Sara Jakes Marriage Quotes , she's writing about love y'all

Sarah Jakes was once married. She divorced her NFL husband of four years. In the public eyes, did it seem like it ended bitter...Heck No. If you have been following this story, it seems like they just want to be great parents for their children.
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But behind close doors, it seems like Sarah just wants to blog about love. 

I find that quite interesting being that she was married four years.  After, being married for four years, how can a person instantly want to express they care about the word love? 

Well, on her blog she expresses her thoughts, reasons, cares, mistakes, successes, and feelings about love.  You can visit the link below entitled Sarah Jakes . com to read what she has been writing about.
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Serita, T.D. Jakes, and Sarah Jakes.  Sarah has 4 other siblings.

Black Christian News, described her as the type of woman who makes you feel like you really can do it all and still end the day with a big smile on your face. 
Sarah Jakes said,
"You learn so much about marriage once you're married, and it's just about applying it."

  • I have build my ministry and identity around being the best wife and mother I can be.
  • I think one of the biggest strengths in marriage is really being able to laugh and play with one another, because life is so hard and you have to.
  • Marriage is an institution ordained by God.  Some grow into it, some found themselves in it, and some desire it.  But God gives it.
  • Call me naïve, call me young, call me what you want...I believe in love.
  • I believe in love that doesn't ignore wrongs, but pushes past it to find the right.
  • I have known love that stands as a wall around me in the face of adversity, protecting me from a harsh world.
  • I have seen love that silences personal thoughts and opinions, to spare pain from the one they love.
  • I have witnessed love that casts the perfect shadow in the scorching heat of heartbreak.
  • I trust love.
  • I trust that no matter what happens, love will see us through
  • True love should begin in the inside.
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Praise Philly Exclusive:
Sarah Henson (Jakes) Gets
Divorce After Four Years of Marriage
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Jasmine Brand:  Sarah husband responds

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Beyonce once again, has the people talking about her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards plus check out her Michael Costello dress

Before we find who is Michael Costello is, which we all know right now he is the designer behind Beyoncé's dress at the 2014 Grammy Awards.  Let's get some questions asked to find out how the dress was created.  Michael Costello talked with Kim Peiffer at In

 photo beyonce48_zpsb9b4a27b.jpg
Michael Costello created the dress where the sleeves have delicate flowers that cascade down one arm and onto the other one.  The back has this really beautiful square cut out
#1 How did your gown end up on Beyoncé in the first place?
I was at the Golden Globes after party hosted by Diddy and Beyoncé's stylist Ty Hunter was there.  He told me he wanted to come and see me for the Grammys.  As soon as we knew what day he was coming, we went out and bought a new chandelier, we bought new mannequins, and we started making new pieces for her right then and there! 

When he came in he saw a few options that he liked, but he said he wanted to do something naked.  So, that's when we hit up the secret stash! 

#2 About Michael Costello secret stash
Our secret stash is a collection of dresses that we keep hidden upstairs and we never show to anyone. 

When we brought it down Hunter was like "yes!"  He loved it!  The Dress wasn't even ready.  The zipper wasn't installed, the neckline wasn't finished, but he saw something in it and he knew she was going to love it. 

#3 How was the dress created
It has 3 different fabrics.  A white lace overlay, nude mesh underlay, and a fish netting behind the nude mesh to give the dress a little bit of stretch and support.  The dress is entirely hand sewn and sewn to the nude illusion fabric.  It's almost paper thin and you can't even tell it's fabric.  It looks like the lace is just floating on the body.  The sleeves have delicate flowers that cascade down one arm and onto the other one.  The back has this really beautiful square cut out.  It's an A-symmetrical mermaid silhouette on the bottom. 

#4 How long did it take for you make the dress
The dress is trimmed in this beautiful nylon hem called horse hair (a nylon fiber) and that's the thing that took the longest on the dress to do.  It took 14 hours to just get the hemline in the dress.  It took longer to get the hemline in the dress than to actually make the dress.  The whole process took about three day. 

