Meet The Browns in Real Life as Tamela and David Mann

Oh my gosh!  When I saw this video, I was so tickled.  I was on YouTube again, and I saw something

entitled Q and A with Meet The Browns in Real Life as Tamela and David Mann.  I wasn't really expecting a lot, because we all know Mr. Brown from Tyler Perry's Meet The Brown television is silly, but for him to play that character in real life as his wife Tamela Man explains was super funny. 

The Cast of Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns at the Soul Train Awards
The video was centered around fans asking them questions about their real and personal lives.  And oh boy did they share!!!
Co Stars Tamela Mann, David Mann, and Lamman Rucker
The fans asked,
  1. Tamela how did you feel when David took on the role of Mr. Brown?
  2. What is the funniest thing you do in real life?
  3. How do you make your marriage work?  How do you keep it hot?  Keep it real?  ( David says, Tamela beats him every Wednesday...lmbo...kidding, but that's what he said, don't shoot the messenger.)
  4. How do you spend your free time?  (Awwl, Tamela said all she needs is him...too sweet).
(source)  Real Names of Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns Cast:
You know I kind of hate Tyler Perry is taking his shows from TBS and moving them to Oprah's network, called OWN.  One reason I feel like this is, if the Mann's were to do another season of Meet The Browns, will they get that opportunity to work for OWN or will they have to shop another network like are doing for their cooking show?

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