Joel Osteen Sermon: The God Who Closes Doors

In this video sermon Pastor Joel Osteen preaches the same God that opens doors, will close doors.

He says, a big part of Faith is trusting God when you don't understand

God may close the door, because you are believing too small.  If He opened it, it would limit what He wants to do in your life.  The door may close, because it's not the right time, or there are other people involved and they are not ready yet.  If God opened it now, it wouldn't work out.
Quoted from Inspirational Insights

The bottom line, Pastor Joel Osteen says, is God has your best interest at heart (Read a prayer called God Has Our Best Interest At Heart).  When a door isn't open, you don't know what God is saving you from.  One day you will thank God for the close doors as much as you thank Him for the open doors.

You can be like David and say, my life is in your hands, Psalms 31:15.

When you pray, you believe, you stand in faith and the door doesn't open, take it as a sign from God.  It's not His best.  God loves you too much to not open the door and He wants to keep you from all heartache and pain.

Be sure to watch Joel Osteen Sermon on The God Who Closes Doors and ask yourself these questions at the end of the sermon.
  1. So, often we say we are trusting God, but are we only going to be happy if God does it our way?  On our timetable?
Scriptures Joel ask you to focus on:
Isaiah 55:9(NIV)  - As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. 
Proverbs 20:24 (NIV) - A person's steps are directed by The Lord.  How then can anyone understand their way?

By: Pastor Duke Taber

The First Thing Is Internal
The internal things is what God uses to prepare you from the inside out.  It would do no good for God to open a door that you were not ready to handle yet (This is exactly what Pastor Joel Osteen is preaching about).  What good father would open a door to an infant to let them out into the world on their own?  He would first prepare them and let them grow. 

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God is always preparing us for the next door He is going to open until we reach our final destination in heaven.  (Rick Warren's book entitle Purpose Driven Life says, many Christians misinterpret Jesus' promise of the abundant life to mean perfect health, a comfortable lifestyle, constant happiness, full realization of your dreams, and instant relief from problems through faith and prayer.  In a word, they expect the Christian life to be easy.  They expect heaven on earth.)

If you are looking for God to open a door in your life, then I would suggest you look at the areas in your life that he is trying to work on.  Whether it is people skills, money management, or a more intimate prayer life.   Get busy letting God prepare you for your next door.  Read more on watching for open doors and close doors by, Bob Stone.
The Second Thing Is External
Those are the type of things like divine appointments where He brings people into your life that can open that next door for you.  They can be things like financial provision or things like pressing upon you the need for more education.  All of these things are ways that God works in the external world to open a door

Don't stop now! 
Continue reading more with Pastor Duke Taber.  He has a mighty word and I couldn't put all of his sermon here.  Read more as he discusses

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

It's Now Time To Get Bless From Your Close Door
Now that we have heard Joel Osteen sermon on The God Who Closes Doors and talked about How Does God Open Doors, it is now time to get into How Closed Doors Are A Blessing.  This lesson is truly my favorite.  I admit I cried and rejoiced by this powerful message from Love's Ark.   

Below you will find out why:
  1. You need to be better inform about closed doors
  2. God closes doors so you can change direction
  3. God closes doors so that you can learn how to pray more
  4. God closes doors so that you will stop trusting in man
  5. God closes doors so that you can wait for His time
  6. God is preparing you for the task ahead, while you wait behind close doors

#1 - You Need To Be Better Inform About Closed Doors
Open doors in life means opportunity, progress, and promotion.  When something, unexpectedly happens and the open doors closes.  It leaves you desperate.  Then you cry out, "Oh my God, where are you?  Is it all over for me?  Open a door for me please!  Give me a sign of relief..."
This cry comes from desperation.  But you as God's child need to be better informed about closed doors.  They do not mean they are the end of the road for you.  They do not mean God has stop caring for you.  It actually means quite the opposite.  You need to understand the loving care of why God closes doors in your life. 
Be sure and fully convinced that the closed doors in your life are His doing.  Don't blame anyone for that and don't curse your circumstances.  The best thing to do is thank God for closing those doors in your life.  Is that easy to do?  Not at all.  But that is the best thing you can do! 

