Reviews for Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set

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Reviews for Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set is given 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.  It's rated as the hottest toy of 2013 for a boy.

The track is basically a motorized hot wheels track that takes around 10-15 minutes to build.  It's a little larger than most tracks, but it is a standard powered track.  Even a first grader can do this!  The track takes 4 D batteries, which are not included and you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to open the batter case.

A couple of good things I can say about the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set is the cars really jump.  You can also switch the track your cars go on by changing the track three different ways.  The cars shoot shoot around the track really fast, and fall off just enough that you have to keep engaged with the toy, but it's not annoying. 

A couple things to remember...
  • Great toy for multiple kids, playing all at once!
  • Setup is easy! But keep your box as a quick reference.
  • Make plans for appropriate storage site.  There is not a way to fold the track to store it.
  • The track comes with one car.  You can purchase more cars.  Remember the more, the better.   
  •  The car you receive may not be as pictured on the box.  Most aren't.  
  • This is a kid friendly toy.  You or your child can't hurt yourself.  There isn't enough power for that.
  • Once, the track is on, it has a medium grade humming noise.  Reminds you of a vacuum cleaner.  
  • Many say they don't use the iPad app, it's not really necessary.  
It's good to do your research.  I read a few reviews and some people say for years they have felt like the Hot Wheels has not delivered on their track sets.  But reading reviews about the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set makes that statement not true for this particular toy.   One buyer says they didn't have any luck with any Hot Wheels tracks for several years.  They mention that they love the cars, but the tracks have always been overly complicated and cheaply constructed.  But, by purchasing and reading the reviews of the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set changed all of that. 

If you're lucky enough to get one of these  Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set, the listing price on Amazon is $53.80. 

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