Joel Osteen Sermon: Keep Your Vision In Front Of You

Studies tell us that we move toward what we constantly see.

Pastor Joel Osteen Says
You need to keep something in front of you to remind you of what God has promise you.

For Example
If you are single and have a desire to get married, put an empty photo album on your table.  He says that's where you are going to put your wedding photos. 
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Joel Osteen Sermon: The God Who Closes Doors

In this video sermon Pastor Joel Osteen preaches the same God that opens doors, will close doors.

He says, a big part of Faith is trusting God when you don't understand

God may close the door, because you are believing too small.  If He opened it, it would limit what He wants to do in your life.  The door may close, because it's not the right time, or there are other people involved and they are not ready yet.  If God opened it now, it wouldn't work out.
Quoted from Inspirational Insights

Joel Osteen Sermon: The Power of I Am

According to Pastor Joel Osteen simple saying I Am can help encourage your circumstances.

The I Am's coming out of your mouth will be your success or failure.

The power of I am works through your entire day. 

Most of the time we can or have use the power of I am against us.

Pastor Joel says,  whatever follows the I am will come looking for you.  For example if, you say I am so old, than wrinkles come looking for you. Or if you say I am so overweight, calories come looking for you.

The good news Pastor Joel preached is, you have the choice of what follows I am.  He says when you say, I am blessed, blessings come looking for you; when you say I am talent, talent comes looking for you; when you say I am healthy, good health comes looking for you.

Joel Osteen: Have a Successful Marriage Relationship

Joel Osteen is the Pastor over a congregation that I have heard is over 45,000 people (that can fill up half of the Cowboys stadium).  Alongside of being a Pastor, he is a husband to his wife Victoria Osteen of 25 years and a dad to two children. 

Husband Quote: In Our Marriage Everything is 50/50...

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I strongly feel marriage is a 50/50 relationship, but some seem to think it should be 100 percent from both sides, because you should give it everything you got.  But here is how I feel:

There are things in our lives that God has gifted us with.  Meaning we are really good at it, but then you have those other things that you lack in knowledge about.

In some relationships the wife may have the will power to keep the house clean, she may cook seven days a week, she takes care of your kid's homework, bath them, feed them, manage the bills, and she may even wash the cars.  On the other hand, a husband's strong position in the marriage may be to working a job to bring home income to provide for his family, and keep the repairs up on the house.  Or it could be vice versa, the wife may be the provider and the husband is the caregiver of the home.  However, the main point is the relationship is made to be 50/50.

Viola Davis 48 & Fabulous: On Going Natural and Praying for a Man

Viola Davis is on the cover of Essence's magazine for the October 2013 issue.  Before, I tell you how I know Viola Davis, I want to first say she looks really good and youthful.  All the pictures and movies I have ever seen her in, she was always portrayed as an older woman.  So, this whole natural looking picture of her on the cover of Essence Magazine is really a hott picture.

Real Wedding Planners Speak Up and Answer The Bride's question

Now that you have the motivation to be an Event Planner, it's time to move on to the next steps of Being a Real Wedding Planner.  I believe the only real advice you will get about being a Wedding Planner is get advice from actually Wedding Planners.

Meet Krystal, they call her happy Krystal
photo credit: Inspire Smart Success, Krystal Phillips

Where does your creativity come from?
My creative inspiration comes from everything.  Examples are my family, my friends, my clients who bring their ideals to me, magazines, movies, and of course shopping.

How did you get your start?
After, spending so much time planning events for family, friends, and being a bridesmaid I found that this was a passion for me.  I began primarily kids events, showers, and other social celebrations. Then I merged fully into weddings. I stay motivated, because I honestly love what I do.  Waking up and doing what I love is enough to keep me going.  The best advise I can give someone just starting is stick to your guns.  Don't ever under sell or under cut to just get business that may not define your brand down the road.  Everything that is cheap isn't always good.  Read more on Krystal or book her as your Wedding Planner at  Inspire Smart Success

Kelly Fowler, with Just Save The Date
Photo Credit: Inspire Smart Success Kelly Fowler, with Just Save The Date
What is the best advice for those just starting out in the Wedding Planner industry
Don't give up!  Just keep swimming.  Take every opportunity that comes your way in the beginning like volunteer, internship, job shadow, network and do whatever you can to learn the business.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people. Learn everything you can from people in the business and don't be afraid to ask for help.  This was a leap of faith for me.  I was scarred and afraid when I started, but after being pushed a little, I leaped and never looked back.

How has being a Real Wedding Planner change your life
I am pretty humble.  One of the things I am most proud of is seeing my business grown by 200% in a year.  I went from nothing to 3 weddings my first year in 2011, then 11 weddings my second year in 2012, to 38 weddings in 2013, and 31 weddings in 2014.  I have 35 booked for 2015 and have booked 5 for 2016.

Read: Motivation to Work At Home as a Event Planner
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little thinking outside of the box and a little perspective.
It's time to schedule appointments and meet with clients.  Remember you are the professional and your job is to assist the bride and groom by researching their ideas before their big day.

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