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Get ready for a great conversation over a cup of tea.  Do you remember the original girls of Destiny Child's?  Are you a huge fan as much as I am? 
The last time I can honestly say I saw LaTavia Roberson was right before the video of Destiny Child's entitled "Say My Name, Say My Name.

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Just to give you a little history, it was always said Beyoncé and her dad Mathew replaced LaTavia Roberson and the other original member Latoya Luckett, but obvious that was not the case.

LaTavia Roberson has been out of the spotlight for years.  It's actually been over 10 years since her departure from Destiny's Child in 2000.  However she is making her way back to the spotlight.  She is one of the Super Classy R&B Diva's on TV One's R&B Diva's Atlanta.  LaTavia tells S2S Magazine:

It's been a very, very, very long time since I've been anywhere in public.  I've been so fearful.  I started using substance abuse.  Every time it would come time for me to do something that could even possibly get me back on top, I'd sabotage myself.

Despite the setbacks, I am a new mom and I am ready to open up and share my life with fans.

I feel like this opportunity was a Godsend especially at this time.  I could not have asked God for something better for me and R&B Divas just landed in my lap.

S2S Magazine says, few could blame LaTavia for having some doubts about allowing reality TV cameras to chronicle her life.  The experience for many has been unpleasant and regretful, but LaTavia says she is on a mission.

LaTavia says, the things God has allowed me to go through weren't about me or for me to just keep to myself.  I'm suppose to share it.  I have a platform and have gone through these experiences, because someone, somewhere needs to hear it.  I don't plan to hold anything back.  I don't have a problem being transparent and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

"My Beef Was With Management...Not Beyonce
Working With Beyoncé's Dad's Mathew
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In an interview with "Be Entertainment Magazine" LaTavia opens up about her fears of getting back into music and says her beef was never with Beyoncé, but with management.  Here's what she said:

I'm humble to say I have two Grammys.  It's great.  I'm so grateful for that experience, to travel the world and do it with my friends.  My beef was always with management, not Beyoncé.  I support all her projects. 

I'm trying to figure out if I even want to sing or get back into the music scene.  My past experience with the industry has turned me off from getting back into music.  The music business left a bad taste in my mouth.  I'm not going to be bullied into doing anything.  It has to be right. 

I am more interested in producing than performing.  I don't think you need a microphone to be an R&B diva.  I'm a diva all d*** day, a female version of a hustler.
As far as Beyoncé's dad Mathew,
He did not mince his words and it can be tough to take that kind of criticism when you are a little girl.  We would try not to let it break us, but Kelly was the sensitive one, and sometimes she would go to her room and cry.
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We were happy for Mathew to stay on as manager, but we wanted another manager to work with him.  So Latoya and I had our lawyers send Mathew a letter expressing our grievances and asking for a second manager.  We chose to send the letter instead of just telling Matthew, because we felt we would be taken more seriously and we would be heard. 
But Mathew didn't take too kindly to being challenged and he promptly replaced Letoya and I before the video Say My Name was released.
After the dismissal I did some things.  I turned to alcohol, which resulted in a 2006 jail stint for failing a drug test. 
After, Destiny's Child, all of us didn't speak for many years.  When Beyoncé thanked Latoya and I on the Billboard Awards one year, it had the fans asking where do we stand now? 

"How Did You Survive After Destiny's Child"
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source: Upscale Magazine
While doing an interview with Wendy Williams, you know she went for the gutter.  She asked LaTavia "I always wonder how y'all survive after being out of the spotlight so long."  LaTavia responded by saying, she wrote on two of the albums produced by Destiny's Child. 

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You'll be surprised to know LaTavia Roberson dated one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta close friends.
That's right, LaTavia's baby's father is producer Don Vito from the Kandi Factory. 

LaTavia's baby girl is named Lyric.  She says motherhood has been rewarding and wonderful.  Unlike other mothers who have trouble bonding with their newborns, she says she has not had that problem at all.  At one time she was threatening a miscarriage, but once she heard and saw her baby's heartbeat, she instantly felt in loved and she made a decision to have Lyric. 

Boss We'll Be Watching!  Former Destiny's Child LaTavia and 702 Singer Meelah cast for R&B Divas!

Does LaTavia Still Talk to Beyoncé or any of the other girls
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During an interview with The Wendy Williams show, Latavia Roberson shares with Wendy Williams she is still in touch with her former band members.

I ran into Beyoncé some years ago.  I spoke to Kelly, it was nothing but love.  Latoya was at my baby shower and at the hospital after I had Lyric.

