Tamela's Mann Album, The Making of, Take Me To The King

We never know how much energy, time, and patience go into putting a song together for God's people.  You know when you have a vision for something, it is an awesome feeling to see the finish product.

Tamela Mann's Take Me To The King is such an awesome worship song.  It's so powerful, so heart felt, and it speaks the truth about the way circumstances are today.

I can't imagine what was going through Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin's head when God gave them this song.  I mean as you listen to the lyrics, you begin to think that maybe, these were lyrics that came out of a book or something.  I'm sure the struggles and pain they have went through, made the story of the song real, but how real is it when you are trying to stir up those same emotions in other people, when they listen to your song.  I'll give you an example In an interview that Tamela Mann did with Clayton Perry ,

Kirk Franklin and The Family with David and Tamela Mann
Tamela Mann says,
During the years I was with Kirk Franklin, I learned that everybody, doesn't worship the same way.  You would think that, when people pay their hard earned money and buy a ticket to come to your concert, they want you to get into it, on your feet, and jumping all around.  But as I traveled to different cities and countries, I learned that some people could be completely into the music and simply sit in their sits and wave their hands.  
Kirk Franklin honoring Tamela Mann with a Dove Awards at the 43rd Annual GMA
I believe artists like Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin make music for you to jump to your feet, clap your hands, and just completely get out of yourself by doing more than just waving your hands.  I have heard people say, "It doesn't take all of that to praise the Lord,"  but I say, "When I think about Jesus and all he has done for me, I can't help, but give him my best praise."  But even though, I may praise the Lord differently from you, that doesn't mean I am better than you, but in the word it says God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3) and we know, as praises go up, blessings come down. 

I found a small video online behind the creation of Take Me To The King and some of its original lyrics doesn't sound like the radio version, but it's just so unreal but realistic at the same time to hear how the song started and how they played with the instruments, with Tamela's voice, and how Kirk
Franklin just knew that this song was going to be as powerful as it is. 

If you haven't heard this song.  I encourage you to at least listen to it one time.  Jesus is so real and I think sometimes as Christians we feel like He isn't.  But I always try to tell myself, just like Jesus is real when I'm at my best, He is still real when I'm at my worst.  I love all of the lyrics to Take Me To The King, but my favorite lyrics are "I'm desperate, I'm chasing after you." 

During an interview she did with Randi Myles at Praise 102.7 Detroit, Tamela Mann said,
Tamela Mann Performing Take Me To The King at the BET Gospel Awards
She really thanks God for the testimonies she has be getting from the song and it's a great thing to speak to people where they are and what they are going through and be an encouragement.  When Kirk Franklin does Whoa on the song, Tamela says he didn't write the song for himself to be talking all over it, but she wanted him to do something on it.  She says, he told her all he wanted her to do was sing and tell a story. 
I don't like to be so deep all the times, but you really want a song you can just go before the throne and talk to the Lord about, because all of us are going through something and we get to that point and we need something that can kind of help us channel in, and talk to the Lord.  I am just excited about the testimonies that I have heard, that made me cry and I'm just here to be encouragement. 
 Randi Myles asked,
Now, I don't know who doesn't know this, but maybe just as a reminder, you are also Cora from  Meet The Browns, and Tyler Plays, and the whole nine yards.
Tamela says,
Yes!  I'm Cora, but you know we had a lot of fun taping the show.  Being David's daughter on the show, I had to remind him you are my dad right now, so don't be patting and kissing on me, because you are my dad right now.
Randi Myles said,
Some, people don't know that David is actually your husband, so Mr. Brown is your husband who plays your dad right?
Tamela says,
Yes! We have been married for 24 years now.  I have to remind him you are my dad, you can't be touching on me as if I'm your wife right now.  When I put on Cora, I want to be Cora your daughter, not your wife.   He's a hoot, we have a lot of fun together.  He keeps up a bunch of noise and he's always energetic and when we are at home he keeps up a lot of noise and yes he is like that in real life and more.  Between him, my kids, and grand kids, they keep me going.

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