DIY: How to Make Your Skinny Jeans Fit your Body

Everyone owns a pair of Skinny Jeans right!? 
DIY:  Reinvent your skinny jeans
Well, if you do, than you know sometimes they are actually a little bigger than what you expected for them to be.  My skinny jeans are usually fitting exactly like I want them to fit, if I put them on immediately after taking them out of the dryer, but after about 2 hours, my jeans are no longer fitting to my body and I constantly have to pull them up....Like what's the point of a skinny leg jean, if they are not fitting my legs right. 
Reinvent your pair of jeans in four easy steps
Well, I think I found a simply DIY, to make your skinny jeans fit your body.  Now not everyone can sew, but the way how Gabby from the Vault Files has explained the solution, I hope we all can achieve this look. 

Get the complete directions @ The Vault Files

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