Entrepreneur Jasmine Lawrence, founder of Eden Body Works

Entrepreneur Jasmine Lawrence the founder of Eden Body Works started her company at the age of 13 out of her parents basement.  

The most common compliment everyone seems to say, is about the line and it's affordable prices.  

Her story begins at the age of 11 when she applied a hair relaxer that left her almost bald from all the chemicals it contained.

In an effort to get her hair to grow back, Jasmine Lawrence tried everything on the market.  During the process she started educating herself by reading the label on products.  She then noticed every product ingredients had chemicals in them and vowed to never put another chemical in her head again.  This started her search for products that were all natural, but she says there was not any on the market.  She knew she wanted pure natural ingredients, so she looked all over the earth from China, to Europe, to Africa to find the true pure ingredients she needed.

 Young Millionaire Entrepreneur in the making
Jasmine Lawrence invented her first product out of her mom's kitchen by researching and mixing different recipes  together.  In 2004 at the age of 13, she attended a summer business camp where she learned about being an entrepreneur.  During camp she received free legal support, financial support, advice on packaging, and advice on distribution.  Her parents also supported her by giving her a loan of $2,000.00.

One of the keys to Jasmine Lawrence beginner's success was going to the doors of salons asking staff and customers if they wanted to purchase her products.  Word of mouth was very helpful too.  From there, Jasmine had a full time business in her parent's basement, with her sister being her first employee.  Her mom earned a 6-figured income, but left her job to work for her daughter too. 

In 5 years Jasmine went from making Eden Body Works in her parent's basement to a large manufacturing plant.

Her setbacks were there for her setups
8.99 - Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil.
Decreases Itching &amp Flakes
Nourishes &amp Cleanses
Increases Hair Strength
Jasmine Lawrence had to put in hard work and persevere against the odds, because they were against her.  Before the success of Eden Body Works, Jasmine entered into a business competition to win seed capital, but she didn't make it to the top ranking contestants.  The loss was upsetting, but she knew she needed to keep going.

In the beginning of Jasmine Lawrence company Eden of Body Works, her product was also not taken serious, because of her age.  When she first started promoting her products she states she was laughed at, rejected with a no, people laughed in her face, and even starred at her like what she trying to do was a joke.  She says it was really disheartening and discourage her from wanting to do the business, but thank God she kept going....Because

Jasmine soon became nominated for a young entrepreneur award for Black's Enterprise's Teenprenuer Award.  This lead to a conversation with a Wal-Mart representative.

Eden Body Works is now sold in over 1,000 Wal-Mart stores across America, which lead her to sign a similar deal with Wholefoods.  Around that same time her story was also picked up by CNN, NBC, Oprah Winfrey.  And from there the word just kept spreading.

What is Jasmine Lawrence up to now
Jasmine Lawrence is now much older.  Her business is worth $2 million dollars.  She continues to work on Eden Body Works, attends college, spends time with family, friends, playing basketball, and volenteers on the side. 

Today Eden Body Works is still made with the natural ingredients that Jasmine Lawrence used from the start.  There's no petroleum, mineral oils, or sodium sulfates.  Eden Body Works product line is made to strengthen and repair all hair textures.  Whether relaxed, natural, or somewhere in between

10 Year Anniversary of Eden Body Works
source/Jasmine Lawrence CEO of Eden Body Works

August of 2014 will be Eden Body Works 10 year anniversary.  She plans to have new products, particular for men and children.

Jasmine Lawrence tells us one of the most gratifying things about being the founder of Eden Body Works is that

it make me really proud of myself.  I know that there is nothing I can't do now, and no one can tell me that.  Nothing can stand in my way of what I want to achieve.  I  really like reading emails or watching YouTube videos of people who review my products and learning what they love and what they don't like and see how I can incorporate that and making things better in the future.  But I'm really proud of myself of what I have been able to accomplish and I just want to push the envelope further and accomplish more in the future. 

Story Credit:  Fresh Young Millionaire

What are the ingredients in Eden Body Works
Eden Body Works uses 6 ingredients.  They are Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil,  Monoi Oil, Peppermint Oil, Shea Butter, and Tea Tree Oil.

To understand how these ingredients work with your hair, read more about them at Eden Body Works (Ingredients)

Three things Jasmine Lawrence kept in mind when she developed products for Eden Body Works were making natural products, making affordable products, and making products that works.  She explains these concepts below.

Natural Products - Jasmine Lawrence says, she wanted her products to truly be all natural.  So, she looked all over the earth from China, to Europe, and to Africa to find these truly pure ingredients like Tiare Flower in the Eden Body Works Jojoba line.

Affordable - People who are just like me, Jasmine Lawrence explains, whether you are living the high life or from a low income family, I want to make the absolute best product that you can afford.


 It Works - I wanted to make sure Eden Body Works products actually work. We want to deliver on our promise for all natural hair.  From the cleansing to the moisturizing, to everything.  I took a lot of time to make sure these things were fit for your body and all different types of hair and skin types.

What new products will Eden Body Works release in the future

Skin Care - There will be a line exclusively for men and children.
Aroma-therapy- To help you relax and live a stress free life style.

Eden Body Works reviews
Reviews were taken from Eden Body Works, Youtube, and other bloggers.  This is just to give you a hint of why people love Eden Body Works products.  Feel free to leave a comment!
  • Mimi - This is my second time going natural and I'm nearly 19 months now.  So, you can imagine how thrilled I am that I have finally discovered your products.  I must admit that no picture really provides a visually of that great incredibly hair day.  My hair was the most beautiful, it had ever been that day and I haven't stop using the product since.  It's so rare to find products that work well with my 4b/c hair.  Great Job!
  • Theresa - First I would like to say, that I am a low maintenance type of woman.  With a full time job, school, and kids there is very little time to be playing around in my hair!  However, over the course of two years I was known as a (PJ) product junkie.  I've tried every single product known to woman.  Luckily all that ended, when I was introduced to Eden Body Works.  I must say that the product line is very impressive and mostly affordable, which I am totally in love with.  The leave in conditioner makes my hair feel moisturized and supple.  I've enjoyed twisting my hair with the coconut Shea curl defining cream.  That stuff is the truth!  My twists become very define and moist for days!  Do you hear me? Days!  So, all I can say is thank you for making such a wonderful natural and affordable product, that actually does what it says it will do. 
  • Jouelzy -  Has 4C natural hair.  She uses the Jojoba Monoi Line from Eden Body Works.  She is a big fan of the products, because they are affordable priced and available at Wal-Mart.  The only problem she has with the line is they don't have a product to finish off the look she would like to achieve, because of her hair type.  You can watch more of Jouelzy on her natural hair YouTube channel.
Looking for more reviews? Visit Naturally Curly, where they have a few dozen ratings good and bad about Eden Body Works.  I only posted the good stuff here, but there are people out there who say this product doesn't work for them.  Find out why?
Eden Body Works's Shea Butter, and Tea Tree Oil is best for me.  So, what works for you?  I am transitioning and I suffer from breakage and my scalp is a little dry.  The Tea Tree Oil from Eden Body Works line will be good from me, because it will help my hair with the dryness and to grow.  Which product will you choose?

Read more on becoming natural and transitioning into natural hair!

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