#5 What was your reaction when you first saw the dress on Beyoncé at the show

 photo beyonce49_zps23bf427b.jpg
Michael Costello says he remembers sketching out the dress Beyoncé wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards and remember thinking this is exactly how I wanted the dress to turn out.
I started bawling!  It's one thing when you dress someone who's an A-list celebrity, but it's a completely different thing when you're such a huge fan.  She wore my dress when she could have worn anybody else's dress in the world.  That moment, I'm still living it.  To read more of this interview visit In Style . com

#5 Beyoncé's dress was a size TWO
Michael Costello said, they had no measurements for her or her actually size.  The dress was just made to fit a sample mannequin.  It's smaller than a 4.  She is TINY!  That dress is at least a 2/4.  I just love the way it came together. 

We had a great team.  I made four other pieces that night for Beyoncé, so that her stylist Ty had good options.  Continue to read full story at Necole B

#6 Beyoncé's Hair
A lot of people loved Beyoncé's hair, but a lot of people dislike it too for the Grammy's.  But just to let you know the inspiration behind it...Stylist Karen Langley was brought on board and she had a bunch of different ideas for the performance look.  She says we wanted to emulate the video and that is how the wet hair look came about.

About Michael Costello and the night that left him bawling

 photo 297f0507-2d95-4da4-9e37-aa7951e3ed7f_zps20a57e7f.jpg
Michael Costello says he is a big fan of
Beyoncé.  She is an A-list celebrity and
she could have wore any one's dress
in the whole world, but
she choose mines.
Michael Costello is a 31- year old L.A. designer.  Many of you may recognize him from Project Runway.  Season 8 and/or Project Runway All stars. 

Although, he didn't make first place on any one of the shows, he hit it big when it came to Beyoncé wearing that stellar dress he created for her at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

With Michael Costello, being so new and fresh to big names celebrity, I must admit he has definitely created a name for himself. 

If you haven't read his profile about how he started his career, then please do so at  www. Michael Costello. com,  While there I learned Michael had an early start at the age of 14 without even going to school to learn how to sew and how that has helped him on his journey. 

While watching the 2014 Grammy Awards, I was excited about two things.  First, just like Michael Costello, I am a huge fan of Beyoncé.  I absolutely loved her performance.  It wasn't Christian, but it was a Beyoncé performance.  In other words, the performance she put on last night was expected.  She was stunning!  Check her out below.

You can also check out a couple of other celebrities that are also styling and profiling in Michael Costello dresses.  Tamar Braxton and Skylar Gray were in wearing his brand too at the 2014 Grammy Awards.


 photo beyonce42_zps6350d7e8.jpg
It took 3 days to make this dress said, Michael Costello.  The threading along too 14 hours.  The entire dress was hand sewn.
Tamar Braxton
 photo tamarbraxton3_zps2a4821dd.jpg
Tamar Braxton attended the 2014 Grammy's Award with hubby Vincent Herbert.
Look Who Else is Wearing Michael's Dresses!
Celebrities Loved Beyoncé and Jay Z's performance
 photo beyonce45_zps504959c0.jpg
Beyoncé with Hubby Jay Z.  Their performance was great!  She gave him a little side eye during the performance.
Beyoncé and Jay Z performed the single Drunken Love on the 2014 Grammy Awards.  When the camera's took a snap shot of the audience, you could definitely see celebrities like Taylor Swift really getting crunk during the performance.  "Read what Twitter has to say"

Others say Beyoncé Grammy's Performance was to sexual
 photo beyonce46_zps5e1ce51f.jpg
The back of Beyoncé dress is just a square cut out.  Her dress is make of 3 types of fabric.  Lace, nude fabric, and flowers.
For me Beyoncé's performance was broken into segments.  We all know she had to grab our attention and most of us mom's who are Beyoncé fans, were probably anxious to see how her body look after having Blue Ivy.  Even though that was over a year ago.  But like Jamie Foxx, said a lot of us moms are sitting at home in a wow moment, because she looked good.  In a sense, we all wanted to see if she still had it.  And since having Blue Ivy this is one of her biggest premiers, having 29.7 million people watch the 2014 Grammy Awards.  So, this was a big deal for Beyoncé.

