Beyonce Covers Up Enough to Be Welcomed in Church

Can you imagine what it would be like to see Beyoncé in a pair of slacks, a church like dress, no cleavage showing, or a skirt hanging just above her
Beyoncé covers up in an Osman Studio Jumpsuit with a Swarovski Clutch
 knees.  Her makeup would be flawless and her hair is pulled backed, just enough to see her pure beauty.

Dressed in business attire, Beyoncé is caught chatting on her cellphone as she films a Samsung cellphone commercial in New York City's meatpacking district
Well, when I first thought about the title for this particular article, I was so tickled.  You know you look at those words Beyoncé Covers Up Enough to Be Welcomed in Church and it seems like a

Beyoncé at President Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration of 2013, in a long sleeve Emilio Pucci dress with Velvet Baroque-esque cutouts, paired with Emerald Earrings.
mirage, because just about anybody should be welcomed in church...Do you believe Beyoncé could ever enter into the house of the Lord and turn away from her foolish ways?
Beyoncé on the cover of Vogue March 2013 issue
  And I don't mean she is a foolish person, but just some of the things she does as a performer on stage, is not in agreement with the word of God.  So, me saying her foolish ways, is actually talking about her alter ego Sasha Fierce on the stage. 

Beyoncé smiles happily as she films her latest American Express commercial on New York City's famous Madison Avenue.
Beyoncé Knowles has been the face of Pepsi, Samsung, and American Express.
But you know as old as Beyoncé is, I had to ask myself this question...What would make a married 31 year old mother of one , want to flaunt it to the world?  I'll tell you who...Beyoncé! 
She doesn't only sing, but Beyoncé has starred in Hollywood movies like the Pink Panther, Fighting Temptations, and Cadillac Records.
And it's not like Beyoncé is the only 31 year old person on stage, but she is a well know public figure and people look up to her as a role model. 
Beyoncé's baby bump dressed in a glitter gold dress with a belt.
I've been knowing Beyoncé since her Destiny Child days with LaToya Luckett and Octavia Robertson (The Originally girls of Destiny Child).  I grew up in high school listening to their music,

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Beyoncé sporty orange dress and platform heels
trying to act sassy like they were being in some of their videos like Bills, Bills, Bills, trying to wear my hair, makeup, and dress like them too.  Because I was a young girl like they all were and I consider them to be my idol.

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Beyoncé is all covered up from head to toe.  This would be a nice presentable attire on anybody.
But over the years as I became a mother, a wife, completed college, learned some life lessons, and found Jesus for myself....I began to change.  I no longer wanted to be like Destiny Child or that girl that feels like I have to do this or that, because that's what the world is expecting me to be.

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Beyoncé leaving an office building after conducting important business.  She of course wouldn't walk in half dress to important meetings.
I remember a couple of years ago there was this rapper named Mase who rapped with P. Diddy (Sean Diddy Combs) and the whole Bad Boy entertainment team, but after leaving the music

Beyoncé and husband Jay Z in Paris, France eating lunch at Fouquet's.
scene for a little while, he came back, but this time he was rapping for Christ.  I'm not sure what his personal reason was of why he wanted to change his life, but I can understand why.  And when Mase 
Cute, funky, and covered, Beyonce looks like the average teenager. 
told the world this, it was a shock, a surprise, like a mouth dropper type of news...It's kind of like saying wow, who would have ever thought this would happen to this man. 
Beyoncé in a Deron dress arrives at Melbourne Airport in Australia for her string of Australia concerts during a world tour.
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I believe if Beyoncé was to turn her life 100% over to Christ, the way how Mase did, I believe that's how people would take the news.  But news of Beyonce becoming a gospel singer or a pastor would probably be ranked  up there with President Obama becoming the first black president of the United States.  Once, again I want to let
Beyoncé wears leather gillet and puffball  skirt during New York Fashion Week 2011
you know I love Beyoncé, because Jesus is love, but after doing the same old thing for over 15 years, you would think she would be ready to settle down a little bit more.  You know all I'm saying is, you can't shake your buttocks on stage while praising the Lord...I'm sorry the two just don't mix. 

Beyoncé during Billboard Music Award 
However, I will say I have picked up on a sudden interest of Beyoncé and her clothing and I found some photo's where she actually covers up.  I was actually quite surprise to see her covered up in a dress, skirt, and pants suit, but I was not surprise to see, she still looked beautiful and pleasing to the eye.  There are a lot of women in the church who have nice bodies like Beyoncé and if not nicer, but they still make it their business to cover up what needs to be covered up. 

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