Entrepreneur Woman Patti Bokowski at Nine Frogs

Before you start your own business, I believe the one question you should ask yourself is...Do I have what it takes?

Running your own business can get tough, but it's rewarding all at the same time.  For Patti Bokowski at Nine Frogs, she says she is following her passion by combining fashion and the desire to help others. 

James Stephenson from Entrepreneur, agrees with Patti Bokowski by saying, if you are working for yourself you need to enjoy what you do.  By fulfilling that need in your business, it is safe to assume that it will be a reflection of your success.

Looking for 3 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur
#1...Start a support group! 
It is easier to find people who want to be entrepreneurs like yourself, than the ones who have no interest in starting a business.

The generally ideal of starting a support group is to get ideas from friends, peers, or family.  But if that doesn't work try connecting with people online.  Meaning search for other entrepreneurs on facebook, twitter, or the good old fashion way by going through the search engine.  Many people who have started a business online share their goals and passions, just like Patti Bokowski at Nine Frogs did on her blog.

You can also gain insight by reading from others mistakes and failures online.  This will definitely help keep your head in the game and keep you motivated.

#2... Most people say turn your hobby or passion into a business
Yes this generally what people say, but have you every thought about turning something you're not good in into a business.  I have done this a lot of the times, by simply writing about topics that don't seem that interesting.  But once I start doing my research on the topic, it grabs my attention.

I believe the best part about writing about topics that don't interest me is the return investment.  A lot of the times this is what drives people to my blog, my pictures, my quotes, or my social networking sites.

#3 Surround yourself with motivation
Right now it's just you.  Most of the time in the beginning of starting a business it's just you.  There is no one there to motivate you.  So, what keeps you motivate if all you have is you?

Things that keep me motivated are pictures, quotes, reading about other online businesses, checking my traffic/stats, reading through comments that were left for me, and making money.  Sometimes, you have learn to encourage yourself, because you are all you got.

Remember this is your vision.  You are fulfilling your dream.  This is your business and you are most likely the only who has the real passion and drive to keep pursing it. 

Entrepreneur Woman Patti Bokowski at Nine Frogs
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What is Nine Frogs
Nine Frogs is a small business that include services like image consulting, personal shopping, and home & office organization.

Patti Bokowski
Pattis Bokowski is the owner of Nine Frogs.  She has a passion for fashion and a desire to help others achieve their personal goals.  Hence, Nine Frogs was created.

Where did the name come from
It was in the shower that Patti noticed a small green rubber frog that had been in there for years.  It was one of the kid's toys that never left the bathroom.  She said she looked at the frog and something just came to her, which told her she had to have the word frog apart of her business name.  The number nine represent a lucky number in Feng Shui, there are nine of them in their group, and when she goes to a particular gym, they always give her the number nine. 

Servicing Areas
NYC to Montauk.

Connect with Patti Bokowski
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