The first segment of Beyoncé's performance we see her hit the stage in a sheer bodysuit, her hair was short and wet.  On the stage she had a chair and it kind of seemed like she giving us a lap dance, but some people tried to make it out as Beyoncé giving her husband Jay Z a lap dance.  That seems really strange, because I always thought the person had to be present for the lap dance and at this particular segment of Beyoncé's performance, Jay Z was no where in sight.  

Once Jay Z hit the stage with Beyoncé, we see Beyoncé give him some eye glances in a flirty way and she kind of does a tease of a dance for them.  He then places his hand on her buttocks, they do the surfboard dance (which I have absolutely no ideal what that is), and end it with a kiss.

Many say that is too hot for television.  I'm sure Beyoncé and Jay Z love one another very much, but it would have been a very boring performance for Jay Z and Beyoncé if they had did anything else different.   Read More on Beyoncé Grammy's Performance Too Risqué for TV By: Luchina Fisher

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Left to Right:  Tamar Braxtons, Skylar Gray, Beyoncé Knowles

5 Things You Didn't Know about Iyanla Vanzant

We all know Iyanla Vanzant from her television show on the OWN channel, called Iyanla Fix My Life.  Iyanla is well respected by most, but some criticize her approach of how she tries to fix people lives on her show. 
 photo IyanlaVanzant8_zpsefa23beb.jpg
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When Iyanla's show Iyanla Fix My Life first started airing on the OWN channel, I kept hearing small things like Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla has beef.  I never believe that until I started doing my research.  So, as you can imagine, when I starting reading more on this story, other things came to the surface about Iyanla's life too.  Things like she graduated from law school, she has five children, she was a millionaire over 11 years ago, but carelessly lost her money by over spending, and that she has been a genuinely spiritual person while being in the celebrity spotlight.

So, here is 5 things you didn't know about Iyanla Vanzant, plus a little more information for you learn about her background roots, how her career was started, and how Iyanla fixed her own life. 

#1 Iyanla experienced the lost of her daughter Gemmia
Iyanla had a daughter, named Gemmia.  She died from a rare form of colon cancer on Christmas day in 2003.  After her death Iyanla suffered from depression, suicide thoughts, and hurt. 

She talks about the day Gemmia died in her book Peace from Broken Pieces and let me just say it is a teary-eye type of book.  Iyanla really gives us an insight of what she went through during those last couple of hours her daughter was alive and she talks about how she knew her daughter was transitioning from life her on earth to the after life in heaven.

She says she had a dream how Gemmia was standing in the middle between her and Jesus.  As Gemmia was fading in and out on that Christmas day, she could feel pain in her joints, in her organs as Gemmia's began to shut down, and she notice Gemmia was like in a transformation as she was going in and out of conscious.  One instance Iyanla ask Gemmia who's house were they at?  Everyone was gathered at Gemmia's house, but Gemmia mention she was at Damon's house.  Iyanla says, she know when people begin to make the transition from life to after life, they begin to travel to say good-bye.....To finish reading the book purchase it below at  (I am getting my copy!)

 photo IyanlaVanzant9_zps1d2978f3.jpg
Iyanla Vanzant with her daughter Gemmia.  Gemmia loss her battle with cancer in 2003
#2 Iyanla Files for Bankrupty
Did you know Iyanla use to be a millionaire, before her show Iyanla Fix My Life?  She was actually a millionaire at a young age.  At one time she was receiving million dollar checks from her book deal.  Not sure how often, but it sounds like she was receiving quite a few.  However, she missed managed her money by not paying taxes on her home, her mortgage ballooned, her talk show with Oprah was cancelled, and she lost her publishing deal, which they sued her for the money advancement they gave her for the book(s). 