What's Next For LaTavia Roberson
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I have no regrets, says LaTavia Roberson, except I should have spoken to Beyoncé and Kelly before I sent the letter.
As of September 2013, I am in production for my own reality show.  The show will introduce a couple of my friends that have also been in girl groups before. 
The show is nothing like the R&B Diva's reality show, because unlike the ladies I am associated with on the show, I have known my friends for years.  But I am very excited about the direction the show has taken. 

LaTavia Roberson on her new reality show R&B Divas ATL photo imagejpg21_zps12cc8753.jpg
source: R&B Divas ATL
I also plan to do a tell all book.  It's like my love letter.  In the book I plan to tackle sensitive topics such as abuse, alcoholism, serving time in prison, and of course I will tell exactly what happened to Destiny's Child. 

I get really, really raw....for people wondering where I've been the past 10 years.  I get down and dirty, says Latavia. 
(source) Essence Magazine Online:  Former Destiny's Child Singer LaTavia Roberson Release Tell-All Book

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source: R&B Divas ATL
Check Latavia Roberson Just For Me Hair Commerical 21 years ago

Did They Really Just Name a Church After Beyonce

 photo beyonce55_zps070a94fc.jpgYes they did!

But it's like "Oh no they didn't!" 

But it's true. 

Beyoncé Knowles has inspired a new religion in Atlanta and the church is called The National Church of Bey.  They have even gone as far as publishing a bible named the Beyble, which is said to soon be available to the public for FREE. 

This church....Well if we can even call it that sounds idolized.  Which means the people who are apart of this ordeal love the world ( Beyoncé is a worldly figure) more than they love Christ (Christ is not of this world. he is a higher power).  The church founder Pauline John Andrews stated:

She is very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine deity walking among them.  We ask that you consider what is more invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing goddess who shows you her true form daily, says opposing views .com. 

To add more ridiculousiness to this story, the congregation has an ideal of building a temple in honor of  Beyoncé, their wanting to extend their membership outside the Atlanta area, and they also have plans to invite Beyoncé to speak at the church. 

So, if that's not crazy enough for you, why don't you read their post on  You'll find a Youtube video advertising some of their members, pictures of Beyoncé portraying Jesus, and the beyble.

 photo beyonce56_zps072758f4.jpgSteve Harvey from his morning show The Steve Harvey show, says he knows for a fact Beyoncé is not involved in this mess. 

I've have spoken to many of my friends about this and they agree that Beyoncé needs to make some type of statement and tell these people that you need to be giving praises to God instead of me, because she is not Him. 

So, let me ask this question...We know Beyoncé has a song called Drunken Love, but have you heard the Gospel Remix...If not here's the lyrics and be sure to check out the video of LaThelma singing the truth out of this song. This song is also one of the church hyms????

To read more in detail on this story, visit "Last Generation Ministries"

I've been praying I've been praying
I can't keep quiet when that spirits gets into me
I've been thinking, I've been thinking
Why can't your people see they need you, Jesus?
We need you, yea yea
Why can't your people see they need you, Jesus?
We need you, yea yea

Verse 1:
See God on High, God on High
Feeling like a stranger in the absence of your presence
Shine your light, Shine your light
Your people blinded, blinded, blinded
Jesus we need you, yea yea
Can't keep these tears from falling
Jesus, we need you, yeah yeah
Yet you chose to love, we need you

We woke up out of Eden saying,
"How did we allow this to happen?" Oh Jesus
Yet you chose to love, even when we're not right
Last thing I remember is your
Innocent body suffering on that cross
Yet you chose to love

Even when we're not right, you love, love
Even when we're not right, you love, love

Verse 2:
Even when we not right, you make everything alright
No complaints for my life, so florescent under his light
Ya'll, I'm praising, Jeremiah 29 and 11
I'm speaking it, living it,
If you scared
Call that reverend
Ya'll I'm praising,
Get my mind right, Righteous Grind
Jesus Christ, New Life, He paid the price, greatest sacrifice, He gave it up
Ya'll, I'm praising, I'm singing, this truth till my voice hoarse
God fill me up all the way, then use me for your purpose, purpose purpose
Studying your word, study, studying your word
I'm swerving on that, swerving, swerving on them curses
I been trusting in you, trusting, it's working for my good good

We woke up out of Eden saying,
"How did we allow this to happen?" Oh Jesus
Yet you chose to love, even when we're not right
Last thing I remember is your
Innocent body suffering on that cross
Yet you chose to love

Even when we're not right, you love, love
Even when we're not right, you love, love

Verse 4:
Never tired, never tired
Your Holy Spirit, that's the only thing
That's keeping me on fire, me on fire
I meant to spill this spirit all up on your conscious
I've been thinking, holiness
(We need your presence right here,
Jesus, we need you, right now)
Can't keep these tears from falling
Jesus, we need you

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