7 Reasons to go back to school to be a nurse

Medical careers will always be in-demand.  Why?  Because, people always get sick, women are always having babies, many people don't take care of their body, which causes health problems, and in general we need medical care to help with different sicknesses.

There are many reasons to get back in school to be a nurse, but I'll only give you 7.

Why are nurses in-demand you say?  Well, nurses are actually needed for many jobs in the medical field.  You can actually call them the doctor's right hand person.  They have such a load such as giving shots, preparing paper work, bathing their patients, comforting them, and sometimes even delivering a baby.

Yes!  It's true a nurse will deliver the baby if the doctor is not in the room at the time.  There's so many job titles you will have as a nurse, that you'll be amazed.

Another thing you should realize, is that nurses can be a man or woman.  Some women actually prefer the man nurse over the doctor nurse, because they

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#1 It's a rewarding financial career
An average nurse makes more than $52,000 a year.  Experienced and specialized nurses make over $72,000.

Even though nursing can be a rewarding financial career, many nurses struggle to find the medium between being a happy nurse and being a nurse who is just ready to patch you up and ship you out the front door.  You have to know that they deal with all sorts of people and most of the stories that come through to whatever department they work in are all alike.  This can make a nurse feel depressed and even have them to look at their life changing career as just a job.

I don't know about you, but just hearing that a nurse just shows up to work to make a pay check is hard to hear.  When I see my nurse I want him or her to make me feel at ease, comfort me, and to make me feel better.  I feel like that's just part of their jobs.

So, when you think about nursing being a rewarding financial career, you also have to take in to consideration all of the other things that come along with the job.

#2 A nurse can work at many establishments
Have you every thought what establishment you want to work at as a nurse?
  1. hospitals
  2. schools
  3. In home care facilities
  4. government agencies
  5. PRN (On call nurse)
  6. Nursing Homes
  7. Doctor Offices
  8. College Teacher
  9. Day-cares
  10. Clinics (included women, man, children, Dialysis)
  11. Pediatric
  12. Emergency Rooms
  13. Operating Rooms
  14. Veteran's Hospital
  15. Delivery Room's for new babies
  16. OB-GYN Offices
  17. Chiropractic Offices
  18. Orthro Pedic's 
  19. Cancer Center
  20. State Hospital
#3 By 2020 the U.S. will face a shortage of 800,000 nurses
If you think about it, the year is now 2014 and 2020 is only about 6 years from now.  To graduate with a certificate in nursing, it can take you 18 months to 24 months.  Here is how...

Medical Assistance >License Practical Nurse (LPN)>Register Nurse

There are different programs for each type of the positions listed above.  My suggestion is if you are wanting to work sooner than later, take the slow road by working your way up.  But if you have the time to go to school without any interruptions, than go ahead and take the leap.

#4 Flexible Schedules
Nurses in most work environments can work their desired shift.  Why?  Because, there is a demand.  A shift can range from 4 to 12 hours a day. Giving you time for a side job, being able to complete homework with the kids, or to further your education.

#5 Gratifying Career
As a nurse, you will be working with many patients.  You'll be saving lives.  Someone will feel they are forever in your debt, because you're just doing your job, but to them you have saved their life.

#6 It's challenging
There's never a dull moment!  You never know what type of medical condition or patient you will be working with.  No two patients are the same.  If you think you will be getting bored, than think again.

#7 Trauma Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Operating Room Nurse
Hey the choice is yours!  That's what so great about this field.d  You can make a lot of money and enjoy your job without all the glory and guts.  You can even travel.  Find out how much travel nurses makes now.

When a doctor picks a specialty, he or she has to stick to it, as changing specialty means continuing education.  However, as a nurse you can change specialities and shift from pediatrics to trauma to cancer by attending an orientation training session and getting hands on training.

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