24 Ways to Style Your Hair and Do Your Makeup Like Mary Mary

There's a bunch of photos floating around if you want to style your hair and fix your makeup like the Mary Mary sisters, but I only have 24 ways.

Before, I jump into that, do you usually find it confusing when trying to figure out which Mary Mary is who?  Some say the sisters are visually hard to distinguish, because they wear wigs, eyelashes, and heavy makeup for professional appearances.  But when we see them at home on the their WETV series Mary Mary they are completely opposite and they are longer hard to distinguished.

If you are anything like me, my mouth dropped to the floor when I say how Mary Mary looked at home compared to how they look on the stage.  It's quite a difference.

I guess sometimes we have to polish ourselves and look our part.  Even though the sisters sing about God, that doesn't mean they should look like nuns or Mother Theresa's (not to say there is anything wrong with that).

In an interview Mary Mary's Tina Campbell stated when they want to do a collaboration with another artist, they are looking for the artistry in the music person.  I believe the same is true with the sisters.  We want them to sing about God, but look good at it too.

Mary Mary 's Erica says
 I usually wear my wig when I perform, but I actually have natural hair.  I wear it straight, I roll it, or I just let it go.  I switch it up, because I enjoy diversity.  I used to do hair before I became Mary MaryHair is still a big thing for me.  I love healthy, shining hair.  My hair is actually black so I don't have to damage it with color.  I just play with a little hair and then take it off and be Erica.  

Mary Mary's Erica Campbell Hair secrets
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, nothing beats it.  Take care of your ends.  A lot of people take care of the scalp which is good, but if you take care of the ends as the hair grows out you keep more hair, because the ends of the hair gets the most damage.  They get the most heat from untensils we use.  So if you take care of the ends, then you keep the length and the shine longer. 

Hair Products Mary Mary Uses
Kim Kimbles Line
Miss Jessie's 
Soft Sheen Carson Products

Essence Magazine Online Gives Us A Mary Mary's Makeup Evolution

Orange Lips, Green Eye Shadow, and Brown Highlights
Erica Campbell at the 2004 19th Annual  ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards.  Erica Campbell sported hunter green eye shadow and a glowing orange gloss.
 Rosy Blush, Peach Lip Gloss, and Reddish- Brown Bangs
Tina Campbell at the 2004 19th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards.

Bronze Eye Shadow, Cranberry colored lip tint, and Black Bob Wig with blue hoop earrings
Erica Campbell at the 2008 NAACP Image Awards Pre-Show Gala.
 Light grey eye shadow, Cranberry lipstick, Light Pink Blush, and Foxy Red Hair
Little Sister Tina Campbell sported a similar look to her sister at the 2008 NAACP Image Awards Pre-Show Gala.
 Natural and Nude Always Works
Erica Campbell at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards.  Her eyes are a gray smoky and her lips are nude.  She finishes this look with a black bob, with bangs slightly hanging off the right side of her face.
 Makeup That Give You that Twinkle in your Eyes
Tina Campbell is known to be the red Mary Mary of the two sisters.  Her silver dark smoky eye goes all too well with her dress and earrings.  The long layered Reddish-Brownish hair is just a perk, along with her nude lip gloss.  She is seen at the 2009 51st Annual Grammy Awards.
 I Am Still A Mommy But I Still Have To Make Me Feel Good
Erica Campbell is very glamorous in this shot.  She attended the 2010 BET Celebration of Gospel in a creamy, cherry-red lipstick and shimmering, metallic, silver eye shadow.  She blends her bob with blonde and and dark brown high-lights.
Mean Green Meets Smoky Eyes
Tina Campbell at the 2010 BET Celebration of Gospel.  Love her blonde curls and her amazing smile.  She has nude lips with an olive green smoky eye
Pregnancy Glow or Is Erica Campbell Just Tired
Don't get me wrong I love the blonde highlights along with her brown mushroom hair on top and the black hair layered underneath.  But her eyes are gazing!  She has teal eyeshadow and mauve lips.  She is seen here with her baby bump at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards.
5'5 With Bright Eyes, That Shine Like The Sunrise
What is there not to say about this picture!  I love the brown hair that is slightly blonde highlighted.  She is definitely going for the natural look with just a hint of eyeliner, a touch of mascara, and coral lip gloss.  Essence named her "Glamour Girl" on the red carpet for the 2011 Soul Train Awards.
2011 ASCAP What Happen Erica
Two years later after Erica Campbell attended the 2009 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards, I'm like what happen.  I definitely love the eyebrows and golden cheeks, but the hair pulled back with dark mascara circling her eyes is not the glamorous Mary Mary I am use to seeing.
Mary Mary's Tina Campbell Can Light a Room With Her Smile
It looks like it doesn't matter if Tina is having a bad hair day or just a bad day period, because she always warms my heart with her smile.  There's a light in her eyes that is unexplainable.  She rocked the 2011 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards naturally.  Love the eyebrows.  They are snatched honey!
Erica Campbell Feels Comfortable In Her Own Hair
Between the years of 2008 to present, this look on Erica Campbell has become her signature look.  She usually styles the hair the same, but the highlights and the colors underneath the brown and blonde highlights change.  She is seen here at the 42nd Annual NAACP Image Award.  Her eyes are covered in a golden eyeshadow and her lips are champagne.  This should always be a good-to-wig for her, because she is young and full of life.  At least that is what shows in her pictures.

