How Did Tamela Mann Get Her Start

We know Tamela Mann for her acting and her phenomenal voice.  When I see her acting as Cora in
Tamela Mann with her husband David Mann at the Sparkle premier movie
Tyler Perry's plays, I often wonder is she that type of person too, in real life.  You know how we are as fans, we think the characters, the actors play on television, are how they are suppose to be when we meet them.  And judging from Tamela Mann's acting ability, if I was to describe her, I would say, she is a very sweet, God fearing woman.  And when you compare her role as Cora to her as Tamela Mann in real life, it seems like you really can't separate the two. 

One thing, that I have learned about Tamela Mann is she did not get her start in Tyler Perry's plays. 
This is the 90s Tamela Mann, have you seen her in 2013
She actually got her start with Kirk Franklin and the Family.  Two songs, that I have heard my mama singing and I have known since I was in middle school, which I didn't know Tamela Mann sung in at the time, is Now Behold the Lamb and Silver and Gold.  And that song Silver and Gold can really take us to church.
Over the years we have seen a newer, slimmer Tamela Mann 
and may I add  this picture has David Mann looking taller and sleek compared to Mr. Brown
When I think about Tamela's singing voice and her acting, I don't know which one is my favorite.  I love them both, because I can see the God in her wherever she may find herself.  But, if you were to ask Tamela which one she would prefer, she would definitely say singing.  She says her singing and acting are both a gift from God, but singing is her passion and where her success started. 

But we can't ignore her success with Tyler Perry either.  He has taken her to new heights, by having
Singers and Actress/Actor Tamela and David Mann at Tyler Perry's premier movie Why Did I Get Married Too
her as one of the star actress in many of his self written plays, his self written movies, and even a television show around her role in his plays called Meet The Browns, which also stars her husband David Mann. 

It looks like Tamela and David Mann are just hanging out in Atlanta
She did an interview earlier in 2013 with JET Magazine and talked about how she started in her church's choir at age eight and move to the senior choir by age 12.  She says that church taught her how to be a woman, love herself, and regardless of what others thought about her, the church gave her stability. 

One of many Tamela Mann's short hairstyles
One thing most music artist have in common is they start from an early age noticing the gifts and talents they have.  Unlike, other kids growing up listening to R&B, soul music, and The Blues, Tamela Mann says her mother would only allow Gospel Music to be played in their home.  She is the youngest of 14 kids and says it was all about Faith and God in her mom's house

This is the 90s Tamela Mann, rocking a red color hairstyle
At an early age she says, she knew she was called to music ministry.  One day, while singing in the senior choir, still at a young age, she says she was leading a song by James Cleveland
called, I Don't Feel No Ways Tired.  The song went very well and she got so moved by it, that she started crying.  At the time she didn't know what she was feeling or why she was crying, but every time she sung that song the spirit of God would take over her, and this is why music became her passion.

Actors David Mann and Tamela Mann arrive at the 42nd NAACP Image Awards March 4, 2011
Shortly after high school, Tamela met three men that would forever change her life.  Those men were David Mann, who is now her husband, her pastor Darrell Blair, and their friend Kirk Franklin.  Kirk Franklin who helped launched her singing career, recruited her to be apart of his ground breaking group, The FamilyHer career with Kirk Franklin involved singing on five of his albums. 
Tamela Mann singing at McDonald's event
Another door of opportunity was open for Tamela Mann when she started her acting career, by landing a role in a play called He Say...She Say...But What Does God Say? Tyler Perry notice Tamela's acting skills and chose her to appear in his play I Can Do Bad All By Myself.  And the rest is history!
David and his wife Tamela Mann
Tamela Mann says she finds her joy in touring and ministering to people all over the world.  I see the hope and encouragement it gives people and it's something I will do until I die.  I will do this until the Lord calls me home, because this is one sure way that I know I can tell people about Him, so He can be glorified and I will never stop, because I love it so much says Tamela Mann. 
I enjoy them so much: David and Tamela Mann, you can just call them world's best couple.
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