How to do Bantu Knots on natural hair

How to do Bantu Knots on natural hair seems easy, but does it really give you the look you are looking for?  No!  It's looks like a roller set.  That's probably very true, but some people's Bantu Knots actually come out looking half descent.

Let's just be clear!  Any type of hair can wear a set of Bantu Knots.  This includes Bantu Knots on natural hair, short hair, relaxed hair, locs, transitioning hair, straight, and even dry hair. 

Before doing Bantu Knots on your natural hair or what-ever kind of hair you are applying it to, you should do the basics.  Like de-tangling and smoothing your hair out.  This step is just to ensure you get a smooth, shiny curl, and that your ends look neat.  Remember if you are applying Bantu Knots on wet hair, it should only be damp.  Otherwise it will take forever to dry.
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How to do Bantu Knots
Divide your hair into sections
If you want your Bantu Knot out to be super curly, than you should part your hair in more sections.  When parting your hair, make sure you part it the way how you are thinking about styling it.  So, for example if you want a side part, then side part your hair first.

Moisturize your hair
I kind of argued with myself about moisturizing your hair hair with water.  Because I have never actually done a Bantu Knot on my hair.  So, I'm not sure if Bantu Knots work well on damp or dry hair.  

I know people who have tried the Bantu Knots on damp hair and they say they are never dry unless you leave them in your head for like 2 days (who has time for that).  
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I have actually heard Bantu Knots work very well on dry hair and all you do is apply a little product.   A moisturizer or any kind should do. I have also heard if you do a chunky twist out on your head and then do Bantu Knots, then your curls are more stretched.  Meaning you have longer hair.  But like I always say you have to do what works for you.  Trying different methods with Bantu Knots may take a couple of trial runs, before you get them just the way you want them.

If you are going to moisturize your hair, then you do so by spritzing it with water, oil, or doing a cold wash (find out what a cold wash is, if you are clueless ).  What the moisturizer will do to your hair is it hydrates your hair and holds the coils in place.  But the same look can be done on dry hair and by applying some type of styler product. 

If you plan to do Bantu Knots on dry hair I would recommend you to spritz a dime size of gel to your hair.  This should provide your hair with a little stiffness.   Some naturals would disagree with me on this and instead tell you to use a product like Shea butter or pomades.  However, do what works for you.

Apply a product to hold your hair
Crunchy Bantu Knots are hard to fluff, once your hair is ready to be style.  You should use a product with a medium hold.  Smooth the product from root to tip.
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Now it's time to twirl your hair and roll it, to create a Bantu Knot
Once, you have your hair section off like the way you want it.  Twirl the hair and then roll it around. Here's how it should look.  You can also use bobby pins in your hair to keep the hair from unraveling or a very small ponytail holder.  Remember when you twist the hair, only twist it 2-3 times.  This keeps the hair from breaking and prevents stress on your hair when twisting or coiling it.
Source/Simplyounique shows us from start to finish how she does her Bantu Knots.  Visit her YouTube Channel to get you started.
How to dry your Bantu Knots
Most people will allow their Bantu Knots to air dry by allowing their hair to dry overnight.  But remember if your hair is very wet when you Bantu your  hair, then it is a possibility that your hair will not dry overnight.  You also have the choice of sitting under a hooded dryer, but even under the dryer, it doesn't dry your hair completely.  The best recommendations is to let your hair dry and lightly spritz your hair with water or a product of your choice while doing the Bantu Knots on your hair. 

Styling and taking down the Bantu Knots
When taking down your Bantu Knots on natural hair or transitioning hair you need to be as careful as possible.  Our hair is already frizzy, so try to take them out carefully, style the Bantu Knots, and then keep your hands out of your head until bedtime.  The rule of thumb is to take the Bantu Knot out like you are screwing a top on a bottle and then separate the hair by splitting the knot in half.  If you feel like you still need to separate your hair to achieve the style you are looking for, then do so with caution.

When taking out your Bantu Knots, all you do is lightly rub an olive oil of some sort on your hands and unravel it.  If you feel your hair and it feels like it has enough oil on it, then skip this step. 