#2 - God Closes Doors So You Can Change Direction
Many times you keep on doing what you do all your life.  But you might certainly have better things in store for yourself.  Since you are comfortable doing what you are now doing and good at it, you will never think about changing directions at all.  So, to get your attention God will close doors in your face.  He will not allow them to be opened again for you, no matter how hard you try. 

It is only then that you will listen to what God has to say to you.  He may whisper to you to:
  • Try something new
  • To take up a new job
  • Apply for a promotion
#3 - God Closes Doors So You Can Learn To Pray More 
Isn't it true, that doors that are open never inspire you to pray much?  But when the door closes you suddenly become aware of how much you need to pray.  You are filled with helplessness and immovable strengthen of a closed door shut on you. 
You begin to get on your knees and cry out "Oh God help me!"  The cries echo in emptiness.  You feel the pain of rejection, darkness, and despair.  You continue to pray, because you have no other choice and you pray until you feel an assurance in your heart that God has heard you.  His peace settles in your heart.  Now you can eagerly expect God to open some doors for you.   
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But the moments just before the door opens are the toughest, for it is said the darkest hour is just before dawn.  That means that the time, before you receive the answer to your prayer(s) is the darkest.  It is then that you need to pray some more. 
Closed doors teach you to pray more.  They grip your heart with such force, that you pray like you have never prayed before.  And when doors open, you will thankfully realize you have moved up another level in the prayer ladder.  Therefore, pray with all your might when doors close on you.
#4 - God Closes Doors So That You Will Stop Trusting In Man
It is only when you have knocked at closed doors that you understand the help of man can not be trusted.  It is during such times you come to know the true characters of those whom you expected would help.  You might have been given hope day after day by their soothing words of promise.  Until one day you found them telling you not to trouble them anymore.  Then you felt the pain of being letting down and the pain of having been deceived into believing those words that gave you false hope.
And now you are alone!
But someone stands alongside of you, waiting for you to realize He is standing by. 
Closed doors do help you to see Him stand by your side.  Many times He knocked at your heart to tell you he is willing to help.  But then your eyes and hope were set on those men who promised to help.  So you never heard his knocking.  You never opened the doors for Him.
Closed doors compel you to stop trusting in man.  It helps you see that God alone can open doors for you. 
#5 - God Closes Doors So That You Can Wait For His Time
You have to know that there are may reasons why God does this.  He does it to prepare the circumstances.  He prepares them in such a fashion that it will be to your best advantage when His time comes. 
If you act before his time it will be like unplucking an unripe fruit.  He knows when it is going to be ripe and ready to be eaten.  He closes doors so that you will not pluck the unripe fruit.  He will open them only when it is ripe.  Then it will be to your best advantage. 
# 6 -  God Is Preparing You For The Task Ahead While You Wait Behind Closed Doors
This is a more important process that happens to you while you wait for God's time.  God is preparing you for the task ahead.  God knows what qualities and strength of character you need to be able to handle the honor that you will be given when He opens the door.  This is why he allows you to pass through difficulties behind closed doors. 
All the waiting, all the hardship, all the misunderstanding, and all the ridicule that you are facing now is building muscle of steely faith in your mind.  You are being molded and shaped by God to meet your gloriously destiny.  The more tough your closed door, the greater the exaltation God has planned for you. 
Closed doors guard God's preparation ground to make you ready for the greatness He has kept in store for you. 
In Conclusion
It is often found that when you see the possibility of a door opening you start doubting.  Most of these doubts are silly.  But during this time they appear large and threatening.  At this time if you start believing the doubts you will not enjoy the blessings of the open door. 
Be bold to declare open doors in the name of Jesus.  He gives you assurance that He has kept an open door for you which no one can shut.  Read more on Closed Doors Are Blessing.

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