Many fans argue about look though.  They say Erica Campbell has been wearing this look for way too long....
Maybe A Little Less Frizz and A Lot More Curls Tina Campbell
I'm not really feeling the frizzy wavy curls Tina Campbell.  Her hair reminds me of Tina Turner from her movie, What's Love Got To Do With It.  However, I do love her make up.  Tina Campbell is see at the 2011 42 Annual NAACP Image Awards where she is sporting copper eyeshadow and a glowing shiny lip.  Love those earrings and the dark mascara under her eyes.  She is representing that black girls rock, even in gospel.

Erica Campbell Gives Us A Straight Longer Bob
Short hair on Erica Campbell is very cute.  I love it when she always goes with bangs in the front, with one side of her hair longer than the other.  She is shown attending the 2011 43rd NAACP Image Awards with a bright liner under the eye, a rich orange-gold blush and glistening peach lip gloss.

We Don't See This Look Too Often on Tina Campbell
Tina looks great!  Most pictures we see of her, she has her hair in a bun or it's curly.  She is seen at the 2011 43rd NAACP Image Awards, where she is rocking a gold eyeshadow (almost looks her skin tone) and warm peach blush, and lip gloss.  Her hair totally looks like a wig, but I love the streaks of color in it. 
Black Girls Rock 2011 Event with Erica Campbell
There are no faults with this look Mrs. Erica Campbell.  She looks spectacular in her matte red lips.
Black Girls Rock 2011 Event With Tina Campbell
Let's first say there is no comparison to the beauty sister Erica Campbell brought to the event.  Now sister Tina Campbell looked beautiful too, but Erica Campbell definitely out-shined her sister at this event.
Erica Campbell gives Us Long Hair
If you were every curious to see how Erica Campbell would flaunt in long hair, your wish has come true.  I think it looks better on sister Tina Campbell, but as always the highlights are on point.  Tina is seen here at the 2012 premiere of Mary Mary's new reality show.  She is wearing a sparkled metallic pewter eyeshadow and nude lip gloss.
Tina Campbell's Ponytail
I love the up-do ponytail, because it can worn for  just about any occasion.  Tina Campbell sports her ponytail at the 2012 premiere of her reality show Mary Mary in dark gray smoky eyes and a shiny peach lip gloss.
The Bold Erica Campbell
It seems like every year Erica Campbell decides to wear her mushroom hair style, she gets bolder with her colors.  Again this is her signature look.  She was seen at the 2012 set of Good Day LA wearing a shiny coral lip and a touch mascara. 
Is the High Bun Really Working for Tina Campbell
I don't know if Tina Campbell has on too many shades of brown, but adding black somewhere in the mix would help bring her look out a little more.  She attended the set of Good Day LA in 2012 with her sister Erica Campbell.
I Love the Mary's
No matter how their hair looks, what wigs they wear, or how they decide to wear their face for an event I love the Mary girls.  

MARY MARY'S Fashion Sistas
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