Steve Harvey's Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success: Five Quotes to Get You Motivated

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Steve Harvey's Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success has Five quotes to get you motivated  for a fresh new start this year.  But before I get into that let me just take a quick moment to say you are worth every tear, ever sacrifice, every overtime spent working on your job, every kind deed that you every did for anybody, or anything good you may have done to make you the person you are today.  Don't let anybody tell you any different.

I absolutely love Steve Harvey's book Act Like a Success, Think Like  A Success.  He actually sounds like he is preaching instead of teaching.  He gives a lot of great stories about him becoming a celebrity and he breaks things down to where you can really comprehend everything. 

It took me a while to purchase his book, because I was afraid I was going to be getting the comedian Steve Harvey. 

I decided to give this book a shot, because he has really been great to hear on the radio lately.  He has his moments where he is the comic, but most of the time he is just really being REAL.  I don't know about you, but I need somebody to give it to me real, before I go out there in the real world to deal with real people, real problems, and real situations, before I start my day.

So, here are five quotes to get you motivated from Steve Harvey's Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success...

1. Some parts of your vision are meant to be shared, in confidence, only with a trusted mentor, friend, or family member.  And some aspects of your vision honestly don't need to be beyond your prayer time with God. 

I agree with Steve Harvey a 100%.  Most of us had to learn this the hard way.  For a long time I have had to just share my visions with God.  It was hard to keep them as secrets from love ones.  But I really felt like they would be the very ones to talk me out of my visions.  So, I absolutely love this Steve...Love it!!!
2. You will miss out on the true blessing of your life if you don't accept that your gift is your winning ticket and the key to your life's blessings.  All you have to do is commit to your gift.  Once you commit, the rest of it, like the money, the connections, and the opportunities will start coming to you in ways that your can't imagine.

Have you had that vision to be a work at home parent?  I've have that vision for many years now, but I want to the be parent that works from home making money.  And at first when I thought about working from home, all I could think about was the money.  I was looking for the job to work at home that paid the most money.  None of these jobs peak my interest, but it did grab my attention when it talked about how much money I could be making.  However, because I was not passionate enough about these opportunities, they failed....Big time!!!  So, the first, second, third time around, or whatever number I am on, I have been really working on things I am passionate about.  I guess you can say the light is on now.  It's like I was in a dark room with a flashlight, but didn't realize I had a flashlight to see in a dark room.  Which is like saying I had this vision, but didn't realize this vision was my ticket to life's blessing, until I learned what my vision was. 

3. How do you get a new song to sing about for your life and your dreams?  You can start out small, by saying short affirmations:
- I was BORN to do this!
- God has a plan for ME!
- I am MORE than a conqueror!
- My dreams CAN become my reality!

I remember when I got laid off from the last job I had.  I was so disappointed.  I truly believed that job was for me, but I didn't stay in that state of mind of being depressed and stressed about that job not being in my life anymore.  As a matter of act I had really been praying without even knowing it, for God to remove from that job, because it was so stressful.  I stayed at this job for the money.  I was passionate about the people I was helping while there, but my main reason for going to work everyday for the money.  I had never made this amount of money before and I felt like I had finally made it in life.  Well, after I got laid off, it took me about two weeks to decide again, I wanted to work for myself.  I began telling myself:
- I can do this!
- God will never put more on me than I can bare!
- I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus, who is my strength.

Those motivational words really helped.  I was singing a different tune to a new adventure.  I have been laid off before, but this is was by far one of the best lay-offs in my life.  It has opened so many door of opportunities. 

4. FAILURE IS PART OF THE PROCESS::::::: Most people fail, because they become paralyzed by their fear.  You have to choose:  Am I going to face my fears and go see what my life can really be or am I going to succumb to my fears and do exactly what I've always done? 

All I can say is it doesn't hurt to try.  If you are anything like myself you have hundreds of ideas in your head and all you are waiting for is the right opportunity.  I feel like all of my ideas are connected.  You know like I can't do this particular ideal, until this first one comes together, but it doesn't stop me for preparing, because when that opportunity does comes I will be ready. 

I'm sure we all have fears about stepping out on FAITH, but in God's word He says He doesn't give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind.  Meaning if you have G-O-D in it, then that fear is nothing for Him.  We are all created for purpose and your dreams or the very thing that sparks some fire in you, is probably your  purpose. 

Steve goes on to say:::::::::: I have taught myself just to go try something if there is even a remote possibility of something great happening for my life and my career.  You have to learn to convince yourself that the possibility is greater than the inevitability of doing nothing.  Listen, if you are an entrepreneur who is passionate your product, but you never ask anyone to buy what you are selling, it will never get sold.  Sure there's a possibility that you can deliver your best sales pitch in your best Sunday suit and they will still say no.  But so what! 

Do you know how many times I've been told no for movie scripts, television shows, and comedy specials?

Far too often when we face the failure of a business venture, we let that failure paralyze us from trying again.  The failure could stem from a lack of financial planning, a lack of resources, or the lack of the right team members.  But you have to realize that failure is part of the process when you are on the road to success. 

The only way to get back on tract is to come up with another plan.  I've failed more times than I can count, but you can't let the failure freeze you in place and stop you from pursuing your dreams. 

5. Look, here's a real light: If you are still waking up every day, it's because God has a greater plan for you and it's not yet completed.  Every day is an opportunity to see your light as a gift. 

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