Once, all the Bantu Knots are down, it is time to start styling your hair.  The most important step in styling your hair is trying to hide the parts and your scalp.  Some people do this by using a pick comb or you can use your hands to style the Bantu Knots.   

Night time maintenance
Again, I haven't actually tried a Bantu Knot out, but my night time maintenance for my hair is the same regardless of what style I am wearing. 

For night time maintenance on Bantu Knots you can
- Wear your hair in a high ponytail.  Which is known as the pineapple.  Be sure to protect your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet. 
-Or you could always re-do your Bantu Knots and part them into bigger sections.

 Naptural85, says the easiest part about Bantu Knots is taking them out <<click link to see video
If and when I do a Bantu Knot out on my natural hair, I would love for it to look like Naptural85's hair.  Here's some quick instructions to get your started.

Begin by making a part on your head. Part your sections large.  The larger the section the more fluffy and full your hair will be.  I moisture with water and de-tangle with a wide tooth comb.  I use the twisting method to do my Bantu Knots.  It gives me more define Bantu Knots.
Source/Naptural85 Bantu Knots on natural hair using the twist method

 Mahogany Curls, shows how she does Bantu Knots on dry hair using coils  <<click link to see video
To start she uses a styler called Nubian Heritage Treatment Masque.  Next she starts on blown out hair.  First you want to apply the styler product.  Section the hair how you want it be once you take the Bantu Knots out and coil the hair.  And from there, you just wrap the hair in a knot. 
Source/Mahogany Curls shows how silky her Bantu Knots are on her YouTube Channel

Natural Metra, says what really helped her to achieve a successful Bantu Knot out was doing it on dry hair.
Natural Metra has a very simply method when doing a Bantu Knot out and that is doing it on dry hair.  

First, she did chunky flat twists to stretch her hair.  She used product and put about 20 Bantu Knots in her hair.  To secure the knots in place she used bobby pins.  Before twisting the Bantu Knot completely she informed us that she does not twist the entire hair from root to tip and she combs the ends to reduce freeze.  From there she slept in them over night.  The next day she separated the knotsOnce the knots were separated and she had the style she desired, she took a wide tooth comb to her roots to add volume.  The results are below.

Source/NaturalMetra - YouTube. This gave me life and hope that it is possible to accomplish a faithful Bantu Knot out
 Small secrets revealed from natural hair bloggers to create the best Bantu Knots on natural hair
No matter what type of hair you have, doing a Bantu Knot has many common techniques for everyone's hair:

Section parting
To achieve nice fluffy curls after the Bantu Knots are remove, you should part your hair into medium size portions.

Length of hair 
No matter how short or long your hair is, Bantu Knots are achievable for all hair lengths.

The products change, but the method stays the same.  You can twist or coil and then twirl your hair in a ball.  Twirl, Twirl!

 What type are curls are you looking for
What type of style of curls are you trying to achieve when doing Bantu Knots?  If you want to show your length or have loose waves, rather than define curls make between 2-4 sections.  If you want large curls create 6-8 sections.  For tight springy curls do 10+ sections.  

I am not a fan of Bantu Knots and I have never tried them on my hair.  But I will be trying them soon on an old flexi rods set of curls.  I'm hoping since my hair is still kind of curled at the ends from the flexi rod style, that my hair will be successful when trying Bantu Knots.  That's it!  I'll keep you updated!  

My Bantu Knots were an epic fail.  However, practice makes perfect...right?  Next, time I try this style I will take a picture and post it. 

Did You Know
Did you know Bantu Knots are also called Zulu Knots?

Celebrities with Bantu Knot Hairstyles

 photo bantu knots 1_zpsprr0tqna.jpg
If you guessed Chris Tucker, than you're right! LOL.  He is seen here with Bantu Knots from the 1997 5th Element movie.  Style on Chris!!
 photo bantu knots 2_zpsc3n7auzz.jpg
Gwen Stefani is rocking Bantu Knots, representing for all the girls with good relaxed hair with this hairstyle.  So, if you were ever wondering how your hair should look if you are close to this hair texture, here you go. 

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