I Can't Believe What Meagan Good Wore to the 2013 BET Awards Show

The dress isn't the problem, but her title is!  Meagan Good is the wife to a PREACHER.  Her husband's name is DeVon Franklin and he is a 7th Day Adventist preacher. 

TO READ MORE on what a 7th Day Adventist Preacher is click here.

When you think of a preacher's wife, you really don't see her as the person to wear tight fitted clothing and you surely wouldn't picture her to have her boobs out.  I'm sure we're not the only ones to give Meagan Good a little heat about the dress she wore to the BET Awards show that aired on Sunday June 30. 

During the Award Show Meagan Good presented the Best Gospel BET Award.  While I'm sure there was much excitement for the Mary Mary duo on winning this great award, many of us were stilled in shocked by what Meagan Good had on. 

You know I said to myself "I wonder if her husband allowed her to walk out of the house like that?"  And yes I said allowed, because he had to know if she wore that dress their was going to be some eyebrows raised and some side notes taken.  I answered my own question with the picture below.
I can't believe what Meagan Good wore to the 2013 BET Awards Show

Here we see Meagan Good posing with her husband Devon Franklin for the camera.  I was also kind of curios to see how others would respond to this situation.  I know the obvious answer, which is she is giving us something to talk about or if you got it than why not flaunt it.  But, even though we say that, was Meagan Good wrong or right for the dress she wore, because of who she is representing?

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EEW Magazine made it a point to post some of Meagan Good's instagram posts and one post from a fan caught my attention:

"legally_curly says on Instagram -  “There's a short prayer often quoted when people have a large audience and they're representing Christ… ‘Lord may I decrease while you increase’ or ‘Lord, may they see more of you and less of me."  Read more comments by visiting EEW Magazine online.

One last point to bring up is when you have babes in Christ or unbelievers looking up to someone like a preacher, preacher's wife, or just someone part of Christ people judge you when you don't follow what the word of God preaches about.  I completely agree with legally_curly's statement, because if we are a true representation of Christ then we should live and abide by it.  Now Meagan Good didn't have to come wrapped in a turtleneck, but she clearly should not have had that low cut dress.  That's not the way how Christian people should represent the kingdom of God. 

Actress Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin attend the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture "Vanities" 20th anniversary at Siren Studios on February 20, 2012 in Hollywood California
DeVon Frankline and Meagan Good arrived for the 35th Anniversary for Bishop Thomas Dexter T.D. Jakes Sr. on June 8, 2012 in Dallas, Texas

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