#3 It's 2014 and Iyanla says she rents, shops at Walmart, and is living check to check
Iyanla has been starting over after bankruptcy.  So how is she doing it?  Iyanla says,

"I rent instead of own.
I shop at Wal-Mart.
I do a lot more of my own cooking.
I have a new normal.
I have a lot of fewer needs.
I have absolutely no savings. 
I wouldn't say that I'm broke.
I would say that I'm working class poor.
I don't look like I'm dying of starvation. "

"I fill my like with things that are more fulfilling, like scrap booking and making my own soap, which I sell locally.  It's not something that I do not do to become rich and famous, but simply for the joy and the peace of it."

 photo IyanlaVanzant12_zps3098c40c.jpg
Twitter Picture from Iyanla.  Cooking for the holidays 2013
She says, "Instead of living from check to check, she is living prayer to prayer."

#4 Iyanla had three children by the age of 21 years old
Iyanla got pregnant at 16 years old and had three kids by twenty one.  She depended on welfare to get her by, but was able to put herself through Medgar Evers College and then law school.  She says,

"I didn't have money for child care, so I took my children to college with me and they sat in the hallway.  They went everywhere with me." 

Iyanla didn't have her mother, because she died when Iyanla was only three years old.  Her daddy was thrown in jail and her aunt raised her. 

#5 Iyanla and Oprah's beef
For a year and a half, Iyanla was regular on the Oprah daytime show.  Oprah enjoyed Iyanla so much on the show, that she would give the entire show to Iyanla, while she sat in the audience.  She did this, because she thought Iyanla was so gifted.

Iyanla told Oprah she loved the Oprah daytime show, but felt like Oprah never liked her.  She thought Oprah only wanted her work and didn't care about her as a person. 

Oprah ask Iyanla "What did you think it meant when I sat in the audience to let you take the stage?"

When it came to developing a show for Iyanla, she must have known there was going to be one in the making through Harpo studios.  But Barbara Walters had also brought it to Iyanla's attention that she was offering her a show too.  The show from Oprah wasn't going to happen for a while and Iyanla thought the offer from Barbara was better, because they were ready to start her show now.  However, it turned out to be a flop. 

Before, taking the offer from Barbara Walters, Iyanla let Oprah know what was going on.  Iyanla says before talking to Oprah she fasted and prayed about what she should do...Whether she should wait on Oprah to make a decision about the show they were giving her or go on with the offer from Barbara Walters. 

Iyanla states "God told her it was the anointed time for the Iyanla Show."  Meaning it was time for her to have her own show.  So, with that being said Iyanla went to Oprah and told her she had received an offer from someone else about doing a show, but not mentioning Barbara Walters name.  Oprah took the news as Iyanla giving her an ultimatum and she pretty much showed her the door.  But Iyanla says, it was not an ultimatum. 

When Oprah and Iyanla talked a few years later about this Oprah says she felt like she told Iyanla that she wasn't ready for a show, because she was under developed for her own show at that point in her life.  Iyanla disagreed and said nobody told her nothing.  She thought the people apart of the Harpo team including Oprah was not prepared to do a show featuring her. 

But Oprah disagree too with what Iyanla said.  Oprah told Iyanla she knew what she was doing when she walked into that room over 11 years ago and she had every intention to try to force their hand. 

Iyanla admitted that she was not able to receive the good things that Oprah was offering her, because of her own emotional hang ups.  She told Oprah and her audience that she didn't have an office, she had no control over her own show, the producers had not read any of her books, Barbara Walters was just trying to steal her away from Oprah, and she was doomed to fail from the beginning.  She said her taking the deal with Barbara Walters was her pattern of aligning herself with people that treated her badly.

She was a teacher of spiritual laws and principles, but all that came to a halt and she stop making appearances over 11 years ago. 

Iyanla Book Peace from Broken Pieces
Iyanla Vanzant has 15 published books.  Wow! 

In Iyanla's book Peace from Broken Pieces, she shares with us the thoughts, the emotions, and the experience leading up to her daughter Gemmia's death on Christmas Day.  Iyanla says

"I am going to tell you a story about how a New York Times best-selling author ends up flat broke, looking for a place to live. 
I am going to show you how a 37-year relationship ends in divorce by e-mail. 
I am going to share with you the intimate details of how an internationally recognized spiritual teacher ends up on the edge of the bed in a million dollar home slated for foreclosure, contemplating suicide. 
I am also going to tell you about the power of friends, faith, and prayer."

