4 Tips on How to keep the fun in your marriage

How to keep the fun in my marriage usually starts with me.  
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 When I see happy married or dating couples in public I find myself going into a daze or starring off into space wondering how do they do it?  Many of you probably reading this have been married for years like myself or maybe you have been in a long-term relationship for a while now.  Whatever your situation may be, I'm sure we are all at a common ground to learn how to keep the fun in our marriage.

Have Fun Dating Your Mate 
Many people say you should take out time to do fun things together, because dating should not end with marriage.  I agree with this 100%, but what happens when your husband doesn't want to date you anymore.  He would rather hang out with friends, co-workers, male family members, play video games, or work on his old beat up truck than take his wife on a date. 

I read that if your husband is anything in the description above, than you should try to date, hang out, or do things with other couples and married couples would be better than boyfriend/girlfriend couples.

The reason you need to hang out with other married couples is to throw ideas at one another, vent, or joke about silly arguments that you had with your significant other that didn't seem that silly at the time.  And there is also research to back this theory up, and it says dating couples who hang out with couple friends wind up feeling closer to each other.  Now this I can attest to.  Over the last 6 months, my husband and I have started hanging out with 3 other married couples and that really has brought our intimacy, conversations, and our love for one another to a new level. 

Have Fun Laughing Together
Find things to laugh about.  There are things that happen everyday that you can put into a humorous story.

After a long day at work I usually ask my husband how was his day.  And usually it's a simply answer like...it was okay, we were busy at work, I didn't have any breaks today and I'm tired.  To be honest with you, I hate when he says that, but I know he is being blunt and honest with me.  And if I just let the conversation stay there than I know our evening will end on a sour note.

So. to get my husband laughing I usually start talking about crazy stuff that our kids did right before going to school that morning or I may talk about something that I saw on the news or on one of my favorite reality television shows.  You know, just something to take his mind off of work and how tired and hungry he is.  But I know if it doesn't start with me, than he will continue to linger in the vibe he brought home from work.  So laughter to lighten the mood can work any day of the week and any time of the day. 

Have Fun With Sex
Who's in the mood after a long day's work?  Ladies I promise if you are not in the mood, he is!  Men were designed this way.  If you feel like you are having routine sex, than spice it up.  Nobody has to know what goes on behind close bedroom doors, but you two.  This is always a great way on how to keep the fun in your marriage.

Take More Vacations Together
My husband and I took a vacation/first honeymoon together twice this year and we had so much fun together.  There were no kids, no family, no one calling for favors, and no worries.  It felt like we were dating again and we didn't have to spend a whole lot of money to enjoy each others company.

I recommend this to anyone if you are looking to keep the fun in your marriage.  You can spend time together at a resort, a beach, a destination spot, or a weekend get-a-way.

How to keep the fun in your marriage is a challenge after your lives become full and hectic.  Most of the time the reason why we are searching for ways to keep the fun in our marriage is, because we have children now, careers, stress, and no time to fully commit to our marriage.  But, statics say the more we succeed at making time for our marriages the longer the marriage will last.  And plus, you will be happy.

You know when I thought about putting in work to make my marriage fun, I really second guess it.  I didn't want to roll with that ideal and I said if anybody should want to keep the fun in my marriage it should be my husband, because all of those fun things we did before marriage and kids is what won me over in the first place.  But sometimes, I think men or the woman needs to take the initiative, because dating really shouldn't end with marriage.



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