Chicken Bombs, Courtesy of Marla's Lemonade Stand

Marla's Chicken Bomb (source)
Chicken Bombs, Courtesy of Marla's Lemonade Stand borrowed this recipe from a friend at church.  This recipe is very easy and simple.  We've outlined the basics, but visit Marla'a Lemonade Stand for prep time, cooking time, and more pictures. 

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
    • I use Tyson Chicken (3-6 come in package)
      • Estimated Cost: $7.00
  • Uncooked Bacon
    • I use Hormel or Oscar Meyer ( remember you need 2 slices of bacon per chicken breast)
      • Estimated Cost: $5.00
  • Jalapeno
    • 7-8 from fresh vegetables section of store
      • Estimated Cost: $1.50
  • Cream Cheese of your choice
      • Estimated Cost: $2.00 
  • Brown Sugar
    • I use the store brand.
      • Estimated Cost: $2.00
  • BBQ Sauce
    • I use Sweet Baby Ray's or Masterpiece
      • Estimated Cost: $3.50
Estimated Total Cost: $20.00
Rachael Ray's Strawberry Recipe (source)
Looking for dessert?  Try Rachael Ray's Small Strawberries with Lemon Recipe.  All you need is:
  1. Strawberries
  2. A Lemon
  3. Sugar
  4. Fresh Mint........See the recipe @ gotboc magazine under recipes!

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