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Looking at Tamela Mann's success, one would think
Tamela Man at the Dove Awards
she has it all.  She is a spirit filled woman of God, she has a loving husband, a successful career, and she is just phenomenal all the way around.  However, the bible says God looks at the heart of man and not on the outside appearance (1 Samuel 16:7).  And we should be thankful He does.  However, I feel Tamela Mann is a great role model to look up to, especially when we talk about marriage.

Tamela and David Mann in their
younger days

As many of you know she is married to her best friend David Mann of 25 years.  April 2013 made the 25th year anniversary and they celebrated by having a real wedding.  When Tamela and David first got together they were shacking up.  In other words, they were living together, but was not married at the time.  Eventually, they got it right and it's been right for 25 years.

One thing that impress me as she spoke with Joy 105 radio station is the fact they have been married so long and have not had any separations.  I hear people say these days we've been married for less than a year and my marriage already feels like it is going south.  And I'm sure Tamela and David have had some rough patches, but like she said in the interview if she can do it, then we all can do it. 

I believe the key to a successful marriage is God and having a good role model to follow behind.  Your role model needs to constantly be in contact with you and your spouse 2-3 three times out of the week or more if you need it.  Your role model is just there to show you how it can be done and to help you fix things that are constantly nagging your marriage, things that seems to always cause arguments, and they should be there to help as a neutral person in the middle. 
(source Zimbio) 2013 BET Gospel Celebration

I believe you can learn a thing or two by reading Tamela Mann advice on Marriage and remember what she said if she can do it, than we all can do it. 
Me and David got married after church 25 years ago.  We were living together and we had went and got our marriage license and we were like instead of going back home to the same thing, which my mom called it shacking, we were like, lets just do it right.   
We had our marriage license, we ask the pastor and he did our ceremony after church.  It was probably about ten people with us.  But this April 2013 we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and we actually did a shindig.  So, we had a lot of family and friends.  I didn't reach out to a lot of media, because I was thinking lets start with the people who started with us 25 years ago. 
It was such a great blessing to just see a lot of people who saw our beginning and to see us now.  I'm just so grateful to God, that we were able and God  has bless me with a man who has made a lot of my dreams come true.  We are still in love today, as 25 years ago.  God is great, who wouldn't want to serve a God like this.  He is so faithful and to put all of this together with our work schedule and to make it happen...we did our own vowels and it's really a blessing...25 years together....no separations...if I can do it, than you can do it.   
To see the video of Tamela Mann tearing up as she speak about her marriage, visit Joy 105

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