Joel Osteen Sermon: The Power of I Am

According to Pastor Joel Osteen simple saying I Am can help encourage your circumstances.

The I Am's coming out of your mouth will be your success or failure.

The power of I am works through your entire day. 

Most of the time we can or have use the power of I am against us.

Pastor Joel says,  whatever follows the I am will come looking for you.  For example if, you say I am so old, than wrinkles come looking for you. Or if you say I am so overweight, calories come looking for you.

The good news Pastor Joel preached is, you have the choice of what follows I am.  He says when you say, I am blessed, blessings come looking for you; when you say I am talent, talent comes looking for you; when you say I am healthy, good health comes looking for you.

Be sure to watch Joel Osteen Sermon on The Power of I Am and ask yourself these questions at the end of the sermon?
  1. Could it be what someone has told you or whisper in your ear that is keeping you from the best thing God has for you? 
  2. Could it be the wrong I Am is keeping you from rising higher and keeping you from reaching your full potential in life?
Scriptures Joel asked for you to focus on:
Proverbs 18:21- The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. 
Romans 4:18 - Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping; believing that he would become the father of many nations.  For God had said to him, "That's how many descendants you will have!" 

Ways to Encourage Yourself By: Rachel Lim Shuling
  • Read books that identify with your present situation - Reading such books reminds you of how everyone goes through tough times.  Eventually, things do get better.
  • Watch a movie that inspires you - If you don't have one, start with your favorite actor or actress.
  • Say encouraging words to yourself - What you say to yourself is important. 
  • Create posters and display them - You can display them in private areas of your home, but I recommend out in the open. 
  • Share your feelings with someone who won't judge you - When you are down in the dumps, the last thing you need is for someone to tell you what a bad job you are doing with your life. 
  • Start collecting photos that remind you of happy times - Save them on your phone, your computer desktop, your facebook page, on the refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror, or any place that you visit daily. 
  • Listen to music that feels good to your soul - Music changes your mood.
  • Thank everything - How can thanking everything help to encourage yourself?  It does when you start by thanking yourself first.  We all need praise.  But some of us are starving from the lack of praise we receive.  Don't wait for someone else to praise and thank you.  Praise and thankfulness is something you can give yourself.  Free of charge.  How does it get any better than this...
  • Take things one step at a time - When you think into the future, stress follows.  So just take things one step at a time.  One day at a time and remember to keep encouraging yourself by saying I'm doing it, good for me, good job for me, keep going, and you can do it.  Staying present in the now is a guaranteed way to encourage yourself, because you start to appreciate what you already have right now.
  • Write down your blessing - No matter how bad things are, you are still here and maybe you've forgotten, but you might even have been through worse, before and still prevailed.  Encouraging yourself so you can feel better is a lot about shifting your attention into a new space.  It makes a big difference when you record your thoughts and re-read them.  Doing so gives yourself a new perspective and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you have written too! 

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