"I am going to tell you about betrayal and the devastation it causes for everyone involved. 
I want to share with you what I have learned about having and not having a vision, and the cost of holding on to a vision that is not yours. 
I want you to know what I have learned about personality flaws, human weaknesses, a corrupted mind, a broken heart, and a depleted spirit. 
These are the pieces of my life that led to it's total and complete collapse pieces of my life that I didn't even know existed until my life fell into pieces." 

 photo IyanlaVanzant10_zpsb990a39e.jpg
Peace From Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You're Going Through (2012), Available @ $12.13 (paperback)
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  3. Contact Iyanla for prayer, speaking engagements, media inquiries, or general questionsI
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4 Power Thoughts from Joyce Meyer

Who doesn't love a mighty and powerful woman of God?  If you don't, than I suggest you don't listen to anything I have to say about Joyce Meyer's book Power Thoughts.
So, who exactly needs power thoughts and what are they?

First, I will admit that I need power thoughts!  I need them everyday.  Power thoughts are positive things you tell yourself.  For example...
  1. I am smart
  2. I will live a stress free life
  3. Today will be a great day, because I decided that it would
  4. My destiny is not determine by others, but by the choices I make
  5. I am destined for greatness
  6. I will have a great day today
  7. I will show respect to my boss
  8. I will love my enemies and those who wrongfully misuse me
  9. I am a leader
  10. I can do all things through Christ Jesus, who is my strength 
When you hear the words "Power Thoughts,"  exactly what comes to mind?

I know for me it's all about strengthening my mind to prepare me for the world.  Let me explain that concept a little...

Everyday I encounter people.  I come into contact with people who I thought I never would see again, people I've hated once upon a time in my life, old flames, enemies, and just really rude people.  These types of people will never disappear, as a matter of fact you may run into them too often.  But what can change is how you treat them.  If you tell yourself that you are going to treat people right no matter what, then that's a power thought. 

Now if you fail at it, it's okay, because we are not talking about power actions, but only about power thoughts.  If you begin to regularly think about these things to help you be a better person, eventually they will become power actions.

Do you know...
Do you know there is power behind everything you think about.  Whether it's right or wrong, there is action behind the thought.  For example...

If you tell yourself you look good in red, then red will become one of the favorite colors you like to wear.  If you tell yourself you don't like customer service, then everywhere you go, you may experience customer service problems.  And it may not be something wrong with the person in customer service, but instead just with you. 

We hear songs
All the time that says sometimes we have to learn to encourage ourselves.  And that's exactly how I feel about power thoughts.  It's so easy to think wrong, but very hard to think right.  Especially, when you seem to find yourself in hard situations all the time.   

One of the ways I was able to overcome some of the obstacles in my life is by the Power Thoughts I learned from Joyce Meyer's book.  It really opened my eyes to see the kind of person God wants me to be and the kind of person I actually am.  One thing I will say about the lessons in the book is they are tough.  It gets you thinking, but also increases your awareness of how to treat people. 

Joyce Meyer Power Thoughts
  1. You never know what God has in store when he puts something on your heart to do, even when it doesn't make sense.  
  2. If God asks you to do something...DO IT! I assure you, He always knows, what He is doing.  So, even when you don't understand go ahead and obey!
  3. In many Scripture passages, the bible teaches that when we obey God we are blessed and when we don't, we aren't.
  4. Take my word for it...obedience is better than disobedience.
Joyce Meyer: Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Min,
 Available @ $11.44

Joyce Meyer" Wonderfully Made (Everyday Zoo), Available@ $13.67.

4 Ways to strengthen your faith

Life without Faith is like Life without God.  
I define faith as trusting God.  
How do you define faith?
Is it confusing?
Impossible to have?

