Beyonce once again, has the people talking about her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards plus check out her Michael Costello dress

Before we find who is Michael Costello is, which we all know right now he is the designer behind Beyoncé's dress at the 2014 Grammy Awards.  Let's get some questions asked to find out how the dress was created.  Michael Costello talked with Kim Peiffer at In

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Michael Costello created the dress where the sleeves have delicate flowers that cascade down one arm and onto the other one.  The back has this really beautiful square cut out
#1 How did your gown end up on Beyoncé in the first place?
I was at the Golden Globes after party hosted by Diddy and Beyoncé's stylist Ty Hunter was there.  He told me he wanted to come and see me for the Grammys.  As soon as we knew what day he was coming, we went out and bought a new chandelier, we bought new mannequins, and we started making new pieces for her right then and there! 

When he came in he saw a few options that he liked, but he said he wanted to do something naked.  So, that's when we hit up the secret stash! 

#2 About Michael Costello secret stash
Our secret stash is a collection of dresses that we keep hidden upstairs and we never show to anyone. 

When we brought it down Hunter was like "yes!"  He loved it!  The Dress wasn't even ready.  The zipper wasn't installed, the neckline wasn't finished, but he saw something in it and he knew she was going to love it. 

#3 How was the dress created
It has 3 different fabrics.  A white lace overlay, nude mesh underlay, and a fish netting behind the nude mesh to give the dress a little bit of stretch and support.  The dress is entirely hand sewn and sewn to the nude illusion fabric.  It's almost paper thin and you can't even tell it's fabric.  It looks like the lace is just floating on the body.  The sleeves have delicate flowers that cascade down one arm and onto the other one.  The back has this really beautiful square cut out.  It's an A-symmetrical mermaid silhouette on the bottom. 

#4 How long did it take for you make the dress
The dress is trimmed in this beautiful nylon hem called horse hair (a nylon fiber) and that's the thing that took the longest on the dress to do.  It took 14 hours to just get the hemline in the dress.  It took longer to get the hemline in the dress than to actually make the dress.  The whole process took about three day. 

#5 What was your reaction when you first saw the dress on Beyoncé at the show

 photo beyonce49_zps23bf427b.jpg
Michael Costello says he remembers sketching out the dress Beyoncé wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards and remember thinking this is exactly how I wanted the dress to turn out.
I started bawling!  It's one thing when you dress someone who's an A-list celebrity, but it's a completely different thing when you're such a huge fan.  She wore my dress when she could have worn anybody else's dress in the world.  That moment, I'm still living it.  To read more of this interview visit In Style . com

#5 Beyoncé's dress was a size TWO
Michael Costello said, they had no measurements for her or her actually size.  The dress was just made to fit a sample mannequin.  It's smaller than a 4.  She is TINY!  That dress is at least a 2/4.  I just love the way it came together. 

We had a great team.  I made four other pieces that night for Beyoncé, so that her stylist Ty had good options.  Continue to read full story at Necole B

#6 Beyoncé's Hair
A lot of people loved Beyoncé's hair, but a lot of people dislike it too for the Grammy's.  But just to let you know the inspiration behind it...Stylist Karen Langley was brought on board and she had a bunch of different ideas for the performance look.  She says we wanted to emulate the video and that is how the wet hair look came about.

About Michael Costello and the night that left him bawling

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Michael Costello says he is a big fan of
Beyoncé.  She is an A-list celebrity and
she could have wore any one's dress
in the whole world, but
she choose mines.
Michael Costello is a 31- year old L.A. designer.  Many of you may recognize him from Project Runway.  Season 8 and/or Project Runway All stars. 

Although, he didn't make first place on any one of the shows, he hit it big when it came to Beyoncé wearing that stellar dress he created for her at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

With Michael Costello, being so new and fresh to big names celebrity, I must admit he has definitely created a name for himself. 

If you haven't read his profile about how he started his career, then please do so at  www. Michael Costello. com,  While there I learned Michael had an early start at the age of 14 without even going to school to learn how to sew and how that has helped him on his journey. 

While watching the 2014 Grammy Awards, I was excited about two things.  First, just like Michael Costello, I am a huge fan of Beyoncé.  I absolutely loved her performance.  It wasn't Christian, but it was a Beyoncé performance.  In other words, the performance she put on last night was expected.  She was stunning!  Check her out below.

You can also check out a couple of other celebrities that are also styling and profiling in Michael Costello dresses.  Tamar Braxton and Skylar Gray were in wearing his brand too at the 2014 Grammy Awards.


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It took 3 days to make this dress said, Michael Costello.  The threading along too 14 hours.  The entire dress was hand sewn.
Tamar Braxton
 photo tamarbraxton3_zps2a4821dd.jpg
Tamar Braxton attended the 2014 Grammy's Award with hubby Vincent Herbert.
Look Who Else is Wearing Michael's Dresses!
Celebrities Loved Beyoncé and Jay Z's performance
 photo beyonce45_zps504959c0.jpg
Beyoncé with Hubby Jay Z.  Their performance was great!  She gave him a little side eye during the performance.
Beyoncé and Jay Z performed the single Drunken Love on the 2014 Grammy Awards.  When the camera's took a snap shot of the audience, you could definitely see celebrities like Taylor Swift really getting crunk during the performance.  "Read what Twitter has to say"

Others say Beyoncé Grammy's Performance was to sexual
 photo beyonce46_zps5e1ce51f.jpg
The back of Beyoncé dress is just a square cut out.  Her dress is make of 3 types of fabric.  Lace, nude fabric, and flowers.
For me Beyoncé's performance was broken into segments.  We all know she had to grab our attention and most of us mom's who are Beyoncé fans, were probably anxious to see how her body look after having Blue Ivy.  Even though that was over a year ago.  But like Jamie Foxx, said a lot of us moms are sitting at home in a wow moment, because she looked good.  In a sense, we all wanted to see if she still had it.  And since having Blue Ivy this is one of her biggest premiers, having 29.7 million people watch the 2014 Grammy Awards.  So, this was a big deal for Beyoncé.

The first segment of Beyoncé's performance we see her hit the stage in a sheer bodysuit, her hair was short and wet.  On the stage she had a chair and it kind of seemed like she giving us a lap dance, but some people tried to make it out as Beyoncé giving her husband Jay Z a lap dance.  That seems really strange, because I always thought the person had to be present for the lap dance and at this particular segment of Beyoncé's performance, Jay Z was no where in sight.  

Once Jay Z hit the stage with Beyoncé, we see Beyoncé give him some eye glances in a flirty way and she kind of does a tease of a dance for them.  He then places his hand on her buttocks, they do the surfboard dance (which I have absolutely no ideal what that is), and end it with a kiss.

Many say that is too hot for television.  I'm sure Beyoncé and Jay Z love one another very much, but it would have been a very boring performance for Jay Z and Beyoncé if they had did anything else different.   Read More on Beyoncé Grammy's Performance Too Risqué for TV By: Luchina Fisher

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Left to Right:  Tamar Braxtons, Skylar Gray, Beyoncé Knowles

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