Tamela Mann's Hairstyle for the BET Awards

Tamela Mann getting her hair and makeup prep before performance
photo source: elev8

Everyone wants to know who is the team behind Tamela Mann's glamorous look for the 2013 BET Award show.  With her recent weight loss, her new up-do hairstyle, and her new album out she has heads literally turning at all angles.  She graced the red carpet with her husband David Mann, where they posed for the camera in their color coordinated outfits.  But before we talked about red carpet fashion and style lets dig into the glam squad behind Tamela Mann's look. 
(left to right) Karla Lang, Tamela Mann, Tawni Haynes, Riska Crowder preparing for a photo shoot
photo source: Tawni Hayne Custom Apparel on facebook
(Left to Right) Karla Lang, Tamela Mann, Riska Crowder
Photo source:Elev8
In a recent video posted on Atlanta's Inspiration Station, Tamela Mann talked about "The Curvy Girl's Guide to being Red Carpet Ready."  She gives us instructions, how to's, and a miniature guide if you are trying to achieve the look she has.  She says it is very important that we thick and curvy girls know how to put it together as well so we can represent. 
To begin, lets start with the:
Karla Lang starts by keeping Tamela Mann smooth and edgy.  She does a texture and crop cut on her to make her funky and fly.
    Tamela Mann with her hairstylist Karla Lang.  Karla styles her hair in a texture and crop cut before setting the curls.
    photo source:Elev8

Urban Decay is what Tamela Mann's
make up artist uses to style her
for a performance
Riska Crowder, says the key to red carpet skin is to have primer.  You have to have oil free primer for someone who sweats a lot on stage (and we know when Tamela hits the stage, the spirit of the Lord is there to show up and show out).  The key to having long eye shadow wear is to apply eye shadow primer and her best recommendation is Urban Decay.  Tamela says with Urban Decay your shadows will not move until you get ready to take them off at night when you wash your face.  They have different shades of primer for Urban Decay and some of them you can use as a shadow, because they are so nice.  Also, make sure you have a good make-up brush that is firm and doesn't shed a whole lot to leave all those brush hairs on your face. 

Riska Crowder is the make-up artist behind Tamela Mann's beauty
photo source: Riska Crowder

Tamela Mann says the very important piece that makes her fit perfect in her apparel is having your gear. Your gear is your foundation and what you wear under your clothes.  You must have a good supportive bra, but it has to be smooth.  No lacy things on the front of the bra, because it will be seen through your clothes.  Foundation is very important to me as a thick and curvy girl, because it holds you together and smooths you out.  You have to know your body and know what fits well on the structure of your body in order for things to come out right.  Otherwise, you can have a little train wreck going on.  (To watch the full video of Tamela Mann's Curvy Girl's Guide to red carpet, visit "My Praise ATL").
(left to right) Tamela Mann  appearances:  Picture 1,2 at Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel in Texas for fashion pictures, pictures 3 at 44th NAACP Image Awards, picture 4 at the Dove Awards, pictures 5,6 at the 2013 BET Awards Show
No matter the event or occasion Tamela Mann always has a beautiful result.  The fashion world can be mean and harsh to plus size women.  However, Tamela Mann is telling them otherwise and letting them know thick and curvy girls can work a runway too. I love the way how Tamela and her husband David Mann are coordinating on the 2013 BET Awards red carpet.  Mr. Brown...I mean David Mann was so smart on picking out his suit for the Award Show, because he was able to coordinate with both of the dresses Tamela Mann wore before and during her performance.  
Tamela Mann at the 2013 BET Awards Show.  First picture shows her on the red carpet and the second picture is after the show.  She appears with her husband David Mann who is might I add color coordinating with wifey both times. 
photo source: zimbo
Tamela Mann's hairstylist Karla Lang calls Tamela Mann's hairstyle a texture and crop cut, but it can also be known as a "Faux Hawk" hairstyle.  Many of Tamela Mann's appearances in the public have been with this style.  Even her new album entitled "Best Days" she is sporting the same hairstyle. 

Tamela Mann's CD in stores now, Best Days
The Faux Hawk can be curled and spritz in many different ways, but overall it still has the same general look.  This style has also been worn by other celebrities including:
(left to right) April Woodard, Kandi Burruss, Nia Long


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