Tamela Mann Describes herself in 3 Words: Loving, Hardworker, Dedicated

Interviewed By: The Gospel Guru

Tamela Mann is Interviewed By: The Gospel Guru himself
The inspiration for my album "Best Days" was the lyrics of the song.  My worst days are behind me and my best days are in front and to me it's so encouraging.  Even going through different circumstances, I just have faith and hope that things are going to work out for me and be better. 

Watch Tamela Mann at the 2013 BET Awards (source) The Gospel Guru
A standout song for me on the album is called "All to Thee."  It says "Take all the glory, all the praise, and all the honor it belongs to thee.  Take none to me, but all to Thee."   I have a couple though!  Another one that is my favorites is "Lord We Are Waiting."  It says "Lord we are waiting, we're anticipating, we're waiting on your glory, on your presence."  This song is kind of where I feel God has me at right now. 

"Lord We Are Waiting" is another one of my favorite songs from my CD.  It's kind of where I feel God has me at right now.
"Take Me To The King" is of course another one of my favorites.  I didn't know it was going to do so well.  At all times I try to do my best and I am grateful.  Some guest appearances on my new album is Kirk Franklin and my first lady at my church name Latonya Blair (Duet - Lord We Are Waiting).

Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann @ the 43th annual GMA Dove Awards
When I got my start with Kirk Franklin, those days spent with him, help prepare me for my solo career.  It's easier when you are in the background.  You don't feel the weight of being out front.  It's different than being out front, than being in the back, because in the front you have to work a lot harder.  Now I see how Kirk felt doing the promotions and radio stuff.  I got to see both worlds. 

David and Tamela Mann with Tyler Perry premier's Big Happy Family
Working with Tyler Perry I learned how to be timely.  When he comes in he likes for people to do their job and that's what I really learned from him.  So when I schedule rehearsals I try to be very timely and think of other people's time and not come in late and have them sitting around waiting an hour and stuff like that. 

It's a Mann World.  Tamela Mann tells her first love is singing, even though she has acted
Even though I have acted, singing is my first love!  You know that one thing you are comfortable at, I feel like singing is my thing.   I thank God, He stirred up the gifts in me, and I kind of turned and went into the acting portion of it, but I don't think I'm too bad.  But I think in anything you can always work on improvement.  But I prefer singing over acting. 

Tamela Mann Expressing Her LOVE for her Husband David Mann
Right now Me and David Mann (my husband) are doing a cooking show called, "Hanging With The Mann's."  So, we're shopping it right now and got some nice offers and we're just kind of asking the Lord on what to do, but you get to see a different side of us.  You get to see the real us.  It's a cooking adventure show, where we do adventures and whatever the adventure is we come back home and base the food off the adventure.  We want to encourage families to get back in the kitchen and do things together in the kitchen.  When you eat and dine together you really learn about each other. 

Romantic Bliss:  Tamela and David Mann renew their vows
The Gospel Guru: With you being the powerhouse vocalist that you are.  Who are some of Tamela Mann's vocal influences? 
Tamela Mann and her husband David Mann have been married for 25 years.  They didn't have a wedding when first wed, but that has all changed.
Well, I started with The Clark Sisters and then Vanessa Bell became one of my greatest inspirations and I love James Moore.  I still listen to a lot of his stuff today.   I want to do a song with Celine Dion.  I know that's kind of stretched and kind far there, but I can see us and hear us doing something together. 
April 20, 2013 was their first wedding after 25 years of being together
I'm in awe when it come to describing the success.  I don't know how to sum it up.  I'm just grateful and I'm really excited to be in this place.  I never would have imagine being in this place.  I never dreamed that I would have met the people I've met and worked with the people I've worked with.  When I drive up to my house it's like "wow" I'm just so grateful for God trusting me with this gift.  When I do sing, I sing as if it's my last time.  I hope I didn't go to far off answering the question, my eyes are actually tearing up, because I'm really grateful and thankful to God for the opportunity.  And I don't take that for granted, because when you think it's so many other people He could have used.  But it's like God you chose me for this hour, such a time as this to bless His people.   I don't ever want to get caught up into it's about me.  It's hard for me to watch myself on TV and listen to myself.  I want to stay humble, because if I do He said He'll exalt me. 
Tamela Mann Celebrating her Career success at the Dove Awards

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