6 Black History Questions about Oprah Winfrey

It's that time of the year again...Black History and it's time to celebrate Oprah Winfrey.  This year she will turning 60 years old (2014).  There's so much to cover, but we're giving you the 6 black history questions about Oprah Winfrey that are the most popular ones.
  1. Oprah grew up in Mississippi
  2. We believe one of Oprah's spiritual gift was speaking at an early age
  3. Oprah's father played a major role in her life
  4. Oprah goes to college
  5. Oprah finds her niche
  6. Oprah's biggest break came in 1985 "The Color Purple"
#1 - Where did Oprah Winfrey grow up
Oprah was the daughter of a sharecropper.  She was born Oprah Gail Winfrey January 29th 1954 on a farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi.  While growing up she faced poverty, parental neglect, sexual abuse, and racism.


Her parents were unmarried and split apart shortly after her birth.  She was left in the care of her maternal grandmother, who taught her how to read by the age of 2.

#2 - One of Oprah's spiritual gift
By the time Oprah was 3 her speaking talents had emerged.  She was often invited to recite poetry at social clubs and church teas, where they referred to her as "the little speaker."  Keep reading along, because Oprah's ability to speak at a young age is what has open many doors for her.

#3 - Oprah Winfrey's father has a spirit of learning
Oprah told Good Housekeeping Magazine, that her father's love of learning showed her the way to learn more.

At age 6, Oprah moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to live with her mother in the urban ghetto.  It was different for her and she had to learned how to adjust, after enjoying the peace on a Mississippi farm.  This was a challenge for her.  Along, with adjusting to her new surroundings her mother was preoccupied with her own problems that she had little time for Oprah.  With hardly no supervision or parental guidance there, at the age of 9 Oprah went through sexually abuse by different men, including a cousin and her mother's boyfriend.  This cause Oprah to act out and her mother in return tried to put her in a detention center, but there was not enough room for her to be admitted.

She was then sent to live with her father in Nashville, Tennessee instead.  She says her father was a strict disciplinarian, but he changed the path of the way her life was going.  He would tell her that she can more, all she had to do was believe.

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#4 - Oprah Goes to College
With some help from her father, Oprah became an honor student and rediscovered her gift for public speaking.  Her speaking skills earned her a scholarship to Tennessee State University.  There she majored in speech and drama.  This was all after she won the beauty pageant Miss Black Tennessee at age 17.

A 19 year old sophomore in 1973, Oprah was offered a job as a co-news anchor at Nashville's CBS affiliate WTVF-TV.  This established her as Nashville's first black female co-anchor.

During her senior year in college Oprah left and accepted a position in Baltimore with WJZ-TV as the co-anchor of the evening news.  However, this was not in the area of news Oprah needed to be in.  She had a difficult time separating herself from work and fought back tears too often while reporting stories that touched her.  She was not able to get past the emotional connections and she was fired.

#5 - Oprah finds her niche
Oprah found her niche in 1977 while working for a talk show called "People are Talking."  She was the co-host with Phil Donahue.  After, doing the first show she came off the air and said to herself

 "This is what I should be doing.  It's like breathing."  

#6 - Oprah's big break
Oprah had some pretty big success in the talk show industry, but her big break came in 1985, when producer Quincy Jones offered her a role in Alice Walker's The Color Purple.  In 1986 came "The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986 - 2011)."  Just 5 months of debuting, it became the 3rd highest rated show in syndication and the No. 1 talk show, reaching 10 million people daily in 192 cities.

By the end of the 1990s, Oprah was worth $415 million.  Which made her the wealthiest woman in show business and one of the most powerful figures in the television industry.  Her recipe for success is simple
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