Why Does God Allow Cancer By: Linda C Dipman

My fears mounted as each day passed with yet another set of tests declaring that the cancer is still present.  Relatives I hadn't seen for years began parading into my hospital room.  Their expressions reflected concerns mixed with death-bed good-byes.

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The whole time this was happening to me I just kept thinking, why me?  Why did God allow cancer to hold me for ransom?  What am I suppose to be learning from all of this pain I am suffering from this disease?

Have you ever felt like your life was perfect one moment and then all of sudden everything changed.  You thought your existence couldn't get any better and suddenly something terrible happened.  A pain began very small and grew until your whole body cried out in torment.

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Running to the doctor, your worse fear was revealed, the big C had cast a web over your life.  Cancer had metastasized and the doctor's only plan of attack was immediate surgery followed by months of chemotherapy.

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As each day passed and weeks turned into months your once healthy body now was scarred from numerous surgeries.  You were swollen and your skin color no longer radiated with its once perfect tropical tan.  You look back at how your life use to be and you're astonished at how quickly everything can change.

As you drift in and out of consciousness from your numerous chemo treatments, your mind begins a quest of understanding why me?  You were living a good life with a great job.  You had a family and sometimes you even went to church.  Why do I have cancer?  I never harmed or took advantage of anyone!  Why am I being punished?  Why is God doing this to me?  I am a good person!

Literally thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer every year.  They all go through multiple stages of grief that begin with why me?  Those with faith, question God's purpose for making them endure the big C.  Others, who have never established faith, begin looking for answers from those who are Christians. 

He did not single you out to punish you, because of sin in your life.  God loves people!  Cancer is a result of people falling prey to an evil world. 

Look at our present day world!  There are injustices everywhere.  Sickness and death are wide spread.  War and famine are a common reported issue on the world wide news.  Nothing about our world is perfect. 

In order to understand why cancer has grabbed you unaware and held you captive to its torments, you must understand our world.  The only way to understand this world is to allow what cannot be seen into your life.

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Believing in God is a must in order to survive an imperfect world.  You must have faith in what you cannot see in order to understand your present life situation.  In the beginning God created a perfect world.  But when Satan tempted Adam and Eve with the ability to understand; everything changed!

In order to determine the difference between right and wrong you must be given examples.  All sicknesses are evil.  All wars are fought not for freedom and justice, but for greed and power.  Most murders are committed from rage.  In order to make just decisions and gain wisdom we must have small to extreme examples for our own judgment of what is right and what is wrong.

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We live in a corrupt, evil world that is governed by Satan.  An unseen world of spirits come in and influence our thinking.  A spiritual world that challenges our beliefs systems through the experiences we go through in our lives for either good or bad. 

While Satan is the great deceiver and the corrupter of the world, God has provided the Holy Spirit to come in and help us when we face uncertain times.  This is the reason we must have God in our lives.  God takes the pain of cancer and helps us to live moment by moment.  He makes us an example of what God can do when we allow Him to work in our present situation.

Sometimes it is God's choice for us to be healed and sometimes it is His will for us to die for Him.  All things work together for good when God is in control.  But when we believe only in this corrupt world then we only have doctors to pull us through our illnesses.

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