Joel Osteen: God Designed You To Withstand Any Storm

Pastor Joel Osteen talks about God Designed You To Withstand Any Storm and how God has created us to be a bounce back person.  Life is full of things that try to push us down.  We all face disappointment and setbacks.

Weeping May Endure For A Night, But You Know That Joy Comes In The Morning
Psalms 30:5

It's easy to get discourage and lose our enthusiasm and too often we just settle where we are.  But if we are going to see God's best we have to have this bounce back mentality.  That means when you get knocked down, you don't stay down, you get back up again.  It means when disappointments come or things don't go your way, you don't have a pity party and think life is just not fair.  No, you shake it off, knowing what was meant for your harm, God is going to use it for your good.

When you are a bounce back person you know that every adversary, every setback is not permanent.  It's not going to last forever, it's only temporary.  Weeping may endure for a night, but you know that joy comes in the morning.  So, you don't sit around complaining. 

He Promised To Pay You Double For Your Trouble
Isaiah 61:7
You know that God, is a God or restoration and that He promised to pay you back double for every unfair situation.  Instead of being discourage by the difficulty you are encourage by it, knowing you are going to get double for you trouble.  You are going to comeback better off than you were before.

What Is Your DNA Type, Pastor Joel Breaks It Down
I believe today I am looking at bounce back people.  You have the seed of  Almighty God.  The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in the inside of you.  In your blood right now is the DNA of a winner.  The DNA of an over comer.  There is no challenge too difficult for you.  There is no obstacle to high to overcome.  No sickness, no disappointment, no hurricane, and no stock market can keep you from your God given destiny.

The enemy may have done his best, but his best will never be enough.  If you stay in faith, what was meant to stop you will not be a stumbling block, but rather a stepping stone so you can go to a higher level.
I want you to get your hopes up, you are not average, you are not ordinary, you are a child of the Most High God.  Life may have dealt you a tough blow and at time it seems like the wind has been taken out of ourselves, but the good news is, The Almighty God has put a bounce back in your spirit.  That's why when you are tempted to give up on your dreams, when you are tempted to just settle where you are, something down in here says no way, this is not who I am.  I was created to live in victory, I was created to overcome this sickness, I was created to rise above these problems.  Why is that?  It's in your DNA, you have the blood of a winner

When times get tough, you can't sit back and feel sorry for yourself.  You got to dig your heels in and have the attitude I might be knock down, but I didn't get knocked out and I recognize this setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback and it's just a matter time before I come back stronger, healthier, better than I was before.

Major points  To Know in Pastor Osteen sermon, Before You Watch The Video
  • You can withstand anything
  • He promised to pay you double for your trouble
  • Your DNA type
  • Palm tree analogy
  • Sand and Ocean analogy

Scriptures Pastor Joel Osteen asks you to focus on:
Psalms 92:12 (NIV) - The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon.
Jeremiah 5:22 (NIV) - "Should you fear me?"  Declares The Lord.  "Should you not tremble in my presence?"  "I made the sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross.  The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail, the may roar, but they cannot cross it."
Isaiah 59:19 (KJV) - So shall they fear the name of The Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun.  When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of The Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

In conclusion
I'm sure you are just like me.  You have had some tough storms in your life that just about took you out.  I'm sure you have been through some things that have literally made you want to lose your mind.  But at the end of it all you are better now then you were before. 
Being a Christian doesn't exempt you from the enemy.  As of matter of fact, I feel like he attacks us more, because of the lifestyle we are trying to live.  And as I was listening to Pastor Joel's sermon God Designed You To Withstand Any Storm, it really cheered me up.  It made me thankful, because everything that I have been through is not in vain.
I pray for you, you pray for me.  I pray to God that when the storms do come, that we don't stay down in them.  I pray that we learn to dust ourselves off and try again, no matter how many times that same storm comes stirring around.  God please give us the strength we need to withstand any storm that we may be in or that may be coming our way.  Please prepare me with peace, encouragement, and joy while going through the storm.  - In Jesus Name

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