Jekalyn Carr Proves God Can Use Anyone

I just love Jekalyn Carr. 
For God to use this little person in age, tells me He can use anyone.  The songs Jeklayn sings about, especially "Greater Is Coming," makes you wonder at the age of 16, how can she know anything about trials and tests.  However, I believe it's the spirit of Jesus that gives revelation to her about the things we as God's people need to hear or it could be the things, that she has saw her family go through.

Whatever the situation may be, one thing I can say is I love this child of God and I am inspired. 

Jekalyn says she was prophesied to by Benny Hinn, who has a show call "This Is Your Day."  She says,
"That was one of the major doors that God opened for me.  Benny Hinn actually prophesied to me and told me I would travel spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the prophesy came to pass."

 Jekalyn Answers a few questions...

How did your Billboard song "Greater is Coming" come to be?
"My family was going through a lot of things, and we didn't know why God was taking us through those things.  God said He had to take us through those things in order for us to experience the greater things He had for us.  And it's also relating to the people of God, the olive.  The olive has to go through three stages: the shaking, the beating, and the pressing in order for the oil to run.  In order for the people of God to experience those three stages, God has to take you to that.  God can take you through and show you He's capable of doing things.  So, know that greater is coming."

How do you balance out school and ministering?
"I am homeschooled and have been since the 4th grade.  God gave my parents wisdom to homeschool us, so that I can travel.  There's a lot of things going on with the schools and there's a certain atmosphere that you have to be around and a certain atmosphere you can't be around, because it can contaminate you and the anointing."
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Big sister Allundria (Left)
(source) Jekalyn Carr
At age nine, she was appearing with already established gospel singers like Shirley Caesar and Marvin Sapp.  Jekalyn Carr now 16 years old has been singing gospel music since the age of five years old. 

She was born to God fearing parents on April 22, 1997.  Around the age of five, the gift God gave her was the anointing on her life.  Her ministry began with singing and then it was her prophetic speaking.

At the age of 11, Jekalyn starting traveling to crowds of people of 17,000 or more and has increase her ministry by becoming a motivational speaker and evangelist across the world. 

Joy 105 Daily News, says Jekalyn remains humble and meek as she did at the age of five.  Jekalyn strives to be steadfast today, as she has touched many inspiring young and old to hold on to their visions and to pursue the promise that has been predestined for their life.  Jekalyn knows she is only a vessel, created to help and inspire others.  Jekalyn wants others to know, "YOU CAN fulfill the promises over your life," if you believe, work hard to achieve them, and most of all PUT GOD FIRST. 

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 Jekalyn's newest single "Greater is Coming" is my anthem right now.  I can't get past the first 30 seconds of the song without my eyes tearing up.  Her message is so powerful in this song, that it makes you want to believe everything coming from her is true. 

Tekoa Gospel Music News, says Jakalyn newest single "Greater is Coming" is the confirmation anthem for the Body of Christ.  It speaks of the shaking, the beating, and the pressing that we experience through trials and tests with the assurance that God is preparing us for greater. 


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