Vintage Antique Bronze Leather Rope Bracelet Wristband, Available $2.99
Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing is too hard for my God!  Just like you should have faith in Him, He definitely has faith in you.  Just think about it...

Remember, I said faith is like trusting God?  Well, look at the some of the things God trusts you with...

  1. He trust you with your sons/daughters
  2. He trusts you to do right with the finances He provides
  3. He trusts you with the wisdom to help others
Those may seem like small things that he is trusting you with, but He has to start some where.

You see in order for God to trust you with major things, he has to be able to trust you with the small things.  This is where you learn how to strengthen your faith.  There's many ways to strengthen your faith, but I'll only give you four.  Maybe by the end of this you will have 10 more.

Blue Leather Love, Faith Bangle Charm Bracelet, Available $9.98
Every time I write about faith, prayer is always mention.  Why?  Well, because prayer gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with God.  Because, God is the person who helps with our faith issues, He should be the person you go to and talk about your struggles with faith.  You ever heard small prayer little power, but big prayer more power...That's so true!  The same saying goes for no faith, no power, but a little faith, gives power.
At the age of 26, I still didn't know how to pray.  I asked God for help and here I am in present day, praying for people.  I pray bold, I cry when I pray, I honestly want healing for the person I am praying for, so I give it my all under the power of God.  I ask God for wisdom about the situation to help the person in need.  I try to pray for others before I pray for myself.  All of this has helped to strengthen my faith, because I feel the presence of The Lord.  It's even more awesome when they come back with a testimony from the power of prayer.  Remember prayer changes things.

Church music
There's all type of church music to listen to.  Have you have ever heard the message in a song and it just brought you to tears.  I am the same way.  I love to ministered through a good church song.  It confirms things, gives me peace, brings me to tears, and brings this amazing love over me.  The love of Jesus that is.  

When you start to really hear the lyrics of the song it gives you hope about the things you are going through.  It tells you if they are singing about some of the same things I am going through, than God must be a faithful and trusting God.  He delivered them and that means He will deliver me too!

Wonderfully Made, Children's Book by Joyce Meyer, Available @ $13.67
Are you in a good church?  Do you go every Sunday?  Wednesday?  Getting in a good faithful church that believes in the word of God and walks by it will definitely help you to strengthen your faith.  I just can't begin to explain how church has change my life.  I never thought church was meant for me.  I didn't regularly attend every Sunday while growing up.  As a matter of fact I usually only attended on Easter.  But now that I am older I know better and when you know better you do better.  

Church teaches you about God's word.  Your pastor should be showing you and telling you how you should apply the bible to your everyday life.  The stories in the bible aren't just for show and tell...they are real...and they are us today.

Joyce Meyer's Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind, available @ 1.441.
Sometimes, all I want to do is rest in The Lord.  I just want to close my eyes and hear His voice.  As I meditate I begin to think about the lyrics to the church song I last heard, I think about what the pastor preached about Sunday, or what I learned in bible study.  Then I take all of that and think about how my day was.

Did I give God any praise?  Did I talk to Him after I prayed that morning?  Did I give anyone an encouraging word?  How was my attitude up until now?

Just sitting there meditating, you'll begin to think about things you could of did better.  And what that does is prepare you for tomorrow, so you can be a better person.  A better vessel to be used by God.  Don't get upset at yourself if things didn't go as plan, they went according to how God wanted them.  Remember, He has a plan for us all.  And maybe you have been praying for more faith or patience.  So, whatever instance you went through today was probably to help you with what you have been praying for.

Husband Quote: 50/50 Marriage

5 Sweet Ways to Tell Your Valentine's I Love You

Hey there!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  As a matter of fact it is January 14, 2014 and that means you have only a month to find that special someone a great gift.
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I heard a rumor one time, that people say they break up right before Valentine's day to avoid buying the other person a gift.  Wow!  That's pretty ridiculous....But what's even more ridiculous is the history behind Valentine's Day on Wikipedia.

