Sayeh, The Office Stylist and Not the Hair Stylist

Sayeh from The Office Stylist website
Sayeh, The Office Stylist and Not the Hair Stylist.  I had to clarify that, because when you thing about a "Stylist" you think of them as having creative minds. The term "Hair Stylist" is very common.  We typically see these type of people having a creative mind for hair.  In Sayeh's case we have Sayeh, The Office Stylist.

She is describe as one who has a creative mind for office space.  Reading about Sayeh, really had me in the mind frame that "Dreams Do Come True."  It looks like she has taken her hobby of designing and made it her job.  Sayeh specializes in:
  1. Designer
  2. Blogger
  3. Lifestyle Expert
 Tips for YOU, if you are looking to become the Designer, Blogger, and/or Lifestyle Expert:

  • Write your Ideas down.
    • As a designer, I'm sure you receive inspiration any and everywhere.
  • Don't be afraid to use a blog or website you already love for inspiration.
    • Be creative and put your own unique spin on the things you already love.
  • To get you started Chris Brogan has outlined 100 things you can blog about
Encouraging Word:
Everyone you consult will give you a word of adviceOn occasions it can be contradicting, because there is no one way to be a successful blogger, but there are a few common traits that all great bloggers have: focus, passion, patience, character, inspiration, and networking skills.  - Ryan Paugh, Brazen Careerist

Sayeh was also featured in June's 2013 issue of People Style Watch

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