Charles Jenkins: My God is Awesome

I absolutely love the song Awesome so much that I needed to know who penned this anointed song to the glory of God!  It's one thing for a singer to record a song, but me, I like to know who the brain child is.  Thank you Pastor Charles Jenkins for allowing the Lord to use you in an "awesome" way.  God bless you and your ministry!

Bigg Sosa says,
All my life I've done wrong and never cared about anyone, but myself. This song really hit me in a place I never knew I had; I mean this song took the thug right out of me.  I never knew what life was about without holding a gun in my hand or dealing drugs fighting and just being stupid but this song opened my eyes now I no longer carry a gun sell drugs or consider myself a thug or gangster thank you for the eye opener.  
The Best Of Both Worlds, @ $12.20.
Charles Jenkins is a well known speaker, author, and the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois.  He became a household name when his song, Awesome, soared to the top spot on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Chart earlier in 2013. 

The song Awesome and his CD entitled The Best of Both Worlds received five 2013 Stellar Awards for song of the year, CD of the year, Choir of the year, Traditional Choir of the year, and Recorded Music Packaging of the year.  

It seems like Charles Jenkins has been at his ministry for years and its amazing that all his hard work is finally raining in after just having the single Awesome released in 2012. 

Charles Jenkins
is the Pastor of
Fellowship Missionary
Baptist Church
When Charles Jenkins was a teenager, he had his heart set on becoming a professional dancer.  He wanted to perform with MC Hammer's group and says "I was good enough to do it too." 

But the call to ministry took him away from his dancing and musical pursuits.  Charles Jenkins became a licensed minister at 16 and was ordained two years later at the age of 18. 

Charles Jenkins
 and wife Tara Jenkins
Daughters Princess
and Paris and
Son Charles Jenkins III
Charles Jenkins has been married to his wife Dr. Tara Rawls Jenkins for over 10 years.  They have two daughters (Princess & Paris) and one son named, Charles Jenkins III.  Dr. Tara Rawls says when, I met my husband we were 19 years old and Charles had already been preaching for almost three years then.  We got married in 1998 at the age of 22 and we were instantly in ministry. 

When Tara Rawls Jenkins was asked, what is your greatest challenge in being the wife of a pastor, she commented that,

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The greatest challenge is maintaining balance between home, marriage, family, church, and personal purpose.  It can be an ongoing tug-of-war to try to strike a balance in the midst of it all.  

Someone once told me to not look at it as a balancing act.  She told me that it is more of a juggling act.  She says that when juggling, you have to hold on to what needs to be held at the moment; while some other items may have to float in the air for that time.  Personally, I have found that deciding to be flexible when you want to be flustered is the only way to live at peace.  Only God can give you the ability and capability to adjust at a moment's notice. 

The word ministry simply means to serve.  I feel that the title of pastor's wife does not give you a pass regarding serving God's people.  As pastors' wives we can not dress up and expect others to serve the Mrs.  when we too, are called to serve the masses.  Serving can be fleshed out in various ways.  Too often we do what others expect us to do instead of doing what we are called to do.  We must equip ourselves in the area of service in which we are gifted, with no respect to whether or not that role is deemed as first-lady-like

Charles Jenkins and wife Dr. Tara Rawls Jenkins at the 2013 BET Gospel Celebration

Charles Jenkins earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Education while attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  He also earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 
Charles Jenkins has a remix to his single Awesome...Keep strolling to listen and see video

Few people know Charles Jenkins received a Grammy Award in 2005 for You've Been A Friend on Israel and New Breed's project Alive In South Africa.  Be sure to check out Pastor Charles Jenkins video below on "Remaining Positive."  We all need a little pick me up and I'm sure you could use it.

*If you haven't seen the video, Awesome, it's been getting some major controversy due to the styling of clothing the people are wearing in the video.* 

Here's what DiVineVoices116 says,
Regardless of what they are wearing the message in this song is awesome!!!!!  We serve an awesome mighty God.  Who is holy BUT NOT JUDGMENTAL.  Let God be the judge.  Some Christians keep God in a box and will never change, they will keep going around, but God is doing an Awesome NEW thing in the music industry and people have to keep up.  Simple.  Be blessed everyone.
 Zipporah Komu says
Indeed my God can move mountains and sustain me in the valleys.  Praise be unto His name..This is an uplifting worship song. 

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