Tamela Mann You Deserve My Praise

I'm in a little trance from hearing Tamela Mann song You Deserve My Praise.  The date this song
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was released, was sometime around the released date of her album (Gotta Keep Moving) in 2004.  This was actually her first album and it's amazing how almost 10 years later this song can still move souls.  That should tell you that God's music never goes out of style.  It tells me His word is forever true, and no matter what season, day or time we are in, or where we are in our lives, He can still use anyone to get the message across. 

The song simply says praise God for who He is in your life...
For all that You have done, You deserve my praise.
Victories You have won, You deserve my praise. 
Because I am free, You deserve my praise. 
For blessing me Lord, You deserve my praise.
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done.  My soul cries hallelujah!  Lord You are the one that deserves my praise.  For protecting me, You deserve my praise, for watching over me Lord, You deserve my praise.  For Healing my body, You deserve my praise, for keeping me Lord, You deserve my praise.
I lift my hands open my mouth.  I'll bless your name, You deserve my praise.
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For some reason this does not look like Tamela Mann to me.  This picture looks like it may be her daughter.  However, keep in mind this is a younger picture of her, but this doesn't even look like her Cora days in Tyler Perry's Plays.
In an interview with Clayton Perry, he told Tamela Mann...
I still get goose bumps whenever I think about the time I saw you perform "You Deserve My Praise" during John P. Kee's benefit concert a few years back.  Even though I was a fan of the studio recording, Lord knows that the Spirit nearly knocked me off my feet during your live set.  What's the back story behind that particular song?  Did Demarcus Williams approach you with that song?
 Oh, Demarcus is such a wonderful talent!  With that song I asked did he have anything and so he submitted that song and another song.  When I first heard it, it was just a little rough draft with the music, so you can remember what it is (like the lyrics and the harmonies).  My husband David Mann and the album producer, Myron Butler, heard it, and they were like "I don't know?"  But I was like "Y'all!  You have to hear beyond what's here right now." 
And it has really become one of my favorite songs.  I just fell in love with it and I asked Demarcus if I could tweak it and make a few changes.  And he was like "Sure, sure!"  It's really one of my favorite songs, because the lyrics really taught me, that God deserves the praise, you know...No matter what, He protects us, in all things, from seen dangers to unseen and He keeps us in the midst of the good and the bad, even when we just want to do whatever we want to do and think it's right.
 For God, you know, He still covers us in some many different areas of where our parents and grandparents pray for you.  Even other people pray for you and you're not even knowing it, how God still gets the praise.  He deserves the praise and we should give it to Him, because of who He is.  And that's just kind of how the song came about.  
Now before you watch this video below, I just want to warn you, she is about to act a fool.  Not in a bad way, but she is giving God her all right at that very moment. However, I do promise it will bless you.  She definitely gives God the praise He deserves... 

I'm so excited to have found this song.  It will definitely be on my Iphone, so that I can listen to it in my car, at work, and before I go to bed at night.  One other thing I wanted to mention too, was Tamela's voice hasn't really aged over years.  I'm glad God saw fit, to keep her voice pure and innocent...Wow, such a blessing!

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