I know...Stuff on Wikipedia you have to double check sometimes, but I read this amazing and interesting story about how there was this saint named Valentinus.  He was put in prison for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and he was also put in jail for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.  Continue reading full story.

The part of the story that troubled me was when Valentinus was put in jail for trying to do the right thing.  But if you stick with my list of 5 Sweet Ways to Tell Your Valentine's I Love You, then you shouldn't have to worry about doing any wrong.  Your Valentine's sweetheart is sure to love you and hopefully this will be a Valentine's Day to remember.

With Valentine's Day being around as long as it has, it has always been associated with romantic love. So, if you still want to break up with the person you loved before Valentine's Day rolls around, than I guess you're the one missing out.
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However, for those of you who are looking to provide some sweet loving to your mate, here is 5 Sweet Ways to Tell Your Valentine's I Love You:

#1 Beyonce said, If you like it than you should of put a ring on it
Visit GOTBOC'S PINTEREST PAGE entitled Beyonce covers up enough to be welcome in the church

This is a bit more serious gift, but there's no memory like getting engaged on Valentine's Day.  Every year when Valentine's Day rolls around, she will always have that sweet memory of that day.

#2 Candy, Card,  & U can't 4get about Dinner
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This is far more easy to do!  Candy, card, and a romantic dinner.  For some people this may really seem whack, an easy way to do things, or what ever you want to call it.  But actually, women love these things.  I never get tired of being taken out and swept off my feet.  Getting a card, reminds me of how much he loves me, and this is probably one of the only times throughout the year I actually get a change to over indulge in chocolate.

#3 Jewelry
VJLOFT Valentine's Day Heart Key Necklace Vintage Pattern Elegant Women's Jewelry, available @ $4.99

You can never go wrong with jewelry.  A good piece of jewelry that is sterling silver is still okay.  This is a great gift for a man or woman.

#4 Shopping

Dolce & Gabbana For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Ounce, available @ Amazon $43.35
I'm not sure what the percentage is for women wanting to shop, but I'm sure it's pretty high.  But don't get it twisted women, because men love to shop too.  Just make sure you're shopping for what the other person really wants.  I personally prefer a new designer purse, shoes, a new gadget, or perfume. 

Other women may prefer getting their nails done, getting their car clean, or a nice massage.

If you're shopping for your man, I really think they are easier to shop for than women.  A new video game, a shirt, hat, cologne, or a pair of socks will put a smile on their face.

#5 Spice it up in the bedroom
Artiwa Women's Kimono Style Satin Robe - Peacock & Blossom Design, Short Maroon Red, available @ $19.50

I saved the best for last.  Valentine's Day is just one of those days where men or women feel like they have to have sex.  It's a lovie dub so called holiday and this is how some people express their love.

The greatest enjoyment I get from Valentine's Day is being able to express to my love one that I love him.  I even try to spread the love to my children and have them spread the love to someone they really care about.

It's not about getting gifts, even though they make you feel more loved.  But it's all about why you love that person.

If you can't buy the gift you want for him or's really okay.  Just make sure you make up for it with a hug, kiss, and a simply saying that goes "I LOVE YOU."

Didn't like my topic on 5 Sweet Ways to tell your Valentine's I Love You? 
Well keep reading, because I have something especially for the ladies.

If those 5 sweet ways to tell your Valentine's I Love you, isn't for you, because
  1. He just broke up with you
  2. He's not the Valentine's for you
  3. Your just not that in to him
  4. He broke your heart
  5. He didn't get you anything, so why should I 
  6. He's not the mushy type
  7. He broke your heart
  8. and finally...You just say I hate Valentine's Day
Then maybe you should:
  1. Go to the gym...I promise hardly no one will be in there
  2. Offer to watch someone's child, while they enjoy a Valentine's Day dinner
  3. Go to bed tomorrow it'll all be over with
  4. can still buy yourself something nice
  5. Work late...It makes the time fly by
  6. Clean you house
  7. Hang out with someone else who doesn't have a Valentine's sweetheart
  8. Last but not least...don't stress yourself out about today...You'll be fine!
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Valentine's Day for your child

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