DIY: How to Make Your Skinny Jeans Fit your Body

Everyone owns a pair of Skinny Jeans right!? 
DIY:  Reinvent your skinny jeans
Well, if you do, than you know sometimes they are actually a little bigger than what you expected for them to be.  My skinny jeans are usually fitting exactly like I want them to fit, if I put them on immediately after taking them out of the dryer, but after about 2 hours, my jeans are no longer fitting to my body and I constantly have to pull them up....Like what's the point of a skinny leg jean, if they are not fitting my legs right. 
Reinvent your pair of jeans in four easy steps
Well, I think I found a simply DIY, to make your skinny jeans fit your body.  Now not everyone can sew, but the way how Gabby from the Vault Files has explained the solution, I hope we all can achieve this look. 

Get the complete directions @ The Vault Files

Beyonce Covers Up Enough to Be Welcomed in Church

Can you imagine what it would be like to see BeyoncĂ© in a pair of slacks, a church like dress, no cleavage showing, or a skirt hanging just above her
BeyoncĂ© covers up in an Osman Studio Jumpsuit with a Swarovski Clutch
 knees.  Her makeup would be flawless and her hair is pulled backed, just enough to see her pure beauty.
The last post I ever did on Tawni Haynes was back in January 23, 2013.  It's only been 7 months and
source Tawni Haynes on Facebook: Tawni Haynes is the Fashion Designer to stars like Tamela Mann and Tasha Cobbs
all I can say is "Oh my!  Her territory has grown."  So, I decided to dedicated this story specifically to her and to encourage those who are looking to be a Top Name Brand Fashion Designer or for anyone looking to start their own business.  Hope you all enjoy!

Tamela Mann Speaks about her Album The Master Plan

Tamela Mann speaks with Essence Magazine about her third album entitled The Master Plan and answers the question why she name it that?
Tamela Mann says, God has a Master Plan, hence that's the title of album
At a time like now with the economy and so many downfalls I just feel like God has a Master Plan.  Even if we don't see all, don't know all, we have to have hope.  The Master Plan has so many uplifting songs like The Joy of the Lord and I Trust in You just a lot of things that can be such a help right now in our world.  It's jazzy and bluesy, but it still has a traditional gospel vibe.  It's really a gumbo of different flavors, something for the young and the old. 

Meet The Browns in Real Life as Tamela and David Mann

Oh my gosh!  When I saw this video, I was so tickled.  I was on YouTube again, and I saw something

Tamela and David Mann Tell S2S Magazine, We Genuinely Like Each Other

I found this video of Tamela and David Mann doing an interview with S2S Magazine.  The two were
I love it when David says we genuinely like each other.  I believe everyone should feel this way in their marriage, because there are some people in the  world who are married and they really don't like the other person (source:S2S Mag)

Tamela Mann You Deserve My Praise

I'm in a little trance from hearing Tamela Mann song You Deserve My Praise.  The date this song
Gotta Keep Movin'.  Amazon $9.99
was released, was sometime around the released date of her album (Gotta Keep Moving) in 2004.  This was actually her first album and it's amazing how almost 10 years later this song can still move souls.  That should tell you that God's music never goes out of style.  It tells me His word is forever true, and no matter what season, day or time we are in, or where we are in our lives, He can still use anyone to get the message across. 

The song simply says praise God for who He is in your life...
For all that You have done, You deserve my praise.
Victories You have won, You deserve my praise. 
Because I am free, You deserve my praise. 
For blessing me Lord, You deserve my praise.
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done.  My soul cries hallelujah!  Lord You are the one that deserves my praise.  For protecting me, You deserve my praise, for watching over me Lord, You deserve my praise.  For Healing my body, You deserve my praise, for keeping me Lord, You deserve my praise.
I lift my hands open my mouth.  I'll bless your name, You deserve my praise.

Tamela Mann on Marriage

Looking at Tamela Mann's success, one would think
Tamela Man at the Dove Awards
she has it all.  She is a spirit filled woman of God, she has a loving husband, a successful career, and she is just phenomenal all the way around.  However, the bible says God looks at the heart of man and not on the outside appearance (1 Samuel 16:7).  And we should be thankful He does.  However, I feel Tamela Mann is a great role model to look up to, especially when we talk about marriage.

Have You Notice Tamela Mann And David Mann Kissing?

