11 Things You Didn't Know About Tasha Cobbs

Rising Gospel star Tasha Cobbs shares 11 Things You Didn't Know...

Where did Tasha Cobbs record her newest album Grace?

The concert was free and recorded live at Northview Christian Church in Montgomery, Alabama June 14, 2012. 
Tasha Cobbs at Break Every Chain Concert
What other songs and artists has Tasha Cobbs worked with before her album Grace?
She has worked with Vashawn Mitchell on - Nobody Greater, William H. Murphy III - Chasing After You,
Look Up Radio presents Reign with Tasha Cobbs
First Solo Album?
Smile released in 2009.

Tasha Cobbs First Album entitled Smile in 2009
Tasha Cobbs real name?
Natasha Cobbs.
Tasha Cobbs in Tawni Haynes Apparel
Did Tasha Cobbs grow up in ministry?
Yes!  She is the only daughter to Bishop Fritz and Lady Bertha Cobbs.
Tasha Cobbs says she has to minister everywhere she goes
Does she still attend church?
Tasha Cobbs is the Pastor of Worship of dRealm Center, under Pastor William Murphy in Atlanta, Georgia and serves as the worship leader for the youth adult division of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International under the direction of Bishop Paul S. Morton.
Tasha Cobbs  at an Women's Empowerment Event
Who is the producer of the album Grace?
Vashawn Mitchell is the head producer.
Tasha Cobbs and friends: Kiki Sheard and VaShawn Mitchell
Break Every Chain is a great ministry song...
Tasha says,
The first time I heard Break Every Chain, I listened to it all night long.  I have ministered it at my church a few times and it always has the same affect - chains are broken.  I have messages on facebook and twitter from people who have been freed as a result of the song.  It releases freedom.
Tasha Cobbs sings Happy in studio
Happy seems to be another favorite on your album Grace?
Tasha says,
I have to minister that one everywhere I go.  That's a song I wrote about four years ago.  One of my cousins called me one day and said "I just want to know if you are happy?"  I started to think there are things in life that would me make me sad or that I don't like, but at the core of who I am I have the joy of the Lord.  That means I can command my circumstances.  The attitude of the Believer is that we have the victory in everything. 
Tasha Cobbs at Glad Tidings Church

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Tasha mentions her gift by saying,
I know my assignment as a worship leader is to, without fail, lead God's people into his presence.  A national platform only gives me a greater opportunity to fulfill that purpose.
Tasha Cobbs at the Women's Empowermen 2013
What's next for Tasha Cobbs?
A clothing line. Tasha grew up as a tomboy, but in high school that changed as she became very expressive in her own way.
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