 
 Testimony from Jes Gordon:
She is a Celebrity Event Planner

(L)Vanessa Williams (R) Jes Gordon
Jes Gordon has been working as a celebrity leading event planner and producer in New York city and Los Angeles for over 20 years.   She makes money by working for herself by planning celebrity events from a commission base salary.  BravoTV 's bio on Jes Gordon says she has worked with Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, John F, Kennedy Jr., Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Sting, Elton John, and several others. 
(source) The Stark Life:
A dining environment created by Jes Gordon
 In an interview she said if anyone wants to do what I do "You should realize and embrace the fact that this is a lifestyle and not a profession.  Be ready to give up your weekends and understand it should please you to please others more than yourself."  You can Read more on Jes Gordon's Typical Work Day and also follow her on the social networks below...

This book provides everyone regardless of their budget, the tools to throw the party of their dreams.

Read the most common QUESTIONS about being a "Event Planner."
Fab-Job Guide to Become an Event Planner

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