How to make a candy cane milkshake for Christmas

How to make a candy cane milkshake for Christmas can a be nice drink for Santa Clause the night before Christmas or it can also make a nice dessert after you eat Christmas dinner.  
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Katie Farrell is the founder of Dashing Dish, and we want to make sure we give her all the credit when it comes down to making this candy cane milkshake for Christmas.  Dashing Dish is a place to find healthy alternative to the food you crave!  Katie started the website after being told by friends and family that she has a unique talent for taking unhealthy recipes and making them healthy without losing any of the flavor.  
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When asked where does she get her ideas for her recipes, she says I can't help but give all glory to God.  
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1/2  cup of low fat cottage cheese

Substitutes: Cottage cheese is what gives the shake the thick milkshake consistency!  You will not taste the cottage cheese I promise, but you could also use vanilla greek yogurt or one additional scoop of protein powder instead!

1 Scoop plain or vanilla protein powder
2-5 Drops peppermint extract (or to taste)
2-3 packets Stevia or sweetener of choice (or to taste)
 1-Tablespoon of sugar free instant vanilla pudding mix (dry)
5-10 Ice cubes (more or less depending on how think you like it)
4-6ounces of cold water (more or less depending on desired thickness)
5-10 A few drops of red food coloring for candy cane swirl! 

Time to prepare
  1. Preparation time is 5-10 minutes.
  2. Place all of the ingredients (except for the food coloring) in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.  Swirl in one drop of red food coloring just before serving and top with whipped cream and crushed candy can if desired.

Katie Milkshake Tip's
  1. In all of my shakes I use Designer Whey 100% Premium Whey Protein Powder!  It tastes awesome, is affordable, and is 100% natural!  
Nutrition Breakdown
1 Shake
205 Calories
2g Fat
10g Carbohydrate
3g Sugar
34g Protein
5 Weight Watchers Points (weight watchers points per serving) 
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Be sure to follow Katie and all her recipes on her website

What does the Christmas tree symbolize?
Christmas trees are not idols in many homes.  We put them up in our homes every year for pure entertainment.  In our home, it's more like setting the atmosphere.  You know when you go to church the musician may have music playing or the preacher may have to pray to set the atmosphere.  We're not in church worshiping or idolizing the musician or preacher, but rather the spirit of God.  

Many people may try to argue and say Christmas trees should not be placed in our homes, because we use the tree as a replacement for Christ, but that's really not true.  The star or angel that you may place on top of your tree every year just gives a visual or a remembrance of Christ's birth.  We're not trying to replace the star or angel for Jesus.  

Looking at the Christmas trees at the mall and seeing how they are so big and so beautifully decorated is just a visual of the love for Jesus.  You never know what needs to be done to make a person have a change of heart.  There are hurting people out there who don't know Jesus in their sinful lives.  They may have heard of Him, but they may not know Him for themselves.  The Christmas tree is a great visual to remind people that Jesus is real.  He is coming back again.  He was born for us.  He died for our sins, so that we may have life eternally.  

The Christmas tree is not Jesus.  But it does remind us to be grateful for the things Jesus has done for us.  We do not believe it is unbiblical to have a tree in your house or church with lights and ornaments on them.  It is suggested the branches of the trees pointing upward can signify praises to God.  The star at the top can represent the star of Bethlehem.  Also the green of the evergreens has been recognized as symbolic of eternal life, God's gift to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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