Bella Weems, The 14 Year Old To Start Her Own Million Dollar Business

Isabella "Bella" Weems
I can't say when I was 16 years old, I was thinking about being a young entrepreneur.  My goal at that time was focusing on my high school graduation and taking care of my little brother and sister.  And to even imagine getting a car was a far fetch dream, but I wish it wasn't.

Bella now a 17 year old teen girl entrepreneur, who really inspired me has her own business that makes millions of dollars a year in the jewelry department.  For a 17 year old girl to make that much money a year is very inspiring, because we all want to know how did she do it, but I was also inspired by the way she was able to give her family members jobs.  I think everyone always puts the blame on the economy and it's an easy answer out, but Bella is putting people to work.   From her story I read on Yahoo, she was able to hire her mom, 2 uncles, an aunt, and other people like someone for the technical things (IT) and marketing.  And to add to that, she is able to work with big name companies like Ultra Beauty. 

I believe Bella's story tells us that as adults if we don't live the life we want than we have a second chance through our kids.  I'm sure neither Bella or her parents believe she would be a millionaire from just trying to make some money on the side for her car for her birthday, but now that she has, her millions are their millions too.

(photo credit) forbes - Isabella "Bella" Weems

(photo source) Forbes - Isabella "Bella" Weems
Isabella "Bella"  Weems Story
When Bella was 14 years old in high school she wanted a car for her 16th birthday.   She told her parent that would be an appropriate gift, but her parents Chrissy and Warren told her she should earn the car and not rely on their funding.  Instead her parents suggest to her to start a business.  Hence the jewelry company was started.  

But before she took this leap of faith, one smart thing Bella actually did was research what she wanted to do and she looked for ideas before starting her own business.  Bella stated to "Forbes (the interviewer)" that she came upon jewelry lockets, which she states has been around for a long time and says well what if I could make a locket with charms.

When starting the company Bella started out with $350.00, which she had earned from babysitting.  She used that money on wholesale components to make her lockets, but also asked her parents to match the $350.00 to help out.  She says we started selling our products at house parties and boutiques and selling at any jewelry show we could and she said the product started selling itself.

Black Friday of 2010 they opened a kiosk at the Chandler, Arizona mall in time for Black Friday shoppers.  By 2011 they earned $280,000, Bella says by direct sales and the following year their revenue took off and multiplied 86 times that amount. 

To finish reading the full story on Yahoo!  Visit  $250 Million for a 14-year-old's Big Idea: Origami Owl

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