I recently wrote a story on Tamela and David Manns new cooking show entitled Hanging With The Manns.  And no, it hasn't aired yet, but in a short video the couple gave us an inside scoop of what the show is going to be about.  (You can read what I wrote and look at the video by visiting my story at Hanging With The Manns .com)

The video gave me a lot of insight of what their show will be all about and I can't wait to see these two on television again, but I have to admit I was more interested in what David had to say about Tamela and him kissing all the time. 

I have done my fair share of research on this couple, and it's like I'm seeing more and more pictures of them kissing everywhere.  At first I was like awl, that is so sweet, then I was like "wow" they kiss a lot, then it became okay this is getting kind of yucky, because I look up to them like a mother/father kind of way and who wants to see their mom and dad kissing all the time.  I found out though, that Tamela Mann likes to kiss her husband.  It's her, who is asking for all this attention, not David Mann. 

And I don't want you all to think I'm like gross out in a bad way, with all their kissing in public, but my God!  It's a lot.  Here's a bunch of photos, just to prove to you of what I am talking about.  Let's see how long it takes you to be weird out.

(source) Well, she's not kissing him, but she is grabbing his jacket like you better kiss me.

I Want To Hang, You Want To Hang, We All Want To Hang With The Manns

Before I jump into Tamela and David Mann's Shrimp Po-Boy delicious recipe, have you heard about their cooking show Hanging With The MannsThey state:

Hanging with the Manns: David and Tamela

Tamela's Mann Album, The Making of, Take Me To The King

We never know how much energy, time, and patience go into putting a song together for God's people.  You know when you have a vision for something, it is an awesome feeling to see the finish product.

Tamela Mann's Take Me To The King is such an awesome worship song.  It's so powerful, so heart felt, and it speaks the truth about the way circumstances are today.

How Did Tamela Mann Get Her Start

We know Tamela Mann for her acting and her phenomenal voice.  When I see her acting as Cora in
Tamela Mann with her husband David Mann at the Sparkle premier movie

Tamela Mann's Interview with

(source) the burton wire Tamela Mann performs at McDonald's seventh annual Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour.
As Tamela Mann sits down with and does an interview with Mr. Joe Walker, I believe the best advice she gave was being "confident in your FAITH."

August Marriage Bliss For: Alicia Keys and Brandy Norwood

(source) Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz
Essence has reported August Marriage Bliss for: Alicia Keys and Brandy Norwood. 

Other than the love and happiness going on in Alicia's and Brandy's life right now, I actually found a couple of other things they have in common too. 

Number one they are R&B artists, two they are mothers, and three they acted in some major movies.  Alicia Keys was one of the leading ladies in "The Secret Lives of Bees" and Brandy acted in Tyler Perry's 2013 movie "Temptation." 

It looks like these beautiful ladies can continue to share in success, because Alicia Keys is celebrating her 3rd year anniversary with her sweetiepie Swizz Beatz and Brandy is celebrating her engagement with her new profound love Ryan Press. 

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are celebrating 3 years
Swizz Beatz instagramed this on July 31 saying,
"Wow, today makes three years being married to my soulmate/partner/BFF/wife/sister.  We never raised our voice to each other now thats amazing :) She loves all of my kids like they belong to her that's what I respect and love most.  Cheers to my queen and 100 plus more years."

Working Out and Not Reaping the Benefits

(source) Jeanette Jenkins is
The Hollywood Trainer
Have you ask yourself this question...  Why am I Working Out and Not Reaping the Benefits?  I will admit I tried working out for three months only to lose 6 pounds.  I'm sure you are like me, where you ate right, you followed a strict diet, and you exercised regularly. 

However, for some reason I didn't reap what I thought I was sowing.  And, eventually I wanted to give up and to be honest I actually fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks.  But then I picked myself back up and said I had to do this, because I don't want to take medicine due to health problems, I want to play with my kids and not be out of breathe, and most importantly I want this temple God has given me to live for a long time.

Kelly Rowland says, The Only Person Who Can Judge is God

(source) Kelly Rowland on the cover of
Essence Magazine
 R & B singer Kelly Rowland says, The Only Person Who Can Judge is God, as she opens up to Essence in their September 2013 issue.  She'll be conversating about revelations from her estranged father, her romantic relationship, and her hopes for the future.  The issue is set to hit the stores Aug 9.

As We Know...
Kelly's estranged father is 66 year old Christopher Lovett.  He admits to UK Mirror back in 2011 that he still loves Kelly.  The reason why their family split was due to Christopher losing his job.  Once he lost his job he fell into a deep depression and starting abusing alcohol.  Unable to control his temper he took a lot of his frustration out on Kelly's mom by yelling and Kelly was in the midst of it all. 

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