Mary Mary's Fashionista Is Their Sister

 Their Sisters, but are also Gospel Singers (left to right) Tina and Erica Campbell
Thomasina Atkins, AKA, Goo Goo.  We know Goo Goo from the WETV show Mary Mary, where she plays her role on the show by being the fashionista for her sisters Tina and Erica.  She is the number 7 out of 9 siblings. 

(Right to Left) Mary Mary sister Goo Goo and Mitch fighting about styling Mary Mary right before show time
I'm not sure if it came to a surprise to you, but it came as no surprise to me the way how Tina and Erica clashed over what Goo Goo picked out for them to wear for appearances and shows.  That's just sisters being sisters, but the one side of Goo Goo that shocked me, was the way how she acted toward Mary Mary's manger Mitchell Solarek

(Center) Goo Goo Atkins is Mary Mary's stylist and she is also their sister.  She styles them for all performances.

The issues between Mary Mary sister Goo Goo and Mitch arguments raised from money all the way to Mitch trying to take over and style Goo Goo's sisters for their engagements they were scheduled to attend.  But although Goo Goo is fighting one battle she might not win with Mitch, I believe we can all give her props for the battle she is winning with styling her sisters. 
Goo Goo at the 2012 Stellar Awards
At the Stellar Awards in 2012 Goo Goo shared with the press room her inspiration behind the styles for Mary Mary, she revealed other celebrities she worked with, a few of her favorite designers, and gave her advice to aspiring stylist...Here is what she had to say...

What's your inspiration behind styling Mary Mary:
I don't want to get in trouble with the older saints, but I want to minimize their hips sometimes.  It just depends on.  I went walking one day and I say this flower and weird purple color and I'll be styling around that ideal for sometime. 

Who else do you style for:
I have styled for season 1 and 2 of Sunday Best, the actor Morris Chestnut, R&B singer Avant, Gospel singers Trinity 5:7, Michelle Williams of Destiny Child, KeKe Sheard, and of course Mary Mary.

Favorite Designers:
DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg), Robert Rodriguez, Black Halo, and just good stuff.  I'm not a label person.  If it looks good I just want it.  It could be Kmart.  This dress I have on I designed it and I had someone to make it for me, but when I tried it on for the first time, it didn't fit like I wanted, so I bought a piece of fabric for $3.00 a yard to help make it fit the way I want it to look. 
Advice for inspiring stylist or people trying to break into the fashion industry:
A lot of people think that since they know all the designers names they are good, they have a lot of money to buy designer things that they are good, or they like to look pretty they are good, but Shakespeare said love the art in you and not yourself in the art.  I love to make people look great and I like you guys, but if I was in the back putting stones on this belt I'm wearing I would be great too.  (Click to read more on Goo Goo and Mary Mary at the 2012 Stellar Awards)

Mary Mary Walking Video outfits.  Goo Goo says it hard to minimize her sister's hips when styling them. 
You'll also be surprise to know that Tina once worked as a makeup artist and Erica was a former hairstylist according to Sophisticated Black Hair.  Which explains why the Mary Mary sisters are so opinionated about their hair, makeup, and fashion when it comes to their body types. 

You can find Goo Goo on instagram @ TheeGooGoo
Mary Mary tells "Clutch Mag Online"
We represent wholeness and beauty.  And if you feel good about who you are in the inside, it will show on the outside.  Mary Mary represents an urban image that looks good and respectable.  We want to always let His light line shine in us, because that's what matters most.
Cover of Mary Mary's Something Big CD (2011)
During filming of the first season of Mary Mary on WETV we learned Goo Goo had been styling her sisters for over seven years, which is about as long as they have been on the gospel music scene.  During a Q&A with "Talking With Tami," she asked the sisters what designers do they like to wear. 
Sisters Erica (L) and Tina (R) agree their biggest achievements are their husbands and kids

Tina opened up by saying she likes to dress in whatever fits her body type and what makes her feel comfortable.  Tami commented in her interview and said the ladies are not really into designer labels, but are all about what makes them feel beautiful.  (You can read more on Mary Mary...Fame, Family, and Chaos as they share with blogger Tami Reed)

3 Things you probably didn't know about the Gospel Duo Mary Mary:
1. Mary Mary's Tina Campbell says I once worked as a makeup artist for a few different magazine  shoots, and I realize I was not committed to the career.  But I enjoyed makeup and I enjoyed playing with it and creating. >>>Read More

2. Erica Campbell of Mary Mary says as a former hairstylist "Keep your hair clean and conditioned."  As a hairstylist I was about healthy hair.  >>>Read More

3. Do the Gospel Singers Mary Mary have sisters? >>>Get Ur Question Answered now

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