Kelly Rowland says, The Only Person Who Can Judge is God

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 R & B singer Kelly Rowland says, The Only Person Who Can Judge is God, as she opens up to Essence in their September 2013 issue.  She'll be conversating about revelations from her estranged father, her romantic relationship, and her hopes for the future.  The issue is set to hit the stores Aug 9.

As We Know...
Kelly's estranged father is 66 year old Christopher Lovett.  He admits to UK Mirror back in 2011 that he still loves Kelly.  The reason why their family split was due to Christopher losing his job.  Once he lost his job he fell into a deep depression and starting abusing alcohol.  Unable to control his temper he took a lot of his frustration out on Kelly's mom by yelling and Kelly was in the midst of it all. 

One day Christopher says the electric was cut off due to a lack of payment and they were served an eviction notice, forcing Kelly and her mom to move in with their Aunt.  Six months later Kelly relocated to Texas with her mom.  Kelly's dad said he tried to reconnect with
(source) Kelly Rowland, mom (center), and aunts
Kelly and her mom before they moved to Texas, but
without a job, car, or money it made the situation impossible. 

Christopher said on one occasion he reached out to Kelly by attending one of the Destiny Child's performance.  He said he purchased a cheap seat that was in the back and tried to leave a letter with the security guard and for him to give that to Kelly.  But the security guard did not believe Christopher was Kelly's dad so the note was never left. 

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Kelly Rowland almost Married...

(source) Kelly Rowland at the 2013 Grammy Awards
Back in 2005 Kelly almost married NFL player Roy Williams.  Two months before the wedding, Roy called it off.  We're not sure why, but speculations are surfing.  Remember Kelly Rowland wrote a song entitle "Dirty Laundry,"  leak this year, that kind of makes you think she was abused.  And we're wondering if so could this be the guy?  You can read more on this story @ Hello Beautiful

Kelly's Future...
I would have never imagine Kelly to be a girl who is nervous to show her feelings.  She was a member of the girl group Destiny Child, that included band member BeyoncĂ© Knowles and before we knew her just as Kelly Rowland, we thought she was the independent type and a survivor of all situations, because that's what they sung about.

She shared with Essence...
"I use to be nervous, about sharing my feelings, because I didn't want anybody to judge me.  But now I don't care.  Judge me if you want to and as a matter of fact, it won't even count, because the only person who can judge is God." 

The Hollywood Trainer -
Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland, now 32 goes on to say for a long time she was not happy and that had to do with her trying to get her life in order and make better decisions for herself.  Which makes sense, because looking at what her father put her and her mother through, could definitely affect you as an adult.  Just ask R & B Diva Syleena Johnson.

Kelly also has been working out with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and picking up a few boxing rounds with former boxer Martin Snow.  She says, " I see the beauty in boxing."
"It teaches me strength physically, but mostly mentally.  I had to learn my strength, because for so long I could have been tougher than I was." 
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