Working Out and Not Reaping the Benefits

(source) Jeanette Jenkins is
The Hollywood Trainer
Have you ask yourself this question...  Why am I Working Out and Not Reaping the Benefits?  I will admit I tried working out for three months only to lose 6 pounds.  I'm sure you are like me, where you ate right, you followed a strict diet, and you exercised regularly. 

However, for some reason I didn't reap what I thought I was sowing.  And, eventually I wanted to give up and to be honest I actually fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks.  But then I picked myself back up and said I had to do this, because I don't want to take medicine due to health problems, I want to play with my kids and not be out of breathe, and most importantly I want this temple God has given me to live for a long time.

(source) Jeanette Jenkins @ The BET Honors
I was reading stories posted by Jeanette Jenkins, The Hollywood Trainer and she answered a few questions I having been pondering about.  I hope this gets you back motivated too.
  1. Should I start with High or Low Intensity Workouts?
    1. It is very important to vary a fitness routine with both low and high intensity workouts, because both have benefits for fat burning, weight loss, overall health. 
      1. Low intensity workouts that gradually increase in intensity over time will help you build your aerobic base.
  2. When you build your aerobic base you become more efficient at using fat as a fuel source and you will be able to participate in high intensity workouts without feeling nauseated or light headed. 
    1. High intensity workouts help you increase the amount of calories that you will burn and will increase your metabolic rate, especially for the first two hours after your work out is complete. 
  3. Both styles of workouts are important and both will help you burn fat, burn calories, and change your physique!
My second question was, can I lose weight by repeating the same exercises everyday.  In my experience I would do a different exercise every week, for example I would run, then do dance aerobics, lift weights, or play on the Wii board.  But Jeanette says, NO, it is not good to repeat the same exercise everyday and here is the reason why:
  1. Repeating the same exercise everyday puts a lot of stress on your joints, bones, and connective tissues.  By repeating the exercise your body will suffer some type of over use. 
You can read more on Jeanette and her tips @ The Hollywood Trainer
(source) Kelly Rowland and Jeanette Jenkins have a Sexy Abs Workout Video.  Part Two is following says Jeanette
Jeanette's Resume of Clients
1. Kelly Rowland
2. 106 & Park and Think Like A Man star Terrernce J
3. Pop singer Pink
4. CoverGirl Queen Latifah
5. Actress Christina Applegate
6. Fashionista Kimora Lee Simmons

Exercising Tips from Jeanette for the average girl...
story credit Hello beautiful
  • Change Your Attitude
    • Number one you have to change that mindset right off the bat.  Don't hate working out!  Love it for what it does for your body, for your health, your longevity, and your self confidence.
  • Schedule Workouts Around Your Daily To Do List
    • Number Two, schedule your workouts into your weekly agenda.  Go ahead and make that time slot. 
  • Find An Accountability Partner
    • Three, if you hate it that much go ahead and find a work out buddy.  Whether it's a friend of yours, another trainer, or a workout group.  Find a way to make it fun!
  • Don't Forget To Have Fun
    • Find things that you like to do.  Whether it's Zumba class, dancing, group cardio kick boxing, or a group of people that go hiking.  Find something that you like to do.
In the future Jeanette is planning to do another Sexy Abs Part 2 video with R & B singer Kelly Rowland and also hinted at a workout video with R & B Singer Alicia Keys.

Hey Jeanette, I want you to know I
was listening (source)
What I learned...
The hardest part about working out is scheduling.  If I had an additional eight hours added to the 24 hours God has already given us, I know without a doubt I would have time to exercise.  But since that is not the case, I'm going to have to fit it in somewhere.  I like it when Jeanette said "schedule workouts around your daily to do list."  Even if it's only 20 minutes, I know I have to start somewhere.

Another thing I liked about what she said is "find an accountability
partner."  Well, that's actually not to hard for me.  I have two boys and just like I'm in the low intensity part of my workout, so are they.  So, I know they will be great partners to at least start out with in the beginning.

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