Bracelets are the new trend

Bracelets are the new trend. Meaning it's the latest, the hottest, and its the new, new! Bracelets come in a variety of styles and colors.  There's even a style trend that's called a bracelet watch.  Wearing bracelets that are of different colors gives you an excuse to not match.  Yes! It's okay to wear polka dots with strips.

How to mix and match bracelets
You can mix and match your bracelets with other bracelets that have stones, shapes and colors.  Adding a pink bracelet to your set of black bracelets or all red bracelets will add a bit of spice to your look too.  
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Celebrity who wear bracelets

Tamar Braxton
Kim Kardashian
Print Bracelets
Since print bracelets already have a style of pattern, it's best to add solid colors.  

How to personalize your bracelets
You can personalize your bracelets really easy.  If you are a football fan, adding a charm of some sort for your favorite team will help you to do this.  Also try adding your initials or your child's initials.  

Glamour bracelets
You can wear blinged out bracelets.  Their perfect for dressy parties.   Stones and crystals are more of the popular style of bling when looking for a shimmer and glamour look.
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DIY stackable bracelets
Stackable bracelets are probably the more popular style.  They are easy to create and mix and matching colors makes the bracelets pretty. 
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Wearing bracelets and watches together
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Lucy Pearl Designs
Lucy Pearl Designs is an online jewelry collection store.  Mostly she has bracelets and they are made by owner Jenn Highsmith.  Jenn says she has always been passionate about fashion.  With the heavy influence of her mother, father, and the fashion industry, she has been surrounded by fashion her entire life.

Jenn says she is a masterful retail shopper, always looking for that unique clothing item to spruce up her wardrobe.  It is this love for fashion that have driven her hunger to create it.  Because, of her exceptionally knack for design and eye for detail, Jenn personally crafts each piece in her collection with uniqueness, quality, and style.

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