The last post I ever did on Tawni Haynes was back in January 23, 2013.  It's only been 7 months and
source Tawni Haynes on Facebook: Tawni Haynes is the Fashion Designer to stars like Tamela Mann and Tasha Cobbs
all I can say is "Oh my!  Her territory has grown."  So, I decided to dedicated this story specifically to her and to encourage those who are looking to be a Top Name Brand Fashion Designer or for anyone looking to start their own business.  Hope you all enjoy!

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source Tawni Haynes Apparel in Cedar Hill, TX: Gospel Singer/Actress Tamela Mann wears Tawni Haynes Apparel to the 41st NAACP Image Awards.  This garment fits Tamela Mann like a glove,  includes Custom Silk Blouse $275, and Custom High Waist Skirt with Petal Detail $325
I guess the first question I should answer for those of you who just happen to come across this page by accident, is to tell you who Tawni Haynes is...Well, she is a Fashion Designer from Cedar Hill, Texas.  And I came across her by doing a search on Tamela Mann's weight loss. 

source Tawni Haynes Apparel I really like this up close shot of Tamela Mann hair....The full picture of this style is below.
I love how David Mann always color coordinates with his wife.  This skirt was designed by Tawni Haynes.  She wore this high waist denim pencil skirt at the "Pursing The Glory" Book Launch held at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 
 In my search from the internet I saw how lean Tamela was looking and I also couldn't help, but notice how the clothing she had on made her look good too...meaning she was glamerous, beautiful, sexy, confident, happy, and just all the above to describe her.  The pieces of clothing she had on was
Tamela Mann Glam Squad for a photo-shoot with Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel (left to right) Karla Lang - hairstylist, Tawni Haynes - Fashion Designer, and Riska Crowder - Makeup Artist. This garment is called  Paisley Asymmetrical Pencil Dress with Patent Leather accents ($525)
nothing I really see now-a-days.  The material used to make the dresses and skirts Tamela Mann had on were so unique and it reminded me of how the church used to dress when I was growing up.  You don't see to many people in church these days wearing some of the things Tawni Haynes has designed, but it looks like theses types of styles may be working their way back into the church.   

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Riska Crowder The Makeup Artist from the Texas area, has been blessed to work with Gospel Singer/Actress Tamela Mann during the 2013 BET AWARDS Show and some of Tamela's previous events too.  Like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @ Riska Crowder83 and on instagram @RISKA_LASH_MUA

So, after doing a little research I found out, Tamela Mann stays in Dallas, Texas, with her husband David and I'm not sure if Tawni and Tamela have a connection due to them being only about 30 minutes away from one another or if it was just destiny that brought these two together. 

source Tawni Haynes Custom Prom Gown with hand stone detailing $750
But one thing I can say is, Tawni Haynes knows what she is doing, when it comes to making clothes for your own unique body type.   
Tawni Haynes in her own apparel one shoulder Mermaid Gown.  Can be made in any color or size.  Call her today @ (972) 754-5096 
It looks like Tawni Haynes is also, about to be known for more than just her expertise in Fashion Design.  She is also stepping out by creating an accessory line, flower pins, and she may be starting a men clothing line sometime soon.  She is also creating a Fashion Line to include denim, evening wear, and wedding gowns with head-pieces.   
Custom flower pin, necktie, and hanky, you can submit your order at Tawni
Alongside, creating Fashion Designer Apparel for Tamela Mann, Tawni has styled powerhouse, Break Every Chain Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs
Tasha Cobbs wearing Tawni Haynes Custom Leather Bow Swing Dress.  It really serenade's her face
 Tasha Cobbs recently appeared on BET's Sunday Best and boy was she wearing that leather dress.  You know Tasha has also lost a lot of weight, just like Tamela Mann has, but before she lost weight, she was already a fashionista for me, because she always wore bright colors, polka dots, and stripes.
Tasha Cobbs explains why she decide to lose weight.  She explains she had a procedure and she knows that subject is taboo in the church, but she  has suffered with her weight all her life.  Read more of her story on 
 But seeing Tasha Cobbs in a Tawni Haynes Apparel, really showed me another side of her.  Like it was a more stardom type of look and it made her look more confident.  I always feel the artist/celebrity should find ways to relate to their fans, but they also need to show the world their polish side too.  
Some people Dream of Success, while others wake up and work hard at it -Winston ChurchHill

One way I can usually tell if a celebrity is wearing Tawni Haynes Apparel, but this may not always hold true, is by the flower pins on the blouse or by the ruffles around the collar.  It kind of makes me think this is her signature look. 
Flower Pencil Dress with Asymmetrical Neck Line ~ Available in any color
The birthday picture of Tawni Haynes above is a picture taken in 2011, but I decided to post that picture to show you 32 is a young age to have as much success as she has.  Meaning you are never to old and definitely never to young to follow your dreams.  I'm sure Tawni Haynes had set backs, but obviously she never allowed them to stop her.

To view more of Tawni Haynes pictures or place an order you can connect with her on Facebook

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