Living on coupons

Living on coupons is becoming more relevant, because more families are cooking instead of eating out.  Plus, with the cost of food, many of you are looking to get a bang for your buck.

Most of you have seen that extreme couponing show on television.  Or maybe you have just heard about extreme couponing and thought it wasn't really real.  Either way, I believe most of us would like to know how to coupon.  Or at least figure out how to save on the grocery bill with a little help from using coupons. 

Many say couponing is not hard.  But I have had my fair share of run-ins with coupons and let me just say I have found it extremely hard to try to save a buck here and a buck there.  I've given up, because couponing is not for me.  But for those of you who still have hope, here's a few tricks courtesy of Ruth at Living Well Spending Less and a few other extreme couponing mamas.

Ruth - Sticking to a budget forces me to tap into a creativity I never knew existed
Ruth says the creativity is suprisingly fun and satisfying.  Her blog Living Well Spending Less is about her finding the good life on a budget. 

She provides us with eight lessons to help get started with couponing.  The instructions are fairly easy and understandable for a beginner.  I was surprised to see how she ironed out the instructions from A
 to Z.  So, if you are looking to at least learn what couponing is all about, I would suggest this beginners course to anyone.  Ruth also provided four websites to get you started with clipping coupons, she guides you to find coupons in your Sunday paper, and tells how to use coupons by buying 1,000 tubes of toothpaste ( only kidding :)

Visit Ruth's blog Living Well Spending Less & follow her on twitter for daily updates

Joyce is known as the Coupon Diva, but her life change when she purchased a box of diapers 36 years ago
Joyce purchased a box of diapers for her daughter 36 years ago and noticed spots on the diapers.  She didn't have the luxury to just throw the diapers away and so she explained her dileminia to the grocery store manager.  Joyce was treated poorly by the manager and decided to do something that would change her life.

She wrote the diaper company and once again explained her dilemenia and her financial circumstances.  The company in retured apologized and sent Joyce free coupons for free pampers.  It was at that point that Joyce K. House learned that consumers have the power and she's been using that power and coupons ever since.

A few things I like about Joyce is that she not only teaches you how to save money with coupons, but she teaches you how to save without them.  One story in particular I read on her blog was how she helped this lady save money on the purchase of some eggs without any coupons.  The lady was on the dairy isle picking up 2 1/2 dozens of large eggs that were price at $3.99.  Joyce asked her why was she buying that size.  The lady told her she has a large family.  So, Joyce showed her that the dozen of large eggs were on sale that week for $0.99 and the price she was paying for 30 eggs, she could get 48 eggs or pay less money.  Joyce says, the lady went away with her 4 dozen eggs, but also with a huge smile on her face.  She says after this experience, people should not buy an item based on a habit, because that same item may be on sale.

Visit Joyce @ Miss Coupon Diva's website

Crystal Paine answers the question "Can We Survive on a $400 monthly Grocery Budget?"
Crystal answers this question by saying yes!  She says it is even possible for a family of 3.  The keys to making this successful is:
  1. Bring the cash to the store that you plan to spend on groceries, instead of checks and credit cards.  This will help you to stay within budget and not over spend.
  2. Get creative to help lower your grocery bill by planning your meals.
  3. Accept the challenge of surviving on a $400 monthly grocery budget.  Tell yourself positive things to help you stay in the race.
Visit Crystal Pain @ money saving to finish reading this article.  There is so much more advice she gives.

Tips to know about newspaper coupons
  1. Generally, right before a holiday, there are no coupons.  Once the holiday passes, the coupons in next week's newspaper will be doubled. 
  2. If you are paying for a membership at a store that sells in bulks, you may want to check at your local grocery story for that item, before you buy it.  Moms who coupon all the time say sometimes an item is cheaper with or without a coupon if the local grocery store has a sale on that item.
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