4 Ways to strengthen your faith

Life without Faith is like Life without God.  
I define faith as trusting God.  
How do you define faith?
Is it confusing?
Impossible to have?

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Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing is too hard for my God!  Just like you should have faith in Him, He definitely has faith in you.  Just think about it...

Remember, I said faith is like trusting God?  Well, look at the some of the things God trusts you with...

  1. He trust you with your sons/daughters
  2. He trusts you to do right with the finances He provides
  3. He trusts you with the wisdom to help others
Those may seem like small things that he is trusting you with, but He has to start some where.

You see in order for God to trust you with major things, he has to be able to trust you with the small things.  This is where you learn how to strengthen your faith.  There's many ways to strengthen your faith, but I'll only give you four.  Maybe by the end of this you will have 10 more.

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Every time I write about faith, prayer is always mention.  Why?  Well, because prayer gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with God.  Because, God is the person who helps with our faith issues, He should be the person you go to and talk about your struggles with faith.  You ever heard small prayer little power, but big prayer more power...That's so true!  The same saying goes for no faith, no power, but a little faith, gives power.
At the age of 26, I still didn't know how to pray.  I asked God for help and here I am in present day, praying for people.  I pray bold, I cry when I pray, I honestly want healing for the person I am praying for, so I give it my all under the power of God.  I ask God for wisdom about the situation to help the person in need.  I try to pray for others before I pray for myself.  All of this has helped to strengthen my faith, because I feel the presence of The Lord.  It's even more awesome when they come back with a testimony from the power of prayer.  Remember prayer changes things.

Church music
There's all type of church music to listen to.  Have you have ever heard the message in a song and it just brought you to tears.  I am the same way.  I love to ministered through a good church song.  It confirms things, gives me peace, brings me to tears, and brings this amazing love over me.  The love of Jesus that is.  

When you start to really hear the lyrics of the song it gives you hope about the things you are going through.  It tells you if they are singing about some of the same things I am going through, than God must be a faithful and trusting God.  He delivered them and that means He will deliver me too!

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Are you in a good church?  Do you go every Sunday?  Wednesday?  Getting in a good faithful church that believes in the word of God and walks by it will definitely help you to strengthen your faith.  I just can't begin to explain how church has change my life.  I never thought church was meant for me.  I didn't regularly attend every Sunday while growing up.  As a matter of fact I usually only attended on Easter.  But now that I am older I know better and when you know better you do better.  

Church teaches you about God's word.  Your pastor should be showing you and telling you how you should apply the bible to your everyday life.  The stories in the bible aren't just for show and tell...they are real...and they are us today.

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Sometimes, all I want to do is rest in The Lord.  I just want to close my eyes and hear His voice.  As I meditate I begin to think about the lyrics to the church song I last heard, I think about what the pastor preached about Sunday, or what I learned in bible study.  Then I take all of that and think about how my day was.

Did I give God any praise?  Did I talk to Him after I prayed that morning?  Did I give anyone an encouraging word?  How was my attitude up until now?

Just sitting there meditating, you'll begin to think about things you could of did better.  And what that does is prepare you for tomorrow, so you can be a better person.  A better vessel to be used by God.  Don't get upset at yourself if things didn't go as plan, they went according to how God wanted them.  Remember, He has a plan for us all.  And maybe you have been praying for more faith or patience.  So, whatever instance you went through today was probably to help you with what you have been praying for.

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