10 ways Oprah makes money from Harpo Productions

I'll give you 10 ways Oprah makes money from Harpo Productions and hopefully it will inspire the entrepreneur in you!

  1. Harpo Radio
  2. Oprah $55 million contract with XM Radio
  3. Harpo Prints LLC, publishes "O Magazine"
  4. Harpo Studios produces The Dr. Oz Show
  5. Harpo Studios produced The Rachael Ray Show
  6. Harpo Films developed motion picture like Precious
  7. Harpo Films developed telefilms like Their Eyes were Watching God
  8. Co-founder of Oxygen Media, which operates the Oxygen Network
  9. Oprah dot com
  10. Oprah's book club
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The makings of Harpo Studios
In 1988 Oprah founded her own production facility, called Harpo Studios.  Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards!

Did you know Harpo employees are banned from talking or writing about Oprah's personal or business affairs and those of her company for the rest of their lives (If you haven't noticed, she is a very private person).  However, Elizabeth Coady challenge that in court and lost her case.
Here's a list of movies and television shows produced by Harpo Films

#1 - Harpo Radio
Harpo Radio is available on AOL Radio and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Oprah is not one of the main jocks on the radio, but some of the personalities include Gayle King, Dr. Oz, Dr. Laura Berman, and Derrick Ashong.  Some of the topics talked about are self improvement, nutrition, fitness, parenting, health, home, current events, and finance.  (read full story @ Aol Radio Blog)

# 2 - Oprah on XM Radio
Oprah signed a $55 million dollars contract with XM Satellite Radio to launch a new channel named Oprah Radio

#3 - O Magazine
O Magazine has been in publication for over 10 years.  In year 2000 Oprah partner with Hearst Magazines and launched O The Oprah Magazine.  The magazine represents women's lifestyle.  It now has two million monthly readers, which is more than Martha Stewart Living and Vogue.  She also has another magazine entitled O at home, which was launched in 2004, but it is a seasonal home design magazine.

This cover got a lot of attention.  Mad Magazine gives you a before and after the wig
#4 - Oprah and Dr. Oz
Many people call the Dr. Oz television show a spin off show after Oprah aired her last talk show.  He appeared many times on her show and not to say people thought he was using her, but based on the times he was on her talk show, he got his own.  Dr. Oz show has been called lame and many people don't understand why he needs the money from a talk show when he is a heart surgeon.  However, many people like the show.  Some even say the only time they watched the Oprah show was when he was a guest appearing.

#5 - Oprah and Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray first started appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show during the 2004-2005 season.  Rachael shared her style of cooking by showing Americans how you can prepare quick and easy meals, along with party planning too.  She was received well by the audiences and from people around the world.
from there Oprah and Rachael began a joint production project starring Rachael Ray, giving her a spin off show, called The Rachael Ray Show.

#6 - Harpo Films
In 1990 Harpo films was founded.  It was founded to work on projects based on comtemporary and classic literature, such as 1998's Beloved.  Everything that has Oprah's name on it is put out by her company under her direct supervision.  Her deals with ABC, Oxygen Network, and Hearst Magazines are basically distribution deals she has full control over.  This includes Harpo's stock, in which she owns 90% of it.  Her lawyer Jeff Jacob's own the other 10% of Harpo Inc.

#7- #8 - Oxygen Network
Oxygen is a cable network for women reaching more than 54 million viewers.  Oprah is a co-founder of Oxygen Media.

#9 - Oprah.com
Oprah's website has 3 million users per month, with 45 million page views.  It is listed as one of the top women's lifestyle websites.

#10 -Oprah's book club
Her book club features more than half a million members and is the largest book club in the world.

Oprah is the first black woman to achieve being a billionaire.


She has a whole list of accomplishments and awards, but she says she doesn't think of herself as a businesswoman.  Even though we see her as one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry, she says
There is a part of me that's afraid of what will happen if